Tai Chi

Tin Yat Dragon offers an online learning experience for everyone who are interested in the Tai Chi, Chi Kung and even the Taoist alchemy practice. To make this possible we have opened this extraordinary teaching to our disciples!  Upon request, they can receive private teachings in video form, with LIVE communication on LINE(app) for the best and most personal learning experience!

What we offer for these private classes ranges from bare-hand to weapon forms, chi kung practices, and the most interesting and deep-level Taoist alchemy learning, which unravels you the long-hidden secrets behind the curtain for thousands of years.

The goal of doing these practices are to improve one’s physical and spiritual health, as well as exposing them to the higher-level theories in Taoism, which let them understands and master the mechanism of the human energy body, unlocking the wisdom for these knowledge-craving disciples. 

Any disciples in the lineage can request for a lesson! Contact Jee Sifu in person to book your class today and start learning!