Celestial Postage Token 信香金

$10 CAD for 8 pieces


Celestial Postage Tokens are your spiritual envelopes and boxes for delivering messages, reports, and offerings to the Celestial Court. These tokens act as carriers, ensuring that your communications and offerings are securely delivered to the gods. Whether you are submitting a letter, reporting a case, or sending offerings, Celestial Postage Tokens are essential for ensuring that your submissions reach the Celestial Court.

Key Features:

- Spiritual Carrier: Acts as an envelope or box for delivering your messages and offerings to the Celestial Court.
- Secure Delivery: Ensures that your submissions are securely and respectfully delivered to the celestial beings.
- Pre-Consecrated: The tokens are preloaded with magical powers and consecrated by Jee Sifu at the HQ altar.
- Versatile Use: Suitable for submitting letters, reports, offerings, and more.

How to Use:

1. Prepare Your Submission: Write a letter, prepare a report, or gather offerings that you wish to submit to the Celestial Court.
2. Pair with Celestial Postage Token: Place your submission alongside a Celestial Postage Token.
3. Burn Together: Burn the Celestial Postage Token along with your submission. This act symbolizes sending your submission to the Celestial Court.
4. Focus Your Intent: As you burn the token and submission, focus on your intent and the message you wish to convey to the gods.

When to Use:

- Submitting Letters: Use the Celestial Postage Tokens to send written communications to the Celestial Court.
- Reporting Cases: If you need to open a case with the gods, use the tokens to submit a report.
- Sending Offerings: Use the tokens to send offerings to the Celestial Court as a sign of gratitude or request.

Show Your Gratitude:

If you have experienced the power of the Celestial Postage Tokens and are filled with appreciation, you are encouraged to give offerings to show your gratitude.

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