Channelling Token 通靈錢

$10 CAD for 9 pcs


Introducing the Channeling Tokens 通靈錢, an essential component of the CMG (Celestial Master Gold) series. These tokens serve as a direct line of communication to the lineage's Celestial Court, where the higher gods reside. Imagine having tokens that allow you to make a phone call to the gods for assistance and guidance. Channeling Tokens are just that!

Key Features:

- Direct Communication: Channeling Tokens act like incense, establishing a connection with the gods above.
- Versatile Usage: Whether you need help with a job interview, protection, or guidance, these tokens can be used for various purposes.
- Enhanced Rituals: Use them as the first step in your CMG magic to ensure your message is heard by the gods.
- Empowerment: When combined with FU Magic Tokens, Channeling Tokens help in sanctifying and empowering your offerings, as the gods infuse them with their power.
- Easy to Use: Simply burn the tokens while focusing on your intention or request.
- Essential Component: A must-have for anyone practicing CMG magic.

How to Use:

1. Set Your Intention: Before you begin, know clearly what you are asking for or what you want to communicate to the gods.
2. Burn the Tokens: Typically, burn three Channeling Tokens as a standard practice to establish a connection.
3. Communicate Your Request: While the tokens are burning, mentally or verbally communicate your request to the gods.
4. Proceed with CMG Magic: After establishing the connection, you can use FU Magic Tokens or other elements of CMG magic to further your ritual.

When to Use:

- Before Important Events: Use Channeling Tokens to ask the gods for assistance or blessings before significant life events such as job interviews, exams, or travels.
- During Spiritual Practices: Incorporate them into your regular spiritual practices to ensure a strong connection with the divine.
- In Times of Need: Whenever you feel the need for divine intervention or guidance, use Channeling Tokens to reach out to the gods.

Amount to Use:

You can burn varying amounts of Channeling Tokens depending on the urgency and nature of your request, similar to burning incense:

- Burn 1 piece for relaying a message like a text message (SMS).
- Burn 3 pieces for things that need to be done right now.
- Burn 5 pieces for protection.
- Burn 7 pieces for rush and urgent matters.
- Burn 9 pieces for extremely urgent or negative magic.

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