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Saam Law Taoism Gods and Deities

Taoist magic and gods

The main god of Saam Law Taoism is called Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師, who is an incarnation of the energy that unifies the Three Pure Ones. When one connects to Saam Law Jo Si in the lineage, it is a combined form of the three.

The three pure ones in our lineage are called:

Sheung Ching Tin Law Yuen Chi Tin Juen 上清天羅元始天尊

Yolk Ching Dei Law Ling Bo Tin Juen 玉清地羅靈寶天尊

Taai Ching Daai Law Doe Duck Tin Juen 太清大羅道德天尊

Saam Law Jo Si has chosen to be connected to Gum Sifu and Jee Sifu and passes on the wisdom, power, and methods to them, which then allows them to pass it on to the future generations.

There are other deities in the lineage such as Sun Lung Jo Si 神龍祖師, Five Thunder Jo Si五雷祖師, and many others which you will know about when you are in the lineage.


Truth About Gods and Deities

Gods and deities in Taoism (including Saam Law Taoism) are not any “beings” in another world like what most would think. They are all a form of pre-heaven energy that is being humanized, being treated like a human, because that is how one can connect to pre-heaven energy, and that is the only way to do it.

In Taoism, you will see many gods and deities with titles like Jo Si 祖師, Sin Si 仙師, or even Tin Juen 天尊 like lords and such. These are all pre-heaven energies and not “people” who sits above and pull the strings to manipulate the world. We do not pray or worship any “beings”, and that is what confused most westerners who are not exposed to these knowledge.

Saam Law Jo Si and the three pure ones are all pre-heaven energies, but as you learn and do your practice, you must treat them as if they are human, for these energies to respond and interact with you properly.

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Saam Law Powers

The 3 energies that we talk about in Saam Law Sun Gung are the pre-heaven energy that creates everything in this universe, and they are the Yuen , Yuen , Chee energy. Which can be depicted as the white, black and yellow energy.

The white energy, we call it Yuen as in elements that are already completed, hence it is the essence of life and creation. It has everything in an essence form already, which awaits to unpack and be born into reality.

The black energy, we call it Yuen, which is the opposite of white. This energy is like wind or air, it does not have anything, and that is why it sucks in the white and digest it up.

With just white, nothing moves, with only black you have nothing happening. White is static and black moves, but black itself needs white to enter in order for something to start.

When the white and black reaches a balance point, the yellow energy is born, which we call it Chee , meaning the start of an event, or a creation. It is also the energy like the “heart” of living beings. With this energy, you can feel, sense and have the power to love, hate, want, etc.

These pre-heaven energies are in the deepest side of nature, and they also exist in every one of us. Our energy body is composed of these 3 elements, and that is why we have wisdom, feeling and the ability to put our wisdom and feelings into actions.  

In our lineage, we connect to nature’s ancient pre-heaven universe, which is the original source of these 3 powers. We connect to Tin Law, Dei Law, and Daai Law to channel in these powers and this is what you will use to cultivate your Tao and Te with.  

As you learn in the lineage, you will be taught with the deeper knowledge and with time, you will understand what all these things are about. There is no way to explain it in short because it is very complex while they look simple at first. Just keep it in mind, you are not going to be channeling to any “beings” outside of our world, and these are all nature’s pre-heaven energies. At the same time, you must treat them as if they are people, and that is how your heart can connect to them and interact with them.

The altar that you will be building once you ordained, is connected to Saam Law, and so you are always pulling resources down from Saam Law while also giving back to Saam Law every day. Without Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師, there will not be Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功 in this world today.

Ordain and learn in the lineage to experience the wisdom and power of Saam Law, you will not believe how much you will be kicking yourself for not discovering us earlier…!