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Three Treasures of a Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist Disciple

Ordain Saam Law Sun Gung

Ordain as a Saam Law Sun Gung disciples is good for everyone, regardless of any culture and background, because you can at least ordain into stage one and get yourself covered by the lineage’s magic power, and be protected by it, shielding yourself away from spiritual encounters and pollution, blocking off things that can ruin your day, or even putting more pre-heaven energies on things to give them a boost for better results. The benefits of being a disciple of this lineage do not stop here, though, there is a lot more to be discovered.

When you ordain into the lineage, you will have three treasures upon the completion of the ordain ceremony, which will benefit you In many ways instantly.

Three Treasures After Ordain

  1. Heart Spells
  2. The Special Power Symbols (Fu heads)
  3. Handsign (Seals) Programmed and Granted

With these three things, you will be able to use magic in your daily life right away. Not to forget that your magic gets stronger as you cultivate and build up power too! After the ordination, you will be learning directly under our sifu(s), with personal care and teachings, giving you the best teachings and guidance to success and get stronger!

Heart Spells 心咒 – The Key of Power

Your heart spells are all specially programmed for you, with your “Taoist magic name 法號” and such, that is granted to you upon your ordination. No one else can use this spell except for you because it’s specially sealed and authorized for you only! These spells are the most important thing you will learn after being a disciple, and they will be something you will be using a lot later on!

Every stage will have two or more heart spells, and they are your key to withdraw your magic power, like a key to draw resources from a storage. Different heart spells draw out a certain type of essence, or energy, that is suitable for doing a certain kind of things. With the heart spell cultivated, building a solid and firm foundation on it, your heart spells will be more stable, powerful and effective too. When you ordain into stage one, you get two heart spells, and the methods to cultivate them for building a strong foundation for it. Breaking the traditional rule, we will expose the heart spell’s usages and details here.

Heart Spell #1 – Ling Sum Spell 靈心咒

This is like the heart connecting spell, it can be used to deal with anything related to the heart, such as feelings, mood, emotions, mental issues, memory, love, focus, concentration, etc.  You got a job interview or a presentation and you want people to feel good about you?  You are trying to sell a house and you want the clients to feel good enough to close a deal?  This spell can help!  With the power of this spell, you can already start doing symbols and things to move and program pre-heaven energies.

Heart Spell #2 – Hung Faat Spell 行法咒

This is like the engine starting spell, it starts the magic off and give power of life to things, empowers the body or physical body, making their energy body glows, fires up their pre-heaven energy, giving them the ability to start doing magic work, or even to protect, to do work, or to empower etc.  With this spell, one can already do a lot of magic, protection, empowerments, strengthening, boosting and making life better. You might be walking home and it’s getting late, you can use this spell to shield yourself and avoid the attraction of any threats or harmful things no matter animals, human or any accidents. Reducing the danger before it’s even there is the best self-defense!  You can also use the spell to empower your project, homework, or even a proposal or resume to make it better!

Different heart spells have different properties, and they are for different purposes, just like a pencil, ruler and a calculator. You will need these two heart spells in stage 1 even you are a master grade disciple in the lineage, just like a mathematician professor will still use their rulers and pencils all the time, it just gets stronger as you advance!

Ordaining into stage two, becoming a Sun Lung Disciple, will reward you in three more heart spells that can do even more!


Special Power Symbols – FU Heads


Before you learn to use or make a complete FU (what people usually call Talisman or charms), you will learn something called an FU-Head (Fu Tao符頭).  There are never enough words to explain how precious and practical the Fu-Heads are, it’s just amazing!   Whatever you need to use magic on, you can grab one of the nine Fu-heads and there will be one that fits your need. With the nine basic Fu-Heads mastered, you can basically use magic on anything with just a minor tweak to program that Fu-Head for your specific need. The outsiders will never understand the secret, but our disciples fall in love with it because they use it all the time, and it’s like the most useful thing beside your heart spells! 

