Saam Law Taoism has its own system of internal cultivation. We do have our own Tai Chi, Chi Kung (Qi Gong) and internal alchemy cultivation.  These are taught to disciples by private classes. Disciples can submit their request and offerings in the disciple-website and we will schedule them in our to-do list. A private lesson video will be made for the disciple upon request, with about 20-30mins in length of content. Most of the common lesson are with about 60% lecture and 40% on the "doing" side of things. Disciples are free to ask questions through our LINE chat and get unlimited amount of love and care even the lesson is "done".

Our Saam Law internal cultivation or "martial art" focus on 3 major things:

  1. Building up your soul energy
  2. Utilizing your soul energy to power up your physical body
  3. Transforming the powers to create more potentials

By doing these private lessons, you will not only learn about the internal cultivation, but also see yourself improving rapidly in the Taoist magic side with your understanding of the magic work advancing much quicker than before.

In our lectures, we will also go into the subject of Saam Law medic theories, explaining the energy body and how it works, how to do healing for yourself and others, or even how to apply these powers to your everyday life. You do not use these only when you are "in a fight", they are supposed to be used everyday, in all things you do - even cooking, shopping online or doing your laundry work at home.  You will know more and be more amazed about it when you actually got your hands on these lessons!