Monthly Tao Lessons at JLG

The MTL (Monthly Tao Lesson) includes 4 passes to enter the special lessons directly taught by Jee Sifu (Si Gung). This class is ONLY open to disciples from the Saam Law Stage and up.

Ghost Month SPECIAL (August Only!)

ONLY THOSE WITH APPROVAL CAN JOIN. After payment, we will need to submit your info to the Gods and ask for approval. If you are approved, you will be enrolled. If you do not get approved, then you will be refunded. $360 for 4 tickets of normal JLG slots. Requirement: must join at LEAST 1 lesson / week to learn properly, or else it will be hard to catch up if cramping lessons in one short period of time.

We will be teaching YIN MAGIC, 5 Ghost magic, revenge magic, and magic work at the altar etc. Special month, special teachings, AND you will be granted special powers at your altar as well.