Powerful Taoist Magic You Can Use to Help People! Learn Saam Law Sun Gung!
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The Taoist Magic Application

How can we apply Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung to our everyday life and how we cultivate, or how much shall a disciple commit to their cultivation?  This is often asked by those who are all ready to get ordained and start learning, but everything is still in a foggy situation or them, and it’s time to get shed some light to the disciples-to-be.

To start learning and using magic is actually very easy. After your ordination ceremony is completed, you will be notified by e-mail and you get your magic name, heart spells and a bunch of introductory materials to start you off.  There is a series of video lesson (private videos) too, which teaches you how to cultivate and do some basic magic work.  As you communicate with the sifu(s), you will be given more instructions and guidance on what to cultivate, how to learn and how to apply the magic on different things etc. 

With just the introductory content, you will already be able to start cultivating and get yourself pumped up, and of course, using the magic power on everything around you instantly.  The spells will be in Chinese, but you do not need to know any Chinese to learn it!  We will be teaching you the Chinese that you need to know, and you are free to ask questions all you want too. We have sifu(s) who are 100% American and native-English speakers, they got to the master level, and so you should be confident that you could do the same too!  Language is not a barrier, and that is why we are here, offering you everything in English. After you browse through our website, you might already realize that you have understood a lot about magic and our theories without the need of knowing much Chinese!  Trust yourself and give yourself a chance to learn this powerful magic, and be one of our almighty dragons who claimed our rights to possess this magical power!


Magic Power Versus Magic Methods

Doing a spell, a symbol, a FU, or whatever methods is not hard. You can do magic right after you ordain into our lineage too. However, keep in mind that a punch from a rookie is different from a punch that came out of an experienced martial artist who trained for 50 years. Magic power and methods come hand in hand, you must not forget to power yourself up while using your magic happily like a kid with his new toy!

To power build muscles and get pumped, we have tools and a gym to help us get some serious workout for serious results. To build your magic muscles, you need an altar that connects you to the lineage power network and allows you to cultivate for more essence and energy, which creates the greater power. There are energies and “cells” of energies around you, but they are not suitable for doing magic. Your altar’s job is to accumulate and cultivate them into usable resources for you and make them useful for doing magic work.  As an example, it’s like science lab converting elements in nature into powder and chemicals, then now they can create pills that can be used a medicine. With just the raw elements, it’s like gold bits and silver bits in rocks, they are precious but not yet in their usable form. Cultivating energies back to essence is the main purpose of having an altar, and your body cannot do this alone. 

Magic power is important, because it allows you to achieve greater results, and handle some tougher situations, or fighting off some bigger enemies such as a bad curse on you because of some jealous ladies at work who does not like seeing you being more successful than them.  Hey, they might be hiring a sorcerer or a psychic to help them remove competitors, why should you let them be happy and winning the game by using these invisible weapons?

Our body is limited, and that is why we buy a house, a computer, and have many tools in life to help us do the job that our body is not capable of doing. Yes, our naked body is great and we have skin that protects our flesh too, but using the minimal given by nature is not enough. That is also why we are born with wisdom, and a brain to think for making decisions.  We decide to not get sick, and so we wear clothing and put on a jacket. We decided to improve our given vision power, and so we wear glasses. Now I guess you also decided to get more powerful on your spiritual side, and so there goes your altar!


Disciplined Cultivation and Practice

As a disciple of the lineage, learning Saam Law Sun Gung, there are some basic disciplined practice or cultivation to do every day and every month.  With or without altars, the new disciples will cultivate on their heart spells to build a foundation for their magic spell powers.  Then as they learn, they will advance to cultivating how to connect to the different altars of the sifu(s) and interlink with the lineage better. As they progress onward, they will have some small cultivation to do daily to build power, while they can enjoy using the magic on all things in life.

Those disciples who are more solid and disciplined will go by our disciplined routines. Every 2 weeks, following the lunar or the normal calendar (your choice), there will be a ceremony to be done to welcome in new energies and clean up the energy of your house, resetting the energy flow, and empowering your location with the Pre-Heaven energies etc. There are also FU consumption and other things to cultivate for strengthening up yourself and pumping up those magic muscles.

When you cook every day, you know how to cook when your guests come over.  When you do these magic routinely, for daily and monthly routines, you will be able to handle the bigger situations when the time comes and when things happen.

Every day, we must do a bit of cultivation regardless of quantity, just to keep us pumping and disciplined, with a nice flow. Just like being on the water, things will flow backward if you don’t paddle forward. Keep moving forward daily, even a bit of movement is better than nothing. It keeps your heart of magic pumping, and it builds up your good magic muscles.

Besides all the pumping and power building, disciples also conclude the month by giving back to the lineage, to complete their cycle of Tao and Te, for a fresh and new cycle to begin again in the coming month.


