Special FU Talismans created for giving you protection power from the gods against COVID and variant. Choose the full package for best power.

Full package will include 3 FUs for taping at home to secure your home, one FU for carry on your body for personal protection, and one FU for bathing to cleanse your energy. That is 5 FUs in total.

Personal Protection FU package is for ONE personal carry FU, which is for one person only. You can add this to your full package if you live with other people in the same house.

The personal protection FU can also be burnt into masks to inject the FU into the mask and make it a magical mask.

The bath FU from full package can be burnt into FU water and mix with water in a spray bottle, then spray it around from time to time like a sanitizer.

We recommend you get a full package and then a personal FU for everyone else in the house for carrying.

To ensure you will get the BEST POWER, these FUs are all handcrafted by Jee Sifu and shipped to you from our HQ!

*FU cannot replace common sense, medicine, vaccine, and masks. However, it empowers them!