As a Taoist of Saam Law Tin Si Tao 三羅天師道, you have ordained into Tin Yat Lineage 天一派 (full name is Tin Yat Saam Law Sun Lung Gaau 天一三羅神龍教) and have ordained to Saam Law which is the Tin Law, Dei Law and Daai Law, which is the first three pre-heaven energy that creates everything in the whole universe.  You will be learning about the Saam Gwai Yee 三皈依 (3 Ordains) which is something you will practice every day too.

By means of Gwai Yee 皈依 or ordain, it is to submit yourself to Saam Law and agree to a part of this lineage, and agree for Saam Law to be your Tao that guides you toward this path as your destiny after this life is over. By that, it means you are no longer wandering around as a hopeless and helpless soul after your life here is over. Watch the video below for more details.

Taboos and Don’ts?

There is nothing you cannot eat and nothing you cannot do, but you must understand that some things you do are going to be harmful to you, just like some food is not healthy to eat. Therefore, think before you act and make sure you use the wisdom of Saam Law to reflect on your everyday-life and improve yourself as you move on and learn from experience. Always consult your masters in the lineage for guidance and help if you ever come across things you cannot understand.

There is no rule to what you can or cannot do in the lineage, but again, everything is common sense and please think before you act.


You Are a Disciple

In the lineage, you address to yourself as “Dai Jee 弟子” meaning disciple, and you behave as one. Be respectful to all the seniors above you and those who are with you on the same level.  You must always use your Taoist name to communicate in the lineage, and address to people according to their titles, such as calling the Sifu(s) and Si Gung(s) and not their direct name.

Remember your identity in the lineage all the time and be more bonded to the lineage, love it and make it something you are proud of.  It is never a problem to share it with your friends and family to give them an opportunity to join the lineage too.

You might have relatives or friends who might not really be those active learners, but you can also offer them to be ordained into our hidden stage before Saam Law disciple at a low cost. This will allow them to become a disciple of the lineage, have a Taoist name, and one heart spell.  With this, they will be able to do some easy magic and can have the protection and blessings from our Saam Law Jo Si, which makes their life better and reduce their chances of encountering dangers and threats in the future. They do not need to really learn anything much but just to practice their heart spells and that will be sufficient enough for these causal disciples.


How to Greet People

Being a Taoist of Saam Law Taoism, you can greet people using the Tao, Ging or Si handsign at the chest and say “Mo Leung Tin Juen” 無量天尊 which is a spell to expose the Tin Juen property pre-heaven energies. This will have 3 effects instantly. One is that it will try to neutralize any energy pollution in sight, secondly is to give a positive energy empowerment to things in front of you, and third is to protect you from being contaminated by energy pollution around you. One little greeting phrase with a lot of powerful magic packed behind!

There is another phrase for concluding with people, which is “Fuk Sung Mo Leung Daai Tin Juen” 福生無量大天尊, which is a more powerful form of the first phrase above and is a better phrase to clear up everything, concluding an interaction with someone etc.


Daily Disciplined Cultivation

Every day, as a Saam Law Taoist, you should always practice the Tao and Te as explained in the “mindset of a Taoist” article. Always practice your heart spells, the JING spells, to cleanse and purify yourself with the Saam Law power, and to conclude and give back to Saam Law. Please refer to our “Concluding” article for the details on how to conclude every day and month for a healthy cycle.

Do not feel stress about these, it is all just common sense, and you will learn to do better as you go. There is no grading system, there is no quiz or exams, you just learn as you stay and take your time to learn and progress onward.  Stay happy and be healthy, that’s all you need to know.



What Proved You Got Ordained?

The teachers in the lineage who teach you, which includes your sifu, Si Gung, and the others are the solid proof for you. They will give you real knowledge, solid teachings, a great amount of care, and you will see everything put together which shows you THIS is the Saam Law Taoism wisdom.

The more you trust, use, and cultivate with this magic, the more you see it happen and work for you, and the better you get with it, and the more you fall in love with it.

Ordaining is like marriage, it is all built on trust and honesty, and not on paper. You requested to be ordained, your master helps you to get you into the lineage, and give you solid teachings, that is the proof, and we do not build our love on a piece of paper with fancy borders and textures.  This is real Taoism learning, and so enjoy it with your heart, and witness it with your eyes, all the proof is there when you start learning and soaking yourself in the system.

Jee Sifu HATE certs, and there are too much cert-Taoist today that are totally nothing but a bunch of sales agent who just wants to “grow big” while they know nothing about the stuff they preach or teach. Therefore, we are going with the old school method here. Like it or not, but your proof is in the heart and builds on trust. If you stay and enjoy the learning, you will see yourself grow up here and you will see everything blossoms. Time is the proof of true love, isn’t it?

Here is the last part, 3 ordains, the content that you will be reciting for the saam gwai yee cultivation later on.


Saam Gwai Yee (3 Ordains)




Brief Meaning Of The 3 Gwai Yee (3 Ordains)
Bow To Ordain To The Tao, The Five Thunder Sheung Ching Sky,
With Resources Pouring Down The Sky, Fortune Be Stir Up Above Us
Ordain My Life, To Sheung Ching Tin Law, Yuen Chee Tin Juen

Bow To Ordain To The Ging, Five Elements And The Heart Operates,
Sparkles Up The Sky And Drop Down As Rain Of Magic,
Purifies My Heart And Soak Into My System,
Ordain My Life, To Yuk Ching Dei Law Ling Bo Tin Juen

Bow To Ordain The Si, The Dragon Power Benefits The Sky Of Human,
Inheriting The Saam Law Tao, The Heart's Power Will Travel To The
Highest Sky (Saam Law)
Ordain My Life, To Taai Ching Daai Law Doe Duck Tin Juen

Get ordained today and start learning Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功!