Gods and Deities of Taoism

Every Taoist sect or lineage are considered to be categorized into Taoism, because they all have one thing in common, and that is they follow the mindset and structure of “Taoism”. As explained in our article of “What is Taoism”, a Taoist sect or lineage is always connected to a Tao that is not their ordinary Tao.  

Tao, is a leading force that can lead a “head” (a leader). Another way to say it, is the boss of a boss, leader of a leader.  We are all a head of ourselves, we can control ourselves, our life, and create our own future. However, Taoist believes that human are limited in their own powers, and that is why we should be finding a greater power to lead us, being the leader of us, and providing us with potentials and resources to us. Every Taoist sect or lineage follows this mindset, but the “Tao” that they have discovered and connected to is not the same.

Some people think that Mazu 媽祖 is their Tao, and hence they follow the Tao of Mazu. Some likes to have Zhang Tian Shi 張天師 as their Tao, and so they get into the Zhen Yi sect and follow the Tao of him. Every sects and lineages is unique to their own, and being in one of them means you are connected to this specific Tao, this higher power.

In our lineage, we follow the Tao of Saam Law, which is the powers from Dai Law Tin / Da Luo Tian 大羅天.


Gods and Deities

The higher powers that comes from “the Tao” is the Sun/Shen which is what most people refer to as the “Gods”. In our article of “What is God in Taoism”, you will see a more detailed explanation of this. The main point is, the word for God (Sun/Shen) is often mistaken for the “supreme being” as most western cultures would interpret it as. In Taoism, when we say this is our “God” or Sun/Shen, it means the powers that is channeling down to us from our Tao.

In our lineage, our main “God” is called Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師. This god is actually a united form of the “Three Pure Ones” of our lineage, which is the ternary forces of nature, and we call them by:

  • Sheung Ching Tