Just Initiated?

Great, here is a playlist of video lessons we have made for you guys!

What about going up a level?

Going to "Saam Law Stage" means you want to not only be learning on your own, but getting direct teachings from us AND being a Taoist and not just being disciple!

The difference of being a Taoist is that you will get more power and care from the gods, and there will be a more serious relationship built between you and the lineage. If anything happen, you are not trying to figure it out on your own anymore, because we are always here 24/7 providing support and guidance.

You might ask, "When is the right time to level-up? Should I finish learning these basic things first?" The answer is NO!  You can still learn these things after you level up. You are going up a level to become a Taoist, and its not about the content that you are learning. Once ordained, you will immediately be open up to more powers and the most important - DIRECT TEACHINGS. Whenever you feel you want to - that is the time you should get ordained. You can even just get ordained right after initiation too. There is no need to wait!

Ordain today and begin your Taoist Journey,