Consecration Hoi-Gwong FU 開光符

Whenever we are done with any magic work, we will HOI GWONG 開光 to whatever we have done such as the FU(s). When you first learn how to do magic in the lineage, it is only "hoi gwong"'d to your local god at the altar, and that is why it can only get help and power from the local god at your own altar.

Hoi Gwong means to "expose this to the god", like you are opening the camera to let the god see what you have done. What happen after that is the god will know of your magic work, acknowledge of what you need, and will give you the help that you wanted, or even to give you extra help that you might not even know you need. Hoi Gwong is so important, and Hoi Gwong to WHO is the biggest factor that determine if your magic work is powerful or not.

This Hoi Gwong FU is specially empowered and sanctified at the headquarter altar during the special god invoking ceremony, and the FU will allow you to HOI GWONG your magic work to the gods in the celestial court and the headquarter altar, which gives you the best possible power for what you have done.

The package we have offered is a super crazy deal, you can buy one FU and "split" the FU into as many FU as you want. There is an expiry date, so the FU will be deactivated and ineffective after that date. However, within the expiry date you can split the FU and use it on AS MANY THINGS AS YOU NEED.

You will need to write a small FU to do the FU-splitting/cloning. After that, you can burn this FU you got from us into the pile of FUs you made, then whenever you need to HOI GWONG something, just take one of the FU you made and burn it on top of the subject, do 3x CW circle with the flame and toss it into a bowl. We do not mind you using the FU for 10000 things in the 3 months time period. The more, the better, because it shows you really love the magic and that's already a great way to show your heart to the gods!

*The red FU is what you need to make for the "clones".