concepts of taoism

Saam Law Taoism is very powerful and unique, which can help you to improve life and also advance beyond life. Here in this page, we will be talking about the major concepts of Saam Law Taoism and what we are cultivating for as our main concepts.

The whole concept of Saam Law Taoism can be summarized in 10 lines in Chinese, yet it is too condensed and not understandable by a normal person (even they know Chinese). We will explain them one by one in details, please be patient and read through them before you judge or think.



Before we go on, feel free to listen to what is Saam Law and what it means in details:

Summary of our concepts and why we cultivate Saam Law Taoism


To ching and jing, and wu wei, is all explained in our article of “the Mindsets of a Taoist”. In short, you should always cleanse and purify yourself with the nature’s pre-heaven energy and flush out the non-flowing or clogging energies, which will make the positive energy flow without issues, and hence the “good” energy is always in your system, making your energy body flow smoothly and naturally, which will decrease the chances of negative things and promotes growth, health, and life.



It reads as “be blade-proof” like no sharp blades can enter your body, but it is not!  What it means is that other harmful energy cannot cut or stab into you, just like no evil magic or sorcery can chop into your energy body system and harm you.  To protect our life, and the body, which is actually two different things. Protecting the life is to secure your soul and your Yuen Sun, these are all internal issues that you cannot see with the eyes.  Protecting the body is to prevent things from outside of your body to get into you, for example, preventing accidents like a car hitting you on the street or a flower pot falling from the apartment that might crash onto your head. By cultivating and having good energy flow in our system, you can prevent these internal and external threats, which makes your life and body all free of harms.

Being a Saam Law Taoist, we can prevent spiritual attacks, magic or sorcery attacks, or even any ghost and evils from hurting us and our loved ones. At the same time, because we have better energy flow, the negative energies that attract accidents and crap to our life is flushed out, that means our chances of being hit by a car or something alike is reduced to the minimal too.

Don’t think that people at work or in school won’t know about magic or do some kind of “prayers” and such to “curse you” because of jealousy. Many people are competing in business or school in the physical world and also using nasty things at the back such as cursing and doing sorcery to destroy their enemies. If you do not want to be a fool and be bombed by these things, you better have a way to defend yourself and your success!  You might be good at something, but sometimes you just lose the game because of some mysterious “bad luck” that you cannot explain.  When you are being attacked by evil magic, cures, and such, you can lose a battle or any competition by just some stupid mistake, such as being just 5minutes late for the interview and you lost your job!



This means to cultivate the and , which is the heart and the life. Your energy heart is the heart that feels and give you intuitions or the urge to do things. We cultivate the heart to make sure your heart doesn't act weird or tell us to do something that is not right. Imagine your heart keeps telling you to do stupid things and you cannot control yourself from listening to it, it will be like a demon in your body, right?  We cultivate and purify it, make is stronger and better, stuff it up with wisdom and knowledge, to prevent it from being override, invaded or controlled. At the same time, we learn to control it and make it stronger too. 

The energy heart is also what receives energy from your Yuen Sun every day when you sleeps, which is what shapes your future. To get a better “life”, we cultivate to push better things to the Yuen Sun, help it to grow better and so it can push us better energies in the future and that means our life is going to be more positive and happy as we move on.

We cultivate the heart, to nourish and build up a better personality, because the energy of the heart is more flowing, positive and free of crappy ingredients, hence we can think and feel better, leading to better actions which create our future!



We cultivate to bring ourselves to get better in our life, then we bring this joy to the people around us who might need help.  See yourself like the sun, when you can shine, everything around you gets brighter, just like a happy person going into a group of people, he can make everyone happy if they are aligned with his flow.  We do not need to go out and go crazy forcing people to believe our theories, but you might always have a few people around you who might need help.  It is a good thing to radiate your light to shine around your circle, and see who needs it, then offer a hand to them, spread them the wisdom of Saam Law, let them know there is actually hope for their problems too!



To cultivate the Tao, like we say in the “mindset of a Taoist”, you must learn to be more bonded and be making use of the Tao’s given elements. To cultivate the “faat” / magic, you must learn to not only take from the Tao but also to use it for things that need a hand.  Magic is to help things move on to a certain direction, and if you see things are stuck, you want to put in some Tao power to unclog them and make them flow again. 

The last part is to become “real” with the Tao, which actually means being like one with the Tao. What it really means, is that you will be applying the wisdom, power, and everything of Saam Law to yourself, your life, and so you can make everything flow just like how nature should flow. When you are cleansing and purifying things around you all the time, every negative and bad energy is dissolved and neutralized, then you are living in a much better environment.

At the same time, you can apply this wisdom of Saam Law to analyze your life, things around you, social issues, or everything… to see what is out of order and what is not flowing, then you can apply the wisdom to solve the problem, unclog the pipes, and make things flow again.

To solve problems, you do not only need knowledge and wisdom, but methods to apply them and utilize them too. That is why you need the Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung, it is the tool that you use to apply the wisdom to things, and not just be a “talker” but also a “do-er” that can actually put the theories into real practice.  We talk about bringing pre-heaven energies into this world to make things flow better and such, the Taoist magic is the tool that allows us to do that.

 ordain to become a taoist

To Sum it Up!

Saam Law Sun Gung and Saam Law Taoism is a great way to make life better and solve problems in life with extra help from pre-heaven. At the same time, it will allow you to discover more things beyond this physical realm, and also guide you to a better future, and even a future beyond this life. After death is not just a blackout, there is more beyond it, and you would not want to be a helpless soul by then, kicking yourself for not being prepared.  Well, maybe you are saying that you don’t believe it because you don’t see it yet, but it is never a bad idea to prepare for things that didn’t happen yet, right?  Only smart people prepare for disasters outbreak before it can be sensed or seen in sight. When the day comes, it is too late to buy your water and food!

How can you be ensured that your afterlife is going to be good and this is the right path to take?  Simply practice and learn the things in the lineage, put them to real practice and apply them to your everyday life, witness how the power make things better, and you will see everything clicks as time flows. Nothing can proof true love, but only time and commitment.  In Saam Law Taoism, as long as you spent your heart, time and energy in it, you will be rewarded with a brighter future.

If you feel clicked in with us, you might be one of those who have fate with Saam Law Taoism, feel free to get ordained today and give yourself a chance to learn and inherit this powerful wisdom from Saam Law Jo Si.