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FU Heads – Elite Trainer


FU Talismans as we have explained before, are super useful for solving problems or doing other magic work. But FU Heads are not the same. They are a form of FU, yet they are used differently. The FU heads look just like a symbol to a normal person, but what you put in the symbol and how you programs it will change the whole magical purpose of it.

In our lineage, we look heavily into the FU Heads of Saam Law Sun Gung. They can be essential cultivation tools to build the root-power for all your FU and symbols later on, and they can even be used as a magic executing symbol too.

FU Heads are called elite-trainers, because they are like hiring an elite to your army camp, and get all your soldiers pumped up with better skills and knowledge.

Your Pre-Heaven energy "cells" are like the soldiers, and they cannot just sit at home and try to "learn" or develop things on their own. You need to hire the pro and elites to train them for them to really develop skills and power.


Consuming FU Heads

Every Saam Law Sun Gung disciples will consume FU heads every month or even every day. It could be something created by themselves or by the sifu(s). The main purpose of consuming FU Head and doing some cultivations following it is to empower yourself by intaking stronger energy essence from the higher level. By doing so, it boosts your own energy essence in your Pre-Heaven spiritual energy body and helps you advance and grow stronger.

We always say to our disciples, eating your own meat don’t help you grow much, you need to intake things outside of you, and something stronger than you, in order to grow.

That’s right, it’s how magic cultivation works. You consume the FU or FU heads of your sifu(s) to grow stronger. If you do not consume the FU and FU heads of your sifu(s), and only consume those from yourself, you will not develop much power or advance much, because there are not many new and stronger resources in your system. Just like weight lighting athletes also need to drink proteins and different things to pump their muscles and support their workout.

Normal people can also consume our FU Heads!  It will strengthen your spiritual body and make your energy stronger too.

For statues and altar or even other magic tools, you can also burn and infuse FU heads into them from time to time, which gets them more essence and empowers them, get them more “muscular” and such.

The 9 Basic FU Heads

The 9 basic FU Heads are one set that disciples will learn to draw and use when they ordained. But here is the brief description of them and the main properties of their essence and what it will do to help your spiritual energy body when you consume them.

Saam Law FU Head – Empowers and strengthen your Faat-Sun, the spiritual energy body, helps you with everything in general and pumps your system up, can also give protections and shield you from threats.

Tin Law FU Head – Pumps the resources down from your spiritual energy body to fuel your system better, and helps you bring out the potentials, connect to the pre-heaven energies and sense the pre-heaven better.

Dei Law FU Head – A boost of your faat-sun (spiritual energy body) processing system and help you develop more power and operating energy, helps you digest things better and have a cleansing property for exorcism.

Daai Law FU Head – Empowers all magic doings and allows you to draw power better whenever you need to give a magic command. This also empowers and secure your Faat-Sum (the energy heart) and secure your feelings.

Sun Lung FU Head – Helps you super-boost everything for your magic doings and beam out magic essence by distance, including local usage of magic, shooting out your magic power to objects. This also ensures your magic effectiveness too.

Tin Yat Sun FU Head – Helps you empowers things and also draw in the energy from our lineage network to empowers you, making you be able to transform resources given into powers and utilize what is given, unleash potentials and Pre-Heaven energies.

Hoi Yuen Jee Yeung FU Head – Unpack the energies and essence, delivering power and results, helping you to make your magic power effective and also making the magic essence usable when you are withdrawing essence from your spiritual body.

Faat Muck FU Head – Empowers and strengthen the whole energy channels and meridians of your body, making sure the system is flowing well and going strong. It helps to boost power for everything you do.

Tin Moon FU Head – Helps you to be able to connect to Pre-Heaven dimensions better and be able to get help from the lineage network better. When you are doing magic with your heart spell, this will also help you channel to the lineage network better and faster.


Different Colors and Variations

There are usually 3 types of variations for these FU Heads. They are all good for different things, and usually, we will just pick whatever we think is good for you and combine them together into a package. If you want something specific, please contact us after your order is sent in.

Yellow FU paper and black text – give you new resources for keep, helping your system to develop more energies and operation power.

Yellow FU paper and red text – help you exercise the energy body and build power

Red FU paper and black text – brings the potentials from your energy body to the physical world, helps you plunge thru energy channels and also helps with your physical body energy


How to Consume

Refer to your sifu(s) teaching to know how to consume them, or you can also burn them into a bowl and add water to drink. To burn FU heads, fold vertically with the text facing outward, and burn from the top with a candle fire or match, then circle 3x CW over a bowl, dip into the center and let it burn all the way down. Add water and drink. After drinking, you can sit and relax with eyes closed, focus at your chest level and just relax for 15mins to let it absorb. For disciples, you can cultivate other things like Yup Sau Gung or other cultivations. The sitting is not necessary for the drinking process, but it’s a good thing to do for better results.

Consume one FU Head per day or session is the best, but you can also burn all 9 into one dosage and consume it altogether too.

For disciples who are drinking FU for cultivation, such as your Dai Jee FU, Gung Lick FU and such, you can also toss in these FU Heads to empower your work too.

If you are super tired, stressed or want to be energized, you can also use burn the FU head into FU water, and mix it into your bath tub to soak yourself for 15mins or about. Adding foam and other nice relaxing ingredients will also be fine for this kind of energizing baths.

You can also burn the FU head into FU water and use it in a spray bottle for space-energizer or space-cleansing too.

FU Heads are very useful and can be used in conjunction with other things. If you want more ideas, contact us!


Purchasing FU Heads

You can buy FU Heads in a set of 9 for $118. For disciples, we suggest you buy FU heads and at least consume one per month to have a good healthy grow for your magic essence. Some who are on a budget will buy one set and leave it on their altar, then consume one or a few per month, and during the last month, they can order again and have it stocked up again.

FU Heads are different from a normal FU, because they are done every day and empowered daily. When you buy them, they are already charged up for a while and have a lot of power accumulated on them, and so there is less wait time for these orders. However, they also go through the 1-hour long Chick FU ceremony to be programmed, activated and empowered too.

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