Taoist Altar

Setting up a Taoist altar is a way to connect to the higher powers at home. There is a difference between a disciple’s altar, and a believer’s altar. A disciple altar must have a “Sun Paai 神牌” which is a frame on the wall that connects to the lineage powers. A believer’s altar can be an altar that only connects to one or a few powers with a statue or picture. 

The purpose of a believer altar is mostly to build a relationship between the believer and the higher power, so that they can ask for help when needed.

The purpose of a disciple altar is to connect to the lineage powers, and also to be able to use the altar as a magic-work station, which allows you to cultivate and do magic work at home, just like a computer guy will have their fancy computer station at home.

We welcome anyone to request for opening an altar at home. We have sifu(s) in the lineage to take care of all your altar supplies!  All you need is to contact us to inquire, and let us pick what is best for your altar, then you can get rolling on building your altar at home with our guidance.

If you are hosting an altar at home, make sure that you find a good location for it, and prepare a normal table for it, with a reasonable amount of space. Confirm your altar location with us by email!

To get your statues activated by us, you can offer as low as $118CAD to as high thousands (as long as it can represents your heart for the altar setup.)  We will leave it for the disciples or believer to decide how much they would like to give as an offering for the altar setup. Everything can be done by distance and there is no need to ship your statue to us first. We will have everything done and ready, then ship you the materials, which all you need to do is to put them together at home, get a confirmation from us, then you can open the altar for the first time.  Final payment and all related matters are to be discussed by email.