Channelling Token 通靈錢

$10 CAD for 9 pcs

These are for channelling to the celestial court as if you have burnt a magic incense to beam up a signal for help. Not everyone can directly connect to the celestial court, this will allows you to have an ensured connection.

Burn 1 to have the gods be witnessing what you are doing.

Burn 3 to have the gods assist and help you with what you are doing.

It is usually a good idea to use 3 of these when you begin to do a ceremony. If you are activating anything for magical purpose, burn 1 into each item and the gods will register your item into the system.

These magical tools are all preloaded with magical powers and consecrated at the HQ altar by Jee Sifu. It is offered to make magic more available for everyone who have faith in the Tao. If you have used these and felt the appreciation in your heart, feel free to give offerings to show your gratitude.