Sun Lung Stage Newbie Guide

Welcome to this page exclusively for Sun Lung Stage disciples! Here, you'll find a wealth of reference materials to keep yourself focused, aligned, and informed on your spiritual journey. Return to this page as needed to access valuable resources that will guide you in knowing what you're doing and where you're headed towards your goals. Stay dedicated and may your path lead you to fulfillment.

Main Focus

As a Sun Lung Stage Taoist, your focus is on becoming a Taoist Priest and mastering the role of a teacher. In our dictionary, a priest is referred to as a 法師 (Whua Cia), with 師 (Cia) meaning "teacher." Your specialization in this stage lies in mastering the magic, or 法 (Whua), so that you can effectively teach and explain it to others.

While beginners in the Tin Yat and Saam Law stages can already perform magic, what sets you apart in the Sun Lung Stage is your ability to deeply understand and explain the magic. In the previous stages, you learned and used magic like a baby learning to speak by imitating and copying. However, in this stage, your focus shifts to reviewing and comprehending what you have learned so that you can teach it to others.

A qualified Taoist Priest should be able to explain their work to others. They possess a deep understanding of the teachings and can guide others in their journey. They are like technicians who can explain the inner workings of things, as opposed to consumers who only know how to use and seek help when faced with difficulties.

The learning process in this stage may be a long journey, and true mastery is achieved when you start "teaching" and guiding newbies. By helping others learn and grow, you simultaneously enhance your own understanding. Learning and teaching go hand in hand, and as you assist and guide newbies, your expertise as a Taoist Priest will flourish.

How to Do Well

To excel as a Sun Lung Stage Taoist Priest, it is essential to delve deeper into the theories and gain a profound understanding of the materials. Merely being a passive disciple is not sufficient. Actively engage in the learning process by participating in classes and seeking direct teachings from experienced Cia Juans. Recognize that independent learning and comprehension are not always possible; it is crucial to ask questions, create opportunities for learning, and continuously enhance and upgrade your knowledge.

In addition to cultivating the right mindset and possessing basic qualities, it is vital to develop a compassionate heart and a willingness to assist and guide lower-level disciples. As a senior disciple, your role is akin to that of an elder brother or sister, providing care and support to younger disciples. Embrace this responsibility and seize every opportunity to share teachings and offer guidance as you continue your own learning journey. Together, we uplift and nurture one another on the path of Taoist priesthood.

Tin Ting Stage

Advancement to the Tin Ting Stage is a significant milestone, as it signifies your transition into an indoor disciple or 入室弟子. This stage marks a distinct shift in your relationship with the Cia Juan(s) and resembles that of a bloodline disciple. However, it is important to note that the decision to progress to the next level lies solely in the hands of the Cia Juan(s). While you can express your desire to ascend, it is ultimately the Cia Juan(s) who will evaluate your readiness and make the final determination.

To communicate your aspiration to the Cia Juan(s), actions speak louder than words. Demonstrate your potential by actively contributing to the lineage, assisting and guiding lower-level disciples, and showcasing unwavering commitment and faith. Your Cia Juan(s) will closely observe your progress and provide an opportunity for advancement when they deem it appropriate. If you are fortunate enough to be selected for the next level, take pride in your accomplishments and embrace your unique identity as one of the esteemed few who have reached this stage.

Giving Back

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