Revenge Magic Ceremonies

Fight back and don't just be hit!  Anyone need a hand in revenging or dealing with the bad guys that bullies you around, it's time to get to work. We will help you execute this magic upon request AND only accept your request for the "big" ceremony if our deity agrees. 

Small - A small revenge will attack the heart, affect the feelings, and cause the other side to have internal struggle, doubt and even emotional wrecks. Confident will be going down, as well as the trust to one self. Imagine you don't even trust yourself anymore, or always think you did something wrong.

Medium - A medium revenge will attack the soul, which affects the thinking power, and also leading to doing the wrong things, like your mind and body cannot coordinate. Weird thoughts, twisted logic, or even mistakes in judgement for the actions, issues with talking, or even to express the feelings wrongly, leading to a bad result.

Big - A big revenge, kills the fruits and success, as well as bringing in NEW elements of surprises such as some bad luck, disasters, and anything you won't want on a good day.  This can also cause people to have sickness or trigger sickness to surface at a faster rate etc.

There can be other things that these magic can do, email inquire if interested.