Ordination for Pets (non-refundable)

After you have ordained, it's also a great idea to ordain your beloved pets! Just let Cia Juan(s) know you would like to request your pets be ordained, and then follow through with the order! 

Same conditions and requirements as the ordination for human.

This is not a service or product but an offering to the gods for accepting the pet as a disciple.

Asking God for Approval

Everyone requested to ordain; please note that we MUST do divination to ask god for approval to accept you into the lineage. If god does not allow it, we will refund you back 100%. Being able to be a Taoist is not just about money but about your fate with the god as well. To increase your chance of being accepted, we suggest you read these posts:

- 3 Essentials

- Fate

- Virtues

Pets ordain will also require a formal ceremony, and it takes 1 to 1.5 hrs to complete. Therefore, please take your pets' ordain seriously.