Customized Distance Ceremonies

For those who are in need of help for spiritual cases, facing sorcery attacks, or even haunted by ghosts or whatever creeps that needs to be exorcised. We do not fear ANY kind of spiritual problems, just let us handle it for you!

By purchasing this service, you are getting ONE ceremony done, and there will be other things like FUs to be shipped to you afterward. This "ONE" ceremony, often means a few ceremonies on our end because we work in teams and often do a lot more work for people to get things done right.

We will need your info to get started!  If you have any questions, or want to know how many ceremonies is needed to get your case sorted out, feel free to e-mail us.

How to Get Started

E-mail us and start to communicate with us, tell us about your case and we will assist you to get started. A good ceremony needs planning and we would need to communicate with you to know about your case first. Open up yourself and tell us everything is a good start!

Please be prepared to give your photo, date of birth and maybe a few more related things for the ceremony’s use. For example, if the ceremony involves your house, then we would need your house’s address and photos too.

Sample ceremony video: