Protection FU

Application Options
Special Deal

Protection FU is like giving you a body guard or an armour. There are many ways to protect you! Please choose from the list of options to allow us to know how to customize the FU for you.  If you are facing an on-going attack or threat, you can consider the upgrade power option. Protection FU can also be used for the house, car, and anything. The "body" is not just referring to the human body, but any physical body, such as the body of the house, the car, and so on.

How Long Does it Last?

FUs are not batteries. It is a ticket for asking the god for help. Typical FU requested for a purpose will only have the power to finish its task.  Your faith will determine how much the god want to help you and how much help you deserve.  If you want to be able to make FU all the time and use them for everything, we suggest you get ordain and learn today!

Read about "Power Upgrade Option."