taoist magic application

Taoist Magic can be used on anything to improve their potentials, to change what is not good, to reduce what is bad and not good, to empower, and also to assist you for things that are already in progress. In short, when you have problems, you can use magic to help you solve the problem. When you don’t have problems, you can use magic to make things better. When you don’t have anything happening, you can use magic to help you bring in new opportunities.


What You Can Do Right Away!

After you ordained into the lineage, you will already have the two basic heart spells. One is for you to communicate and connect to Saam Law Jo Si, and one is for you to pump powers from Saam Law to you and let your magic work be fueled and charged up.  Without even a clue about what symbols and such you can do, just remember the heart spells and the Saam Law FU HEAD that you will learn in your first welcome e-mail that you get after the ordain ceremony.

With your internal videos, you will learn how to tell Saam Law Jo Si something, and request for help. This is very easy to do and you can already start doing it on day 1 after you ordained.  Saam Law power will help you to pack in more potentials to things to make it happen or to help you reduce the hiccups and hurdles, or even to make things come true.


Protection Magic!

Yes, we have been getting a lot of request for protection magic, and everyone knows that Taoist magic is famous for busting ghosts and evil spirits, or even fending off sorcery attacks.  With the heart spells and a special hand seal, you can already bring in the Saam Law power and blast it toward the evil “thing” that is trying to harm you or your loved ones.

Furthermore, you can use the heart spell and the golden light protection spell to shield yourself and give protections to you and your family in case of emergency too.

With the daily cultivation of the JING SPELLS, you will also have a much better energy body, which will already fend off a lot of evil or negative “things” before you will even see them in sight.  Just like we say, it is best to avoid even seeing the threat!


Luck boosting magic

If you are in need of luck boost or just some empowerment and things to make sure your business and such will flow smoothly or your next sales will do better, you can also use the Saam Law magical power to help you earn more sales, get more attention or to improve the business performance too.

For people who buy stocks and do trades, you do not want your feelings to be messed up by energy pollution which leads you to make the wrong decision!  Being cleansed and purified regularly also ensures you to have a much better feeling and senses toward these trading style businesses!

Here is a little YouTube video on luck boosting magic demo:


Empowering and Blessings

For everything you do such as homework, business-related work, or even just posting your latest blog post or video on YouTube, you can already apply the Saam Law magical power on them and empower them, give them a boost and make sure they are having a better start.  As we have emphasized in the “Mindset of a Taoist” article, use more and take more get your magic stronger!


Regular Practice and Rituals

Every 2 weeks, all disciples are supposed to “open altar” to connect to Saam Law and welcome in the energy to your altar or your house, then wipe out the house to remove negative energies and pack it back up with the positive energy of Saam Law. After that, we will seal up the house with our magical power to ensure nothing can come back or invade your house.  By doing so, your living space is much cleaner than most average homes and is much harder to be knocked over by sorcery attack or energy pollution, which is a great thing in the long run.

There are also some rituals and practice that we do from time to time such as consuming FU water and such to empower ourselves and upgrade our magical power.  Just like learning anything, you do need to practice, put your time and energy in it to develop'\ power and skills.

Here is a video on our YouTube channel that shows you some basics!

Advanced Magic

Going deeper into the lineage, you will learn more about symbols, FU talismans and magical tools etc, and with these advanced magical methods, you will be able to do more things and deal with tougher problems!

Yup, we are expert in exorcism, busting evil sorcery, deaing with spiritual cases and such like that. If you ever encounter things like ghost possession, haunted house, or even some weird diseases that doctros cannot cure, our Saam Law Sun Gung magic can help.

Getting ordained is the first step, and after that, the door to Saam Law is opened for you, with many treasures inside waiting for you to unleaseh!