The three treasures in Taoism was explained in our article of “The Three Treasures” in details. However, the three treasures that you get when you ordain into our lineage, and the three treasures of a disciple in our lineage goes beyond the ordinary meaning.

Three treasures for a Taoist is Tao , Ging , Si . Which means the Tao as in the leading forces that brings you on a path. The Ging as in the processing power that converts the Tao’s essence into energy. The Si is the teacher, who teaching, which is to teach the Tao how to adjust itself to keep flowing down resources, or to make adjustments to its output etc.


Your Ordinary Three Treasures

A recap from our article linked above, your Yuen Sun is your ordinary Tao, it sets the direction for your life and so you have the drive to keep going. Your soul body is the Ging, which process the Tao’s intention into thinking and thoughts, making decisions and pushing decisions to draw conclusion. Then your physical body is the teacher, the Si, which is responsible for the action, and then looking, hearting, and sensing everything to absorb the “light” back to the mind, and so the mind can tell the Yuen Sun how to adjust to suit the actual need in reality.


Three Treasures for Our Disciples

After you ordained into your lineage, you have got a greater Tao to lead you and bring you onto a different path as explained in “what is Taoism”. You submitted yourself to the Tao of Saam Law, and there goes your journey.

The three treasures will then become the power of Saam Law as your Tao, which is to be connected to you by using the “heart spells” that Is granted to you upon your ordination.

The ging (processor) will be the methods, the spells, the magic that you will be learning. The first thing you learn is the FU HEADs, which converts these Tao powers into another form. 

fu head

The si (teacher) will be the handsigns, which allows you to connect and teach the Tao what to do. It’s like your remote control with buttons that tells the station to give you different powers.

Some examples of our basic handsigns are:

Magic Sword finger 法劍指

Sword Chi Finger 劍氣指

Seven Star Sword Finger 七星劍指

Heart-incense Seal 心香訣

Knife Seal 刀訣

Tao Seal 道指

Process Seals 經指

Commanding Seal 師訣

Saam Law Celestial Light Seal 三羅神光訣

Dragon Connecting Seal 靈龍訣

Tin Yat Celestial Dragon Seal  天一神龍訣

Saam Law Magic Executing Seal 三羅神法訣

Saam Law Duel Dragon Seal 三羅雙龍訣

Saam Law Three Mountain Thunder Fire Seal  三羅三山雷火訣


The Three Treasures Relationship

In the lineage, you have the Tao which is the higher power that we connects to, and this is where all your power and wisdom originates from.  The ging, or middle agent that converts them into usable form, is the magical methods that you will be learning.  Then the Si, which is the teacher, is the master who teach you when you are ordained, like Jee Sifu and other sifu in the lineage. This relationship tells you that if you are not building a good relationship with the sifu(s), the Tao will also stop flowing resources to you.

The three treasures are just a pattern and it appears everywhere. Being a good disciple in the lineage, you must understand the importance of staying in touch and being in a good relationship with your sifu(s) and Si Gung in the lineage in order to inherit the power and wisdom from the Tao we connect to. 

Taoism is about finding a Tao who can lead a Tao, like the leader of a leader. You can lead yourself, but then you find the Tao of our lineage that can lead you to be your Tao.  At the same time, there is the sifu(s) in the lineage that leads you and share the load of the “big” Tao above. It’s all chained together and every head connects to another head.  If you chain is broken, and you only focus on the main big head in front, and you don’t look heavy on the smaller head that connects to you, then you will be like a section of the train that loose the hook and you will be soon falling out of the track with whatever is behind you in one go.

Remember the theory of Tao and Te from our “concluding magic article”?  Always learn to take and also to give back. We work as a lineage, like a chain that is linked together sections by section. Everything is in a cycle. If you want more to come, then you need to know how to make that happen, just like the cycle of the water system in nature.

water system