CNY God Channelling FU

The CNY begins on Jan 22, 2023. This FU is only going to be made and consecrated upon order after CNY started.

This is a special FU which we will consecrate upon order. The FU is the same FU, but it is being consecrated differently according to your options. This is a "God Channelling FU" which you can put at your altar at home or place it like a god's signage by taping it on the wall, and then worship it with incense. It allows you to have the connections to these gods in our lineage. To fit the different audience's budget range, we have different options for you to choose from.

Besides worshipping or combining it with your altar, you can also carry this FU as a protection FU too. Talk to the gods when you need by holding the FU in your hands, speak through the heart inside.

Eco - Only connects to Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師 our main gods.

Regular - Connects to the 9 main deities of the lineage.

Premium - Connects to all gods of the lineage.

If you have an altar with us, you should definitely at least get the eco package and bury the FU in your incense pot to empower the altar for a whole year of good connectivity.