ordain today

A question from many people is why do you need to ordain and join our lineage to learn?  This page will get you a clear and concise answer.

Ordaining into a lineage will hook you up to the lineage’s source, which also means that you will become a part of the family, and that is why our source can supply you with the resources that you will need for doing the Taoist magic. It’s sort of like getting your service by joining a phone company.

At the same time, our magic knowledge, methods, such as the FUs, spells, and all that stuff you will be learning here are just a language which allows you to request the power from our source and use it into different applications. Remember how you must use a specific programming language to program something for IOS or a PC?  If you are wanting to use our methods (the applications and such), you need to stick to our codes, which only works with our system.

Other lineages might have different codes or similar codes, but they do not draw power from our source, and we do not have any relationship with their source too. Every lineage has their own source, and their own pool of cultivated powers, which leads and blossoms to the methods that you can be applying to different applications.  You can pick which lineage you want to stick to according to what is presented on the outside. For example, you can look at our blog, website, youtube, and decide if you like the stuff we have presented. If you want to learn “these things and alike”, then you have to join our lineage to learn our stuff, use our power, and connect to our “Tao”.

Yes, there is no other way, and Taoism cannot be taught by books or just a few videos. The problem is, you need to connect to the source, and also get direct teachings, guidance and corrections from us all the time. How can you expect to get all these by staying as a spectator?  You want to have fun?  You need to get your hands dirty.

Many people are afraid to commit because they are afraid to be scammed or screwed by some wannabe masters like those who are just playing too much video games and pretend to be Zhujeliang on YouTube hosting some “Taoist ceremony” at their backyard. (I guess you might have seen that kind of people already?)  Well, rest assured, we have been around for a long time, and we are very transparent as you can see. We have a few YouTube channels with a lot of content uploaded, you can’t go wrong with someone who is constantly showing their face and teaching to the public like this.

What’s even better, is that if you get ordained now and later you don’t feel that this is what you wanted. No problem, just feel free to be a mature adult and speak up, say you want to quit and we will withdraw you from the lineage right away without questioning further.  There is nothing that we will “take back” from you or do things to harm you at the back because you are going away.  We will only cut off your connection with our source and remove you from the lineage, that’s it.

There is nothing to lose by giving yourself a chance to try out something that you connect to and wanted to learn.  It might or might not blossom into the final fruit that you like, but who knows if you never try? The brave ones often get rewarded in nature, because they are willing to commit and put their heart into what they want and should be doing.  Those who cannot make up their mind and always be driven by the peer pressure is always going to fail in life because they don’t live a life on their own, they only stay-alive for others. 

Life is short, and we should not waste time, isn’t that something we know already? We find a good company to work for, why not a good lineage to learn from?

Ordain today to get started, learn the Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung!