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Your Identity as a Taoist

Being ordained into Tin Yat Lineage, you are a disciple of the lineage, and at the same time, you are a Taoist of Saam Law Tin Si Tao 三羅天師道.  When socializing or showing yourself, you can tell people that you are a Taoist, and you believes in Taoism, and is ordained into a lineage of Taoism named Tin Yat Lineage (short form). Your lineage of Taoism mainly teaches you Taoism theories and Taoist magic, which allows you to cultivate your spiritual energies and use it on everything around you and on yourself. The cultivation or skills that you cultivate is called Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功.  This is just like saying you practice “Karate”, it’s a name of the skills or cultivation that you are doing. If they ask you more, you can let them know the details or point them to the website here for more information!

This page is to make it more clear for you and others to know how to introduce yourself to the others and how to show your relationship with the lineage if you encounter a nice opportunity to do so. Being a disciple here, you do not need to be a hardcore sales of the lineage and keep “converting” people to be part of the lineage. You can refer people over or introduce them to know of the lineage, share your knowledge and experience with them, or give them a pointer to this website and our YouTube channel. Yet, you shall never be pushy and “convert” others, because we have to know that everyone has the rights to make their own decisions and choose their spiritual belief.  You have the fate with this lineage, while the others might have their fate with another path.  All we can do is expose this to them if the right time comes, and they will know of it, and ask to know more if they are meant to be on the same path as yours.


What is Taoism and a Taoist?

When you are socializing with others, you call yourself a Taoist, and Taoism is your religious belief. There are so many sects and lineages of Taoism, and none of them is the same. To the outsiders, they might seem like all the same on the surface, but they aren’t the same inside when you really dig into the learning materials. Our Taoism take is not the same with the others too. To know about our take and perspective, you can read over the website to understand more about it. There are already tons of information posted here to clearly present you our views and theories.

Sum it up, in short, being a Taoist agrees to the theory of Tao, and the agrees that the circulation and cycle of Tao and Te are how nature works. We believe that the Tao, which is the leading essence of things, should be giving and feeding the whole system, and the people or things below should keep using the resources given by the leading essence as the practice of “Tao”.  Just like mom and dad gave birth to the child, then the child should start by consuming the milk and food from the parents. It’s a natural flow that shows up in life already.  To continue this cycle and allows the Tao to keep on feeding us, we must feed it back, which is the give back portion of the cycle, the Te section.  As the child grows, they will give back to the family by all kinds of methods, such as helping out with chores, tidying up the house, or even to bring in more happiness to help the family harmonize. There are so many things that a child should be doing to “give back” to the family already since their childhood, and it does not only limit to when they go out and get a job to work and bring the bacon back to the table.  Most people only look at the money side of give-back, and totally forgot that you are already giving back since a baby. You give your parents happiness, laughter, and harmonize the family together so that your parents have the drive to keep working and feeding you again with more love.

Basically, being a Taoist under this lineage, you are being fed by magic wisdom, knowledge, and powers since the day you get ordained. After you start learning and cultivating, you will then learn to give back to the lineage so that it can keep feeding you. Beyond the human world kind of give back cycle, the disciples will also be using magic to connect back to their own Yuen-Sun (spiritual planetary body) and such to cultivate and get connections between the physical body and the spiritual side of them more bonded and flowing. By connecting back to your Yuen-Sun and fueling your Yuen-Sun back with essence you cultivate in this lineage, is a way of doing Taoism cultivation, or Taoist magic, because you are working to refine your relationship with the Tao of your life, the Yuen-Sun, the spiritual planetary body of yourself, which is what gives you the main direction and focus of your life here. This action of working with your Yuen-Sun requires condensed and cultivated Pre-Heaven energies, and this is not possible to be done by just reading or doing some minor exercises. This kind of cultivation is only possible to be done with dedicated learning and Taoist magic cultivation, and that is why you ordain into the lineage to learn and cultivate. There is no book-taught Taoist who can success in any of this kind of work because you have no way to even touch this zone without the guidance and inheriting of a cultivated form of Pre-Heaven energy and essence.

A Taoist of something else can be cultivating differently, for a different goal, because every sect of Taoism has their different goals and views, and none are the same.  As you can see, we have limited time and energy, and no one can learn everything in the world. As you see, one thing only has one Tao, just like a human being only have one head.  There is only Yuen Sun that powers you up too!  To make this clearer, a disciple Taoist of one lineage or sect should only have one path to follow, and that means if you ordained into this lineage, this should be your only lineage and only Tao.