The first Fu-head you will learn is called the Saam Law Fu-Head 三羅符頭.  This symbol, just like all other Fu-heads must be drawn with spells for every stroke, and a secret infusing spot inside the symbol which can be tweaked and modified to fit your ever need for magic.  The Saam Law Fu Head is like a master-key, it can be used on anything, and do almost anything, because it’s the most all-purpose Fu-Head, and if you run out of options or you cannot remember other things, this will always work!

As you advance in the lineage, you will learn more advanced Fu-heads that can do more things and have more features. Fu-heads are the foundation of all FU work, and in order to make powerful FU Talismans, one must have a stronger foundation in their Fu-Heads and related cultivation. As a stage one disciple, you will learn something called the Yup Sau Gung 入手功 which uses the Fu-Head to cultivate for magic essence and energy, helping you to get into your foundation building training, getting you pumped and packed with magic power.


Magical Handsigns

When you ordained into stage one, you will already be able to use a few foundational hand signs or seals, such as the following:

  • Magic Sword finger 劍指
  • Sword Chi Finger 劍氣指
  • Seven Star Sword Finger 七星劍指
  • Heart-incense Seal 心香
  • Knife Seal 刀訣
  • Tao Seal 道指
  • Process Seals 經指
  • Commanding Seal 師訣
  • Saam Law Celestial Light Seal 三羅神光訣
  • Dragon Connecting Seal 靈龍訣
  • Tin Yat Celestial Dragon Seal  天一神龍
  • Saam Law Magic Executing Seal 三羅神法訣
  • Saam Law Duel Dragon Seal 三羅雙龍訣
  • Saam Law Three Mountain Thunder Fire Seal  三羅三山雷火訣

Handsigns, or seals, are sealed by the masters for the disciples, programming it, empowering it and setting special usages to the hand signs which makes it usable for magic doings. A copied o imitated hand signs do not have the same results because it’s not programmed and activated for magic work!  After you ordained, these seals above are authorized and programmed into you and now you can use them as you learn about them, and start applying them to everything around you that needs some magic touch up!

After you get into stage two, there will be even more seals programmed for you, and much more opened up for you to learn, cultivate and use.  Maybe you are a bit overwhelmed already, because there is literally a lot to learn!  Don’t worry, though, we know what it takes to guide a disciple to success, and so we have all the materials stored in our resource pool – Google Drive, YouTube, and many different places so that you can get to learn and know where to browse for reference or extra materials!


Personal Learning Awesomeness

Embrace Saam Law Sun Gung

Learning Saam Law Sun Gung is fun and it should be something that makes your life better and not more stressful.  Our sifu(s) are always around to help and guide you when you are in the mood to learn. If you feel like going speedily at the moment, you can come for more to learn. If you are in your gloomy days and need to slow down, just let us know and you are free to relax or slow down. Everyone learn at their own preferred pace, and there is no competition, peer pressure or anything like that in our lineage. No matter you are a fast or slow learner, you are always our beloved disciples at all time.  As long as you are our disciples, you can enjoy all the privilege in the lineage, including the access to our resource-pool on Google Drive, YouTube (private videos), and many other places as well as 24/7 LINE chat with our sifu(s) and Si Gungs to ask questions, request help or assistance, or to get reinforcements sent to you by distance for any purposes!

That’s right, you might be doing some magic work and you know it’s so important that you need the best possible power on it.  Send a request by LINE and everyone in the lineage who is around the corner will be able to tap in and send you some help by distance. That’s why you are in a lineage, it’s because we are bonded together, to help each other and be protected by the lineage! We emphasize on teamwork, togetherness, and toughening up ourselves with magic at all time.  Disciples love the lineage, and the lineage bonds the love the disciples too.  Join the lineage today and learn Saam Law Sun Gung to start using magic for yourself and people who you think should be helped.  You deserves a better life, and you are just one step away to make that possible.

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