Three Treasures of the TAO

The Three Treasures

The three treasures is Tao 道, Ging 經 and Si 師. All Taoists of Saam Law Tao will ordain to Saam Law, and be given the power of the three treasures.

The Tao provides you the guidance and vision, letting you see life differently, revealing the potentials and better pathways for your future.

The Ging which is the methods and inner powers of the Tao, allows you to trigger the power of the Tao at anytime, and apply the Tao's power onto anything you do, letting you make changes to situations when you are facing any difficulties.

The Si which is the masters and teachings, allows you to inherit the bloodline of the Tao, and be able to pull in the connection when you need, to apply the magic forces to where it needs.

These 3 treasures are with you when you officially ordain into the lineage and become a Saam Law Taoist. Everyday, a Saam Law Taoist will recite the 3 ordains and 12 wishes as part of their daily cultivation, showing their dedication and commitment toward their Tao for what they believe.


Three Ordains

Bow and ordain to the Tao,the highest power before the sky,its light shines upon us,giving birth to fortunes and energizes the sky to spin,

Obey for the rest of my life, Sheung Ching Tin Law, Yuen Chi Tin Juen. (3x)

Bow and ordain to the Ging (methods), the five forces that can be triggered and moved by my heart, which can call the sky to rain down its power, and purifies my heart and body,

Obey for the rest of my life, Yulk Ching Dei Law, Ling Bo Tin Juen. (3x)

Ordain to the Si (masters), the celestial dragons come to save the world, by passing on the Saam Law Tao, letting our heart reaches the highest sky.

Obey for the rest of my life, Taai Ching Daai Law, Doe Duck Tin Juen. (3x)





皈命,上清天羅,元始天尊 (三稱)



皈命,玉清地羅,靈寶天尊 (三稱)



皈命,太清大羅,道德天尊 (三稱)



Twelfth Wishes

With the accumulated success given by the Tao, blessed by the magical powers, I am here to truthfully submit my wishes, for the world of Saam Law. May the celestial dragon from above the sky, come and help me deliver my intention, report to the highest heaven, and show my heart to the immortals and deities above.

  1. I wish Saam Law is forever powerful.
  2. I wish the heart of the gods in Saam Law will be satisfied and happy.
  3. I wish the celestial dragon will come down from the sky upon my summon.
  4. I wish the gods will have all the fortune they need.
  5. I wish the country in Saam Law will be peaceful and fulfilled.
  6. I wish all the gods good health and live forever.
  7. I wish the lineage be prosper and growing all the time.
  8. I wish the Tao’s luck be ascending steadily.
  9. I wish the god’s light can shine down from above.
  10. I wish the Tao power will be delivered to the Taoists in need.
  11. I wish the evil forces will not penetrates and invade.
  12. I wish the positive energy will be secured and held forever.