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Tai Chi / Chi Kung / Nei Gong

In Saam Law Sun Gung, we do have our own system of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Nei Gong and many other internal alchemy cultivations that is important for the disciple in many ways. There are many people who want to learn Saam Law Sun Gung but they might all want to approach it differently. Besides the main route of doing FU Talismans and other Taoist magic, some might want to learn things that is more physical or something that is more like the Chi Kung route to start their journey with. Here we will explain our internal training system for those who are interested in learning.

In general, our internal cultivation system is categorized into three groups. They are:

  • Ngoi Gung 外功 (external training)
  • Noi Gung/Nei Gong 內功 (internal training)
  • Darn Gung 丹功 (alchemy training)

All of the methods above work hand in hand and are supposed to be for the disciple to cultivate and benefit in a full and complete system. They are carefully taught and systematically inherited, making them work like a train, section linking to section, and working as a whole. Learning these kinds of training yourself, self-taught, will lead you to a lot of confusion, and often mixing the wrong ingredients in at the wrong time, leading to a disastrous failure. Just like doing any exercise, a personal coach is very important to ensure success and more important is your personal safety!

Ngoi Gung 外功 (external training)

External training involves physical exercises but also cultivation that does not move much. What categorizes the training to be external, is because you are bringing put elements from the inside of you to the physical body, which we see as the “outside” of you. External training is all about bringing out your spiritual power to benefit your physical health and body, and so it is to strengthen your physical health and body up, making use of your spiritual energy as the fuel to empowers your physical health. The things you do or the style of cultivation might vary, but the principle and goal are always around this idea. Common things are like doing daily Tai Chi or similar exercises which most people might already have heard of, or seen. Here is a video of our Saam Law Tai Chi long form, demonstrated by Jee Si Gung.  Rest assure, that you do not learn this long form at the beginning!

Noi Gung/Nei Gong 內功 (internal training)

While we are happily using up our spiritual energy as the fuel to empowers the physical body, we cannot just keep using and not put things back, or it will dry up in no time with your physical body getting strong, and the spiritual essence being used up.  The internal training is to work on your spiritual body, building up your inner energy, the spiritual energy inside yourself. To do this, you will be cultivating this route to pump the Pre-Heaven essence to your Post-Heaven spiritual body, and that way you will be at least feeding and filling up the inside of you for the external training to be able to keep on developing. The common practice of this involves some Chi Kung practice with Taoist magic and such that will lead to you to connect to the Pre-Heaven dimensions to pull in essence from your Faat-Sun 法身, the spiritual essence body.

Darn Gung 丹功 (alchemy training)

Now that you can draw the Pre-Heaven essence from your Pre-Heaven spiritual energy body, your Post-Heaven is filled, but you are also going to dry up your Pre-Heaven body soon or later. That is why we cultivate what we call the Darn Gung, alchemy training. This method is to cultivate with your physical body, and using the Taoist magic, to connect to you to your Yuen Sun, in conjunction with all the two practice above, to “cook up” a new form of essence, working with your Yuen Sun, blending the essence in, and so that the Yuen Sun can feed your Pre-Heaven spiritual energy body (Faat Sun) again with new potentials. This is also why it’s called an alchemy cultivation, because it is like cooking up a new “pill of essence” and shove it back to your Yuen Sun, then have the Yuen Sun pours it down for your spiritual energy body to intake as new elements, and there goes the complete internal training. If you only do one of the three, the system is not complete and there will be a day when you find that you are getting a bit dried up here or there, because you keep using resources from one bucket to another and there are no new elements being cooked up to fill up the main storage.


Taoist Internal Cultivation Theory is a Complete Program

Unlike just doing one type of exercise or sport, the Taoist internal cultivation theory in our lineage and Saam Law Sun Gung is like a complete program for the practitioner. You will work resources around and also make new resources to fill up the where things come from, and there goes the complete cultivation that won’t make you suffer one way or the other. It is a path to cultivation that benefits you while ensuring you that nothing else will be running shortly after you get the benefit on one side of life.


Meditation and Such

A proper meditation practice is very important for ensuring effectiveness, results and avoiding danger or risks for the practitioner. You do not just sit and let go of yourself, pretend to relax and expect everything coming by to be good and brilliant.  When you are sitting without a clue of what you are trying to achieve or do, you are basically opening up yourself, like a door with no locks but wide open, ready for anything to come in.  You might have a cute cat coming one once a while, but there are more bugs and even monsters out there waiting for some freebies meal.  Be extremely careful about this and don’t take the risk!  Learn with proper guidance like how we teach our disciples in the lineage. With the proper methods and things to do that ensures your safety throughout the cultivation, it will ensure your success and safety at all time.

Besides the normal “formal practice”, there are also many mini-Chi-Kung you can do at work, or school, or even on the go while you are in the car. Sometimes we just need some little moves here and there to help us stretch or straight up our energy channels, detox some negative energies and things like that. In our lineage, we have those ready for you to learn too.

If you are a disciple learning our Taoist magic, you will also find out that as you advanced deeper into the serious magic cultivation, you will see that there are many things that do have a strong relationship to these internal training and they work hand in hand too. It’s like a physical athlete that does tennis and doing running at the same time, they work together to build more potentials.


How to Get Started

To learn the internal alchemy cultivation of Saam Law Sun Gung, you must be a disciple of the lineage first, and so that you have the heart spells with all the other foundational powers and knowledge, then just request for the private lesson and you will get to learn it.

Private lessons are done in video format, with each video about 20mins-30mins long, and it’s done just for you. The video will be uploaded to YouTube as a private video, and only you get to see it.  One lesson will cost $118, with a video that you can rewatch to enjoy and ensure learning everything being taught with precision.

If you would like to start learning but you are not a disciple at the moment, you can also learn as a believer or get ordained today. Being a stage one disciple does not have any restrictions or requirements, it’s a very friendly and easy-going stage for everyone.