Sun Lung Stage Newbie Guide

Welcome to this page; it is open for the Sun Lung Stage disciples! This will be a page where you can come back anytime to check for reference materials and keep yourself focused and aligned so you know what you are doing and where you are going as the goal.

Main Focus

You are a Sun Lung Stage Taoist, working on learning to become a Taoist Priest. Your focus is being a good priest, so what is a priest in our dictionary? Any newbie Taoist can already do magic, even the Tin Yat and Saam Law stages; what makes you special in this stage?

A Taoist Priest is a 法師 (Whua Cia), and the word 師 (Cia) means “teacher.” You should master the magic 法 (Whua), so you can teach others and explain it to others. You only learn and use in the previous stage, like a baby learning to speak by imitating and copying. This stage is about reviewing what you have learned and understanding it deeply so you can teach it to others after processing them in your head and heart. In other words, if a person claims to be a Taoist priest but cannot even explain their work to others, they are not qualified. A priest is like a technician who can explain the workings of things and not like the consumer who only knows to use and scream for help when they run into hurdles or troubles. Learning in this stage could be a long journey, and you can only get good at it when you start to “teach” the newbies and help them learn. You learn as you help to teach and guide the newbies below.

How to Do Well

To become a good Sun Lung Stage Taoist Priest, one starts to learn the theories and understand the materials deeper. You must be more involved in learning, joining classes and getting more direct teachings from Cia Juan(s) instead of just being a quiet disciple. No one can learn independently and understand things; you must learn to ask questions, create learning opportunities, and keep improving and upgrading your knowledge. Besides having the right mindset and all those basic qualities, you should always have the heart to help the lowers and give them teachings and guidance as you learn. You are a senior disciple; a senior should always assist the lowers, like an elder brother and sister caring for their little bro and sis.

Tin Ting Stage

This is a point that you can only go up once you are qualified and picked by the Cia Juan(s). Tin Ting Stage means you are going to become an indoor disciple 入室弟子. Once that happens, you will have a very different relationship with the Cia Juan(s), like a bloodline disciple. You can tell the Cia Juan(s) you want to go up a level, but it is up to the Cia Juan(s) to pick and approve you when you are ready. To “tell” the Cia Juan you want to go up a level, you can “tell” them by action, such as showing your potential in helping the lineage, guiding and teaching the lowers, showing commitment and faith etc. Your Cia Juan(s) will observe closely and give you a chance when the time is right. If you made it up to that level, you should be proud of yourself and your identity because you are among the many rare ones!

Giving Back

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