Taoist Altar

Setting up a Taoist altar can help your home or office to get better energy, improve luck, increase potentials and make everything better.  Our disciples all builds their own altar, but even if you are not a disciples yet, you can still request this service from us and have an altar built at home or at your office to get the benefits!


What is an altar for Homes and Offices

An altar is simple a place that you have setup to connect to a higher power.  Every day, you will do things at the altar to cultivate the altar, like farming, you invest time, energy and resources into it, and later you can eat the fruits that comes out from the farm.  

Every sects and lineages of Taoism is not the same, and we all connect to our own Tao (explained in “What is Taoism”).  Therefore, there are statues that we can consecrate for you and some that we cannot. However, if you tell us what kind of help you need, then we can suggest what is best for your situation and you. 

The statue is different from a frame like on our big altars. The frame connects to many higher powers at once, but it does not have the ability to “store” things up. As you can see, statues are more “3D” and it has the space inside to store “air”.  Which means, statues are required if you want the altar to have a “storage” ability and build up the power on your location.

For disciples, a the special frame (Sun Paai 神牌) is a must to get connected with the lineage’s Tao.  For believers and others, you do not need this. All you need is a statue, or some statues, and that’s good enough.  


How to Get the Benefits

Everyday you invest your time, energy and resources into the altar. Minimal work like daily burning incense, putting up food offerings, and doing some simple form of practice is will take you no more than 5 minutes of work.

However, small things add up daily and become big.  Just like everyday you remind your loved one that you love her by saying “I love you” with your true feelings. After 10 years if you can keep doing that, it will build a very strong bonding power inside the relationship!

To get the benefit from your altar is very simple. Whatever this altar can “see” is going to get the “light” from the altar. Which means if you want the light of the altar to shine to your clients and empower the business flowing in, you need to make sure the altar can “see” the people. Placement of the altar is important!  Don’t hide it away or put it in a closet!  At the same time, you go to the altar daily to greet it, and the altar powers you up when you and the altar meets!

The other element is “energy” which is given off by the invisible forces like smoke, air, sound and such. The most basic method is to look at how air-flow is shared and travels. The smoke and smell from the altar will travel around the place.  Where ever the smell, smoke, and sound can reach is where things can be energized by your altar.

Another method of getting the benefit from your altar is by consuming things from it. For example, the fruits and food offerings (some of them) can be taken down and be eaten after the altar is done consuming its part. Buy some bananas that is still green and put it on the altar until they turn yellow with some dots showing up, and then take them down for eating!  That way your altar gets its share and also empowered the bananas, and now you eat it to consume the energy into your body!

When you get ordained and learn the magic, you can get MUCH MORE benefits out of the altar, and connect to even more higher powers than just what one or a few statues can connect.


Prices and Budget

Building an altar requires budget for the material and service. We here offers you the service for consecrating and activating your altar only.  Your materials such as incense pot, statues, candles, incense, and such will be handled by our department in Hong Kong with Yee Sifu 儀師父 getting you the tools and materials required to get things going. Your incense and such will also be from her, and so it is all done by online purchase. Very simple, just say I want this and you will pay the invoice with your paypal or credit card, then she will get things shipped to you!


To make it easy for everyone to get started, we offers this small consecration service to get you started. With this service, your statue is activated and ready to use, and most importantly they are protected and ready to accumulate resources daily.  You can at least start to invest into the statue daily, in a safe and happy way.

The fee for activating statues is $178 each, and the ground altar is $118.  One set of Saam Ching statue counts as one set which is $368 in total.  This price is for a small consecration ceremony to get your statues and altar up and running.


There is a full service with a much more powerful consecration that is offered for $868 for a statue and $368 for the ground altar. This full consecration is much more complex and requires a lot of work to do. Your statue will have full features activated and is fully usable for doing magic later on too.You do not only save up energy into the statue now, but can also use it too!

*All price in CAD (Canadian Dollars).

For payments, please inquire by email first and we will send you an invoice once we are confirmed about everything for your altar.

Ground altar 101 below!  Learn about the amazing and important ground altar that you will need for your altar system!

We welcome you to contact us and quote for your altar and inquire about the choice of statues and such. Having an altar is a big upgrade for your home and office, don’t hesitate, get one started right away. E-mail us to get started!