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The Way of a Tin Yat Dragon

Ordaining into Tin Yat Lineage

When you join Tin Yat Lineage (Tin Yat Saam Law Sun Lung Gaau天一三羅神龍教), you ordained into the Taoism of Saam Law Tin Si Tao (三羅天師道) and you are one of our dragons in the team. This makes you special, and here is what you should keep in mind as your motto for your whole life as a Taoist and disciple of this path.

  • Cultivate and Embrace the Theory of Real Tao and Te
  • Use Your Magic Power to Benefit Yourself and Others
  • Live Good, Cultivate Well and Die in Peace

Being a disciple in this lineage is makes you a Taoist, but there are so many sects of Taoism out there, with all having their own perspective and teachings that are unique to their own, leading the disciples to a different path and destiny. It’s like saying everyone is called a university, but not all offers you the same education and future. You might be entering one that teaches you how to cook and be a chef, but there is also some that teach you about laws and can lead you to become a successful lawyer. Saam Law Tin Si Tao is clearly explained in our article of “Origin of Tin Yat Lineage Explained”. We cultivate our own spiritual power, which we call magic in Chinese, and use it to benefit our everyday life, plus our life beyond. Let’s get into the three major mottoes that you should know as a disciple of this lineage!


Cultivate and Embrace the Theory of Real Tao and Te

Tao is the leading essence of a whole crew or universe, and this pattern can be applied to many things to make you understand the concept in less than one minute. The Tao of your physical body is your head, it leads the whole body to move or do things. Without the head, or changing the head, you are not you anymore. The Tao of a business is the founder or the person in charge at the very top, he gives intention that can affect the whole direction and success of the company.   The Tao of a country is the president or king because their intention will change the future of the country greatly too.  As you can see the Tao is very important and it is the essence that leads the whole system to a certain direction.

As a “Taoist” you agree to this theory and so you will understand that being a Taoist of the lineage here, you know that your Tao is your Yuen-Sun (spiritual planetary body) and also lineage that is leading you to cultivate. By connecting with your Yuen Sun and the lineage better, it will allow you to get resources from your own Pre-Heaven resource pool, and the lineage’s resources pool, leading you to a better future development.

Te is the virtue, but the deeper meaning of this means the continuation of the cycle explained above with “Tao”. By embracing the Tao theory, you agree to draw resources and connect to your upper level better, so you can keep getting fed and nourished by the Tao above. Your Yuen-Sun and the lineage can feed you better, and it brings you a better future development because you got more resources from them. Great, but how to feed them back so they can keep feeding you?  Giving back to where it started is the essence of Te. You take from your Yuen-Sun, you must put something back to make sure the cycle is healthy and not just a one-way giving or bleeding system. We know that there will be an end to things if we only take from the Yuen-Sun or the lineage. In order to make the relationship healthy and ongoing forever, we will cultivate Te, meaning to acknowledge this and put things back to the Yuen-Sun and the lineage to keep them growing, and there goes a win-win strategy.

Being a Taoist is mostly about this cycle of Tao and Te, but being what kind of Taoist and what is your Tao is the key here. You can be a Taoist of a computer company, and so you practice this theory with the company by utilizing what the head of the company gives you, connecting with the upper level better and get fed by them as in receiving your salary and benefits etc.  After getting things from the company, you will then cultivate Te by bringing something useful back to the company, such as business potentials, clients, sales, and such. This cycle then got you and the company a better relationship, and the company can keep paying you because you helped to keep it growing. Basically, this is being a Taoist, but only of the company, and not really in any sect of Taoism. Knowing the theory of Tao and Te is great, and it makes everything better in life, but there is much more to it by saying you want to be a Taoist and learn Taoist magic such as being a disciple in a sect or lineage.

Being a little dragon in our lineage, you are not only applying this Tao and Te theory to your life but also using it with your Taoist magic powers, which is what we call the Pre-Heaven energies, to help yourself and others.  Taoist magic is powerful and it can be used in many ways to deal with things that a normal person cannot handle because of the limitations nature has given us after we are born.


Use Your Magic Power to Benefit Yourself and Others

As a normal human being, we almost act because of feelings, and our intentions are set because of a spark of feelings or emotions. As you can see, we are all being driven by feelings or a spark of fire in the heart, and when you don’t want to do something, it’s mostly the feelings that tell you not to do it.  Many people buy things because they feel good, and they get married because they feel good about each other. You might be tight on a budget when buying a house, yet you opt for the more expensive one because you just feel better there, and you don’t feel good in the cheaper house. Oh well, you will press the button and there goes the bigger purchase. There are also some people who just feel they don’t want to live anymore and there goes a suicide case on the news.

Before seeing how magic can help you or your friends, let’s look at how evil magic can ruin one’s life. Now that you realized that we are all acting based on feelings, and feelings are generated from our heart, and not our brain. This heart is the energy heart, which exists in our Pre-Heaven dimension body, which we call the Faat-Sun 法身, the energy body of us.  Evil magic, sorcery, or anything like it, are all energy work done in this dimension and so what they do is to push or infuse these elements into our heart, or our energy body, giving us some feelings or intention that is not ours, or pushing your feelings toward a certain direction, like wind blowing on your body to make you move to a certain way. You might be feeling good about choosing option A, and now you chose option B because of a sudden change of vibe in the heart, your “gut feeling” told you to change.  Have you ever though is that really you, and are you being influenced by other factors at the moment when your “gut” is telling you something?  Yes, it could be right sometimes, and it could be helpful to listen to your gut sometimes, but it could also ruin your life by listening to it on a bad day when it got affected or contaminated!

You might be a good person and there could be no one that should be doing these scary evil magic and sorcery on you, but you might not know that we are not only on living in a world of physical communication.  Every phone call, e-mail, meetups, you are communicating with people around you physically and spiritually at the same time, because both parties will have feelings, emotions, and those “gut feelings” coming up at the same time as you physically and verbally communicate. At the moment when you communicate, text each other, there are energies beaming back and forth between you and the other people, which contains the spiritual energies of other people, including their feelings, emotions, and other unseen factors. Have you ever wondered why you kept talking to this friend on the phone and you get all gloomy and moody like him afterward?  This is because of the spiritual energy interaction that is done simultaneously with your physical communication. The fact is, we live physically and spiritually at the same time. We have feelings with people and even dead objects, how can we not be spiritually connected?  As you can see, even there is no evil magic, sorcery, or any sorts of curses and spirits, you can still be affected and contaminated by spiritual energies by chance just like catching the flu on a bad day.  Any healthy person can get sick by chance, no matter how strong you are, because that is part of life!

Learning the Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung is amazing, because you cultivate this to make yourself stronger in the spiritual side (and physical side too), and you will be able to achieve the ability to sense, and defend yourself from any of these spiritual contaminations or attacks.  Furthermore, you will be able to use this power on your family and friends, protecting your loved ones, just like how we protect them physically. Being a Taoist in this lineage, you will learn how to cultivate your own spiritual power, and also to have the lineage’s energy bank as your backup support at all time. It’s not yourself fighting the spiritual elements anymore, it’s the lineage and you fighting together as a team. That is what makes you different from a normal self-taught Taoist or magic practitioner. You get wisdom, knowledge, power, support, and care from the lineage. There are many things to learn, and there are a huge amount of support to back you up in case you are not strong enough to deal with the situation. Simply said, you are all covered in the spiritual dimension, fear no more about ghosts and spirits or even evil magic attack and curses!

Having the magic power is awesome, but it’s even better when you can use it to help your family and friends to also witness the power.  Therefore, as a disciple in the lineage, you should get stronger every day with your magic cultivation, and also use your magic power on things around you, for yourself, and for others who you cared about.   Fill up your life with magic, and embrace the power of Saam Law Sun Gung. Let's not forget, that the word "Dragon" means the essence that give birth to things to inherit it's power. We as little dragons in the lineage, also give off our powers to things around us, so they can give birth to a better future too!


Live Good, Cultivate Well and Die in Peace

We all have problems in life, and learning magic can help you deal with them better. There is no magic in the world that can turn you rich or wealthy instantly, because magic is all about spiritual energy workings, and it is a way to help you make things possible, increasing the potentials and bringing you success upon your equivalent hard work.  With the cultivation that you will be learning in the lineage, you will be able to make changes to your life to live better and have a better future.

Live good, and don’t suffer yourself. We know that life goes beyond this physical life in this present, but the present and materialistic side of life are also important. You see a good meal in front of you and your spiritual side that generates feelings and emotions are giving you the message that you are happier and brighter. As you can see, we are living in this physical world, and the elements in this physical world are actually important to empower our spiritual-self too!  Live good, and enjoy life! 

When you live well, you have a better mood to cultivate in the lineage, and you will do better with your magic cultivation too.

Last but not least, just like we have mentioned in our article about “Funeral for a Taoist and Disciple”, life does not end with a blackout. Many people who say they don’t care about after-death but only what’s in the present life is just trying to cover their eyes and not look further away. Our disciples are brave and they have the courage to look at what’s ahead and plan ahead. Being prepared is always the wise choice!  Being a disciple of the lineage, you should live good, cultivate well and also die in peace, which completes a nice cycle of life.

Embrace the power of Saam Law Sun Gung, and it does not take forever to witness or see results. By ordaining into the lineage, you will already be able to start using the magic power and methods right away. Yes, you might not have cultivated a lot, but the lineage grants you the support just like your mom lends you money to buy things when you are still a kid. When you grow up, you can give back to where you got things from, and there goes a healthy cycle of Tao and Te.  In Taoism, you take before give, because Tao comes before Te. Therefore, the lineage give you and you take to use first, and later you give back to the lineage to complete the cycle and keep the cycle flowing.

 Ordain into Tin Yat Lineage