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Annual Fung Shui Consultation

  • Annual Fung Shui Consultation

Tin Yat Dragon

Annual Fung Shui Consultation


Fung Shui is about the flow of energies and how it cycles through the dimensions. Therefore, it changes and can be changed! Get your Fung Shui setups changed annually, or at least get an update of the Fung Shui of your house or office, so you can be prepared or make changes accordingly!  The previous Fung Shui setup might be good for you last year, but not this year. It is important to get an update to get the best out of your house or office possible!

Fung Shui Consultation with Quality!

There are so many “Fung Shui masters” these days, including those in the free-diagnose-market giving people computerized or formulated reports. What makes Tin Yat Dragon your best choice possible and allows us to shine from all the many options before your eyes?

True understanding of Fung Shui takes years to learn and understand, it’s not just a bunch of superstitious belief with formulas about “this is a good place, and that is a bad place for the year”. The true Fung Shui knowledge is about analyzing the Pre-Heaven energies that flows in the nine dimensions of a place, and how it cycles back to the first dimension to shape your future patterns. The master who analyze must thoroughly and truly know what these energies are, in order to work with them.

Yes!  We work with Pre-Heaven energies and fix the Fung Shui issues with Fung Shui setups that a normal person cannot do. The ability to analyze Fung Shui is just the basics for a master, the skills to be able to tweak and work around these Pre-Heaven energies that we deal with in Fung Shui is the essence of what makes your life better.

Beside using the normal methods of analyzing the Fung Shui, we also use our soul-travel abilities to check up on your house’s energy, seeing what’s beyond the physical layout and dig into the real Fung Shui workings that most “masters” cannot do. In the professional term, this is what we called the magic eye, or some might call it the celestial vision.

How to Get Started

Send us an e-mail to get started, and if you are all good to go!  Be prepared to send in your house or office’s floorplan, photos and such. We will assist you once we start communicating!


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