Three Treasures of the TAO

The three treasures of our Tao for the disciples are what we call the Tao 道, Ging 經, and Si 師. With the three treasures, as long as your heart is with the Tao, it will help you improve and even change your life for the better.

Tao 道 is the light of the Tao, which shines upon your path and lead you to a better vision in life, letting you see your future better, and not miss out any opportunities for success, or simply being able to see further away and avoid accidents.

Ging 經 is the energy of the Tao, which helps you process anything like how your “brain” does. With the energy of the Tao, you will think better, with the wisdom and knowledge that you will be learning in the lineage. Great thinking lets you process and refine your ideas before it is being executed prematurely. With this energy, it also keeps you motivated and push you to keep going.

Si 師 is the power the teaches you on behalf of the Tao. This is the power that can correct, change, and create new things in life for you. Which means, if something is not good, or not happening, you can make use of this power and have it change It around, turning impossible into possible. This power is so great that it is a necessity for anyone who want to “create” a better future. 

The three treasures of the Tao is given to you when you ordain, and by connecting to the Tao, you can have access to these treasures.