Learn Saam Law Taoism and Taoist Magic for FREE!

For those who are really into learning, this page is for you!  First of all, let’s understand the different stages in the lineage.

Tin Yat Stage – You are here now if you have gotten the initiation completed. Your power is limited to only helping yourself.

Saam Law StageOrdain and be a real disciple in the lineage. More power is opened for you, 2 more heart spells for the higher powers, and you have direct access to our LINE, SKYPE, and other platforms for real person learning experience.  Magic power is limited to local, which means you can help your family and friends  if you can see them in person.

Ordain Now

Sun Lung Stage – Those serious disciples who want to learn even more, do ceremonies, and even be able to help people with their Taoist magic. Opening you to the whole new world of distance magic work! Magic can go anywhere!

Tin Ting Stage – This is stage includes hand-picked disciples who will be trained to become a Sifu in the lineage. They can handle tough cases and magic battles too!

Sun Ting Stage – These are the really high level Sifu(s) who can accept disciples and also pass on the true power of the Tao.

For most people, learning up to Sun Lung stage is already very sufficient for dealing with anything in life. However, nothing should stop you from going up and learning everything you can!


Tin Yat Stage Magic

Now that you know your limit, as a Tin Yat Stage disciple, you can only help yourself and not others. This is because your power level is restricted due to the level of commitment you are giving. If you need to help others around you, then you can ordain and go into the Saam Law Stage to begin helping them.

Here is some more magic you can learn at this stage. Enjoy and use them daily to make your life better!

Saam Law Fu Head

Learn to draw this symbol, and pay attention to the spells too. Practice with our grid papers and trace it like you did with your ABCs. You should have this memorized by heart.

After you have done so, you can use the right hand to form a sword finger hand sign at your heart level, stomp your heart spell, and then deploy it somewhere and draw the FU Head over it.

The FU HEAD is like the signature of Saam Law Jo Si, which allows you to open a channelling pathway to connect anything to Saam Law Jo Si. Once you have done so, the pathway is opened, just like a portal opens and now Saam Law Jo Si can see through this portal.

Before you go out of the door for work, do the FU Head in front of yourself first, and then walk through it, and now the power will be with you!

Purifying Yourself and House

Take a bowl of water, and draw the Saam Law Fu Head over it, and then request Saam Law Jo Si for a bowl of purifying magic water. Bow, and now take this water and sprinkle around the house or drink it for purifying yourself.

Protection Shield

Draw the FU HEAD onto a piece of yellow paper using black ink, clamp it between your palm, recite the heart spell, then stomp your left foot 3 times. Now, carry this FU HEAD with you and hold onto it to “talk” to Saam Law Jo Si anytime. Think of it as a walkie talkie, and at the same time, it is also a magical FU that allows Saam Law Jo Si to be with you while you are outside and carrying the FU.

Initiation vs Ordination?

Now you have initiated and received your Tao-Name. However, you have not yet ordained. The difference is the relationship you have with the Tao. Initiation is like you just stepped into the door as a “newbie.” Ordination is the “real deal” and showing the Tao you are committed, really want to learn, and really want its help. The amount of power, help, and teachings you will get is totally different in the more advanced levels. You show your commitment, then the Tao also commits to you more. Take the opportunity and ordain!


Tao and Te

The Tao gives and you the Taoist then takes and gives back something to let the Tao know that you love it! Te is giving back to where you have taken from. It’s just like a friend helps you, and then you treat them to dinner as a token of your appreciation. You can do your Te to the Tao by supporting the temple. Once you have ordained, you can also start to build your mobile altar (and the permanent one too), and give offerings like fruits, flowers, and so on.

Decided? Ordain and begin to learn!