We have 5 major stages in the lineage. The higher you go the more power is granted, and more you can learn. However, you can only decide up to Sun Lung Stage. The other stages are for the uppers to pick and offer you the opportunity only. You will know of the other sub-stages and levels in the system later when you are at the level.

Tin Yat Stage 天一教

Become a disciple of the lineage and learn the magic. Zero commitment, no background requirement or restrictions, can be done with other spiritual/religious paths. Self-learning from our YouTube lessons and website resources. Anyone can start and learn anytime, FREE initiation here.

Saam Law Stage 三羅教

Become a Taoist of Saam Law Tao, have access to our LINE chatroom, direct teachings and guidance, have more powers for more powerful magic. Emphasize more on virtues and mindset qualities. Get ordained here.

Sun Lung Stage 神龍教

Anyone in Saam Law Stage can request to be promoted to Sun Lung Stage anytime when they are decided to have only one religious path in their whole life - which is Saam Law Tao. Full commitment means more power is granted to you in return. Sun Lung stage power allows you to do more powerful magic that can handle tougher cases, and also do magic by distance, helping people who you cannot see them in person. If you think you are ready, level up here.

Tin Ting Stage 天庭教

Requires full commitment and the heart to become a teacher-level Taoist, must have good virtues, and a good heart in learning and giving back to the Tao. This is the stage which you will receive teachings for being a teacher, which you will learn to handle disciples below, and also be learning the more advanced magic theory and so on. In this stage, you will also learn about how the magic work is built just like how programmers can create programs.

Sun Ting Stage 神庭教

This is the true master level which qualifies you as a teacher of the lineage and can accept disciple, pass on the magical power, and also handle the toughest case possible in this world. Great power comes with great responsibility, the disciple must prove themselves before they can enter this stage.