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Setting Up a Taoist Altar

opening taoist altar

Setting up a Taoist altar at home is a great idea to do for protection, empowering your life and super-boosting everything you do to get you a better future. Furthermore, it is a way to help you fix up stubborn issues in life, or even repair your Yuen-Sun in the long run to get you a better future.

If you got FU Talismans from us, an altar with us also allows you to put the FU there and get it charged up when you sleeps. That will also prolong the FU's lifespan and effective time range.

This page is dedicated more toward believers, but disciples will also eventually make use of this service too. For everyone who is interested in having an altar setup at home with us, but you are not yet sure if you will want to get ordained yet, then we considered you to be a believer.


No need to travel!

We will get you everything you need and help you get things together by distance. You will have things shipped to you and your job is just to follow instructions to assemble things together and we will help you get it up and running by distance. It is easy, and you can do it without sweating. If you fear your altar is not setup right or whatever, just send us a photo of your altar after it's up and running, then we will fill in the missing parts or empower everything for you by distance to ensure it's up and running strong.


Your Options

The altar can go big or small, but it must consist of a few essential things. First, you need a statue or a few statues that are to be programmed, activated and empowered by us. Then there is an incense pot, with ashes in it, a pair of candle stands for the long tapered candles, and maybe even a pair of candle-looking lights that you can plug into the wall. Besides these, there are some small cups and dishes for the food upload too.

Choosing your statue is a critical thing, and we will give you options that suit your need. Talk to us about what your altar is mainly for, and what kind of help you want it to give you the most, then we will pick the right statue for you.

Statues are not a container for “gods” or spirits!  Read up on our article on “Statues and their purpose” to learn more about it!

All your magic supplies will be from our lineage and we will have sifu(s) take care of that for you. There is absolutely no need to go and shop around because everything you use for your altar, except for the food and liquids, will be purchased through our sifu(s) and they will help you choose, cleanse and empower them first before they get to your door. This ensures the safety of the user and quality for the work being done by you.

taoist altar setup

Maintenance and Daily Work


For a normal altar, you have to be expected to burn incense daily and do some maintenance work such as wiping the table, changing the tea and liquids, food upload and such. The upload of food is not for “offering the gods”, please don’t get it wrong. It’s for accumulating energies and it’s a form of investment to your altar.


Other than that, you can also purchase some “FU heads” from us and burn them into your altar or statues for empowering them and strengthening them too. This is optional but is best to be done once a while to get your altar strong and solid.


How to Remove

You can remove your altar whenever you want. There is also a better way to do it, which is to discharge all the energy first by using a FU Talisman from us and then remove the altar completely for disposal. There is absolutely no hassle or troubles removing an altar for whatever reasons.


Cost for Setup and Upkeep

These are the service cost, without the materials. We are offering these services at a super-below-minimal price because we want people to be able to start to witness the magic power and get to know how good it is to have the magic power in your life.  If you got an altar opened and benefit from it, you can always give back by using the support us page.

  • Basic activation of top deck statues $118
  • 3 Ching statues count as a set of 3, total of $354
  • Ground altar (alone) $118
  • Ground altar (if together with top deck) $38
  • Ancestor altar - $118
  • Magic fan - $368

Your material cost will be calculated when we start planning for you. Please discuss with us when we quote you the prices for other things. If you have a certain budget range in mind, do not hesitate to tell us before we start quoting.

Payments are done through PayPal. You will get an invoice by e-mail to do your payment. Contact us to get started and we will work out the plan for you as we communicate and discuss.