Compatible with Other Religions or Not

Some people will get into the topic of asking if you are okay with other religions, or if you are compatible with other religions. To make this very clear here, we are okay with our disciples in stage one having a multi-religious path, because we want to make it easier for people to start learning and trying to see if the path is good for them.  Once a disciple is firm about their decision and decides to “get real” with this path to learn in stage two and onward, they will have to make the cut to other paths and only stick to one Tao, and that is this lineage.

Saam Law Sun Gung welcomes everyone to try and learn for a start, witness the power, or at least have the protection from the lineage to make life better. If you are the casual type of disciples who just want to chill out with us and get some power on you to protect yourself and empowers some of your daily things, it’s fine to stay in stage one and be enjoying life as you wish too.  There is not a time limit or deadline for one to go up to stage two, but if you are ready to make the move, then you can take a step forward.

Sum it up, in short, once you are a Taoist of the lineage, and you are stage two and beyond, you should put your full dedication and heart toward this lineage only, which is also to be flowing with the same theory of Taoism too. You are a Taoist, and there is only one Tao for your religious belief. Just like a family with just one husband and wife, love cannot be shared, or the family will be crippling and things will be sour soon. Being a Taoist means you understand this theory and so you know why you have chosen one and will not be with the others anymore, just like how it works with husband and wife, you make your choice and commit to it for a beautiful relationship to blossom.



Deities and Gods or Creator Theory

We do not pray or worship any deities, gods, or whatever spirits in our lineage. Everything here is about spiritual energy workings and magic is not about praying for help or begging spirits to empower your work and such.  We believe that life should be in control by our own hands and be shaped by our own spiritual and physical actions.

In this world, spiritual things create physical, just like our feelings creates thoughts, and thoughts bring us into action. If we want to change the physical life to a better state, we need to work on getting more in controlled of our spiritual side. Understanding about our spiritual self and how these Pre-Heaven elements work is why we practice and learn in the lineage. Therefore, we will cultivate our spiritual body and energy to get the magic power we use. There is no external deities, possessions or other things like that in our lineage. You do not communicate with other spirits and entities, and that keeps you away from many potential dangers and threats.

Our altar has statues, but they are not used the way most thought how it’s used. You can read up on this by checking out our article on “Statues on the Altar” to know more about it! 

We believe that the universe is deep and magical, but it is for sure created from nothing, to having something, and to blossom into the universe we see today. Everything grows from nothing to having something, and so that should be the basic outline of our take for how the world is created.  It does not take apples to create apples, it takes a seed to create an apple tree, to give birth to apples. We only need one tiny sperm cell to give birth to a human being, and the sperm is nothing like the human being later too. In theory, we say that essence give birth to energy, and energy creates power or effects that make new things to come out.  IF you want to categorize things, then you can say that seeds give birth to a tree and tree give birth to fruits. They are all not the same in appearance, but it just magically happens to be the way how nature gives birth to things.  Life is beautiful, and when you know more about the deeper theory of Saam Law Taoism, you will be able to see a lot of patterns in the universe and be able to understand it better yourself. It’s too deep to tell anyone by words, but it could be felt and understood when you accumulate your knowledge in the lineage over a long period of time, soaking yourself in the lineage.


Certifications and Proofs

Nothing can proof the true heart of a relationship, and so we go by the old-school method of teaching here, with no fancy certificates and passports that the government or school system uses. If you ordained, and you love what you are learning, plus you witness the power yourself, what else is needed to proof to yourself that this is the right path for you?  There can be endless amounts of certificates and fancy gadgets, but at the same time, there are so many “hollow Taoist” out there who doesn’t even know what they are doing while holding onto hundreds of certs and memberships.  We are those types that like to be more simple and traditional, and so we do not have a fancy grading system or certificate system, but our disciples know what they can do, and our sifu(s) know they kick butts when it comes to magic work. Good enough! 

Remember the karate black belt who can’t break a board from Home Depot and a little Asian guy can snap his fingers off with some WA CHA moves?  We know you are mature enough to be not too attached to the certs and belts game, and that is why we sync and click. Welcome aboard, our fellow dragon.