Three Teasures

The three treasures of the TAO (our source) for you when you ordain is the potentials, guidance and the teachings that allows you to bring the wisdom to things that you do in life.

The first treasure is the potentials and light from the Tin Law powers, it shines your pathway ahead and let you see the future. Sometimes you have many opportunities, but you cannot see them, and you might miss out some good ones. Being able to see the future differently leads to feeling different about yourself, feeling a different value of life, giving you the life-force that keeps you going.

The second treasure is the guidance power that goes into your thinking process, helping you think better, filtering out negative and unclean energies that jams your thinking patterns, leading you to be able to think through problems, process information and make decisions better.  With the processing power boosted inside, you will also be stronger and be able to withstand more tough situations that you might encounter in life.

The third treasure is the teachings, which comes from both the TAO and the sifu(s) in the lineage. The TAO teaches you by pushing its power to you, and so your actions are being assisted, avoiding the slips, the accidents, the oops and “oh shit”. What is better than being able to really execute and do what you intended to do?   Many people want to do this and that in the day, but end up just sitting there for a whole afternoon.  Not only that, but embracing the TAO’s power of teaching also allows us to teach ourselves, our “heart” to make adjustments if needed. Sometimes your feeling isn’t right, your intuitions are screwed up, then you got to have a higher power to take control and teach it to change.

In Chinese, the three treasure are summarized as the Tao, Ging, and Si. 道經師 which are the power that leads and give potentials, that guides and assist your processing, and to teach or make adjustments to your actions and even your own heart.

When you ordain, you are already being given these three treasures, and it is then your job to discover it, utilize it and put it to real use.  These three treasures are beyond your own heart, soul and body.  They are given to you to make you a stronger and better person, to become a you beyond the ordinary you.