Altar FU(s)

One set of Altar FU(s) specially crafted and empowered for your altar. Only made upon order. Consult Jee Sifu by email before you order.

Basic Altar FU (set of 3) - This is for those who just started with an altar, it's affordable and give you the basic protection and power for the altar.

Altar FU (set of 7) - This is the official set of altar FU we use for the altar, and it should be replaced if damaged.

Ground Altar FU - This is taped beside the ground altar (landlord deity frame).

K-Lun FU -This is a pair of guardian FU to be taped on the sides of the Sun Paai. Altar's left is the red one, and altar's right is the green (tape a bit higher than the red). They help to secure the connections to the celestial court and also help to manage the altar's troop.