Taoist Altar

Setting up a Taoist altar for believer is always the best way to go if you are not planning to ordain for a short period of time. This will allows us to open up a pathway for you to communicate and build your relationship with the specific gods or deities that are beneficial to you. At the same time, you can also be receiving the help from them.

Hosting an altar is a serious matter, and it does require some sort of commitment. You will be expected to be daily burning incense, doing a bit of ritual such as changing out the tea, cleaning the table and so on. For a family of four or more, you can distribute the workload or even cycle through the schedule and take turns doing the work.

To get started, you will need to e-mail us to inquire about which gods and deities fits your need the most, and then we will guide you to get things ready and such. It’s easy once you get things started! Pricing will be personally quoted by email, but expect $775CAD for a single statue consecration (distance ceremony). Materials not included, but we do source the materials for most of our believers’ altar.