FU Magic Token 神符金

$18 CAD for 5 PAIRS (5 Gold 5 Silver)

You may use these as blanks and burn them into magical items like statues, swords, or other magical tools to give them more power. However, they can also be used as preloaded FU paper, all you need to do is write the FU or just write your intention at the back of the page. Now you have a FU that is going to work without the need to go through any ceremony or sanctification.

GOLD - For any magic work, what do you want the god to do for you

SILVER - For empowerment, giving help and boosting things to make it better.

After writing on them, you can burn them to activate the task (fold outward, burn from bottom). Or you can choose to carry them like a FU, or even to "slap" them to give them the signal to "start". It all depends on your situation and how you prefer to use it.

These magical tools are all preloaded with magical powers and consecrated at the HQ altar by Jee Sifu. It is offered to make magic more available for everyone who have faith in the Tao. If you have used these and felt the appreciation in your heart, feel free to give offerings to show your gratitude.