Why Support Tin Yat Dragon

We spread the Tao’s power and wisdom to everyone who are in need. We are a business, yet this is not an ordinary business such as selling electronics or food. It’s a “cold door” business which not many people would bump into everyday. To keep providing and even sustaining, we rely on the support from our believers and disciples. Your support would be appreciated because it means that you made it possible for us to keep helping more people every day.

Over the years, (since 2003) we have been working hard on Chi in Nature (Tin Yat Dragon), and we have seen the pattern of what we are doing and what we always went back to doing. Somehow, we just kept having people coming to us for help with spiritual problems, exorcism, and magic attacks etc. These people always tell us that they have tried this and that, end up nothing can help them at the end.  I am more than confident to tell them that we are specialized in this field, and we have helped many people getting rid of these problems. As long as you have faith in us and the Tao, we can save you!

We are like the “Spiritual doctor”, which always deals with the rare yet not too uncommon cases that people will encounter. Voices in the head kept disturbing, weird visuals popping up in the mind, sudden mood swings, depressions, and all sorts of crazy stuff that most doctors just “laugh it off” and brush you away or even saying that you are just too “stressed” and need to “rest”. To us, this is something that we can deal with and something that we have been helping people deal with for years. The world needs the professionals like us who can handle these situations and not just trying to brush people off saying it’s not “something to bother with”.

 Your help and support is appreciated, because it means that we have the opportunity to save more lives with our powers and experience. Feel free to use the patron or PayPal method to send your support. May the Tao bless you for your kindness!