Sun Lung Stage Newbie Guide

1.    New Name

You have got a new name, and this name is like your profile name in the celestial court, which allows you to access the higher powers that is opened for the Sun Lung Stage disciple. This name will also hold your profile as an officer in the celestial court, working for the gods. All your credit will be recorded, such as what you have done to help others and bring the power of the Tao to the others who are in need. Memorize your name and write it many times to get your signature just like you did in Saam Law Stage with your Taoist name.

2.    New Heart Spells and Sun Kuets

There are 3 more heart spells in this stage. They are all about connecting to the celestial court and using the exclusive Sun Lung Network power to beam your magic to anywhere by distance. Memorize these heart spells and do the same kind of practice you did with the earlier ones. Learn the Sun Kuets for the heart spells and get corrections on LINE.

3.    Celestial Court

Read up about the Celestial Court (Tin Ting 天庭), which is where the gods are. It's like the headquarter of the gods, and this is what makes Sun Lung Stage disciple special, because you are no longer just a baby civilian in the Tao, you are an officer who can work for the gods. Everything you do with the magic powers will be recorded in your profile, just like how a police officer does.

Why would you want to work for the gods? Because it earns you a good credit in the Celestial Court, which translates to a better life later on when you move onto your life in Dai Law Tin.

4.    3 Ordain and 12 Wishes

Read up on the 3 ordain and 12 wishes. We do this chanting daily to show our determination and commitment to the Tao. You can also start chanting it at your altar too.

5.    5 Virtues and 10 Commandments

Read up on the 5 virtues and 10 commandments. Always good to go back to these basic virtues and review them from time to time. There is always a lot of new things to learn in the old stuff!

6.    Sun Lung 10 Good Deeds and 8 Must Know

Read up on the Sun Lung 10 good deeds and 8 must knows. These are things you should know about when doing more magic work like FU and such. Ask about them on LINE!

7.    Learn Proactively

Learning in Sun Lung Stage means you are not a newbie anymore. You should be more proactive in learning, asking questions, and seeking for more wisdom whenever possible. Your learning platform is on LINE, make sure you make use of the great platform and enjoy learning proactively!

8.    Use Magic to Help Others

Using the magic more helps you learn better - just like learning how to cook while cooking real meals will help you advance much faster than just reading books. Nothing beats more hands-on experience. See who need help and offers your magic power, spreading the Tao is supposed to be what you do everyday!

9.    Build Your Relationship with the Gods

Read up on FATE, and build your relationship with the gods by being a good disciple and remember to cultivate your TE by giving back to support the Tao. Every month, disciples will do a contribution with our PATRON account to support the lineage and the Tao. It allows us to keep going and benefiting more people who are in need.

Contribute to our PATRON here.

10.    Assist the Newbies

Great that you have came a long way to Sun Lung Stage - don't forget newbies who came in after you would need some help too. If you see newbies coming into LINE, make sure you give them a good warm welcome and show them the way. Be patience with newbies, just like how we did to you before!