Celestial Court Gold


The Celestial Court Gold, or CCG, is a blessing from the heavens to supercharge your magic! Don't miss out this powerful treasure!

For disciples - burn them empower your FUs, magic, altar, anything with the power from the Celestial Court!

For believers- burn them to empower the FUs you have requested from our website, or use them as blank-FUs! Simply write your wish or request on the blank tokens and use them as a FU! No extra work required, instant activation after the wish is written.

Sky Emperor Token 天皇神符金 & Jade Emperor Token 玉皇神符金

These 'gold tokens' carry the power of the Sky Emperor. They give your magic a coating of flaming golden light, which makes the magic more powerful and potent. This power can also protect the magic or gods from external attacks.

These 'silver tokens' carry the power of the Jade Emperor. They give your magic an extra coating of pure white preheaven-energy which empowers the magic to prolong the magic's lifespan, heals and rejuvenate the magic when its power depletes, and empowers the gods.

Note: Gold and Silver tokens are paired per set. Half of each token is burned and submitted to the Celestial Court through our HQ altar.

Ji Mei Emperor Five Thunder Token 紫微五雷金

This set, featuring five colored pages, channels the Ji Mei Emperor's might. It will empower your FU or magic with the almighty thunder magic power, giving your magic the most potent power for exorcism, busting curses and sorcery, or defending against the most powerful evil entities possible.

Each set contains five pages, one of each color. As with the others, half of each token is offered to the court via the HQ altar.

Ground Emperor Incense Token 地皇信香金 & Virtue Token 地皇道德金

The Ground Emperor bestows his power on these Incense Tokens, burn three of them to open a direct line of communication with the Celestial Court. With this portal opened, you can talk to the gods above, pray or do incantations with the higher level gods.

The Virtue Tokens (brown pages), they serve like the boxes and envelops, which carries your offerings or letters to the Celestial Court. Submit a letter to the court by burning the letter with two pages of these, and it will be delivered immediately.

We offer these in sets: 3 Incense and 2 Virtue Tokens.

Instructions for using these tokens are included in your shipment!