Level up When You Can!

Learning magic is not a race, and it is not a competitive sport. You do not race to level up in the lineage and a stage two is not always better than a stage one disciple.  Yet, you should aim to level up to the next stage whenever you can and is ready to do so – up to stage 3. We opened stage one for everyone to get started without feeling too restricted, and so there is no limitation or restrictions. You can start regardless of backgrounds and such.  Once you have ordained and decided that you are ready to “get real”, you should request to get into stage two as soon as possible, because it pumps you up with THREE more heart spells and opens you up to learn the FU work and many more things ahead.

If you are good and passionate, you might be offered to level up to stage 3, and if you have the opportunity to do so, don’t hesitate, get in and start getting pumped.  Stage 3 is a stage where you can learn about many tools and secret knowledge behind the magic, and it opens you up to a lot more things to learn and use, plus a bigger amount of support power from the lineage to you with the new heart spell!  If you are landed on stage 3, you are pretty good and solid for a long time.

Going up a level does not mean you get stronger instantly, but it opens you up to new things, new materials and potentials. Even you get to the next level, you will still need time and effort to learn and cultivate to get results. But, stepping up to the next level should be done as soon as it’s available because you should not wait when fate has come to you, or it might flow away and be gone with the wind!


Doing FU Talisman

Many people asked when can they start making FU talismans, and can they make one for their relatives and friends.  Surely you can, but doing FU work requires more knowledge and power. It takes time to learn and polish up the skills.  If you can learn up to the making of a talisman in the lineage, you can also make it for your loved ones and your friends who are in need of some help. As we have said above, magic methods versus magic power, the same FU that look alike, but done by two different people, can have a totally different result due to the power behind. Learning how to make a FU is not that hard, but the power that is packed behind takes a lot of time and effort to cultivate. If your relative or friend is in need of a strong FU talisman to solve their problems, you can always recommend them back to the lineage and have the pros deal with the situation while you provide them with some band-aid remedies.

Beside doing FUs for others, we strongly encourage our disciples to learn more and master the FU writing skills, so that they can be using it for themselves and their homes first. Nothing is better than helping yourself and putting protections and reinforcements to your own living space. This should be the first thing to do when you got the skills to write FU!  When you purchase a house, you put a few locks on the doors and windows to protect it. When you learn magic, you should also put your magic locks and reinforce your house’s energy to block off the unwanted energies that flow in and out freely.  Dust and pollens can enter your home if you don’t have a good filter system, and so is the negative spiritual energies! Bad spiritual energies can contaminate your home and bring in mood swings, promote procrastination, spark up fights, or even screws up your day when you got all your friends over for a lovely gathering. You got the magic power to prevent all these by learning Saam Law Sun Gung, and it’s time to claim your rights to protect your home.


Learning at Your Own Pace

We emphasize on personal teachings and communication between disciples and sifu(s) must be the first thing to focus on. If you feel like learning faster or slower, please tell your sifu(s) by e-mail and communicate well. If your e-mail got buried and somehow you don’t get a reply for a day or two, resend and don’t just sit and wait!  There are many disciples in the lineage and we only have 9 sifu(s) who are handling them all.  With so many e-mails, it is hard to avoid the chances of missing out a few. IF you cannot reach your sifu(s) by e-mail, you can always go on LINE chat and get some immediate attention too. Whatever it takes, communicate with your sifu(s) and tell them what and how you would like to learn. Everything is controlled by yourself and we will adjust the teaching speed and style according to personal preference.

We do not have a set course for teaching, and so we teach like the old-school method, where we just go with the flow and teach the disciples things that they are ready to learn. There is some basic content that is almost the same for everyone, but there are also many extras and free private lessons given out from time to time to reward and surprise the ones who are learning well.  A unique thing about this lineage is that disciples always say that there are too much to learn! Unlike most places where disciples need to beg for a bit of knowledge to be leaked to them in the drip-feed style, here is the opposite!  You get a lot of things to learn, more than you can imagine!  It is like you are joining a huge banquet with tons of food on the table for you to eat, and now you can adjust your own portion by picking things onto your own plate according to your own preference.

Learning Taoist magic is a lifetime thing, and it goes beyond the present life. The relationship of disciples and sifu(s) goes beyond this life too. Teachers can go on strike and frown on students when they don’t get paid by the schools. Sifu(s) will never go on strike, just like your mom and dad can never get a day off from being your parents because you are bonded by the heart and not money.  Same here, that’s why we don’t go by the “certs style Taoism” that copied the school grading system!  We don’t bond with our disciples with a piece of paper or money, we are bonded by the heart, and we feel each other, help each other, and stay together as one big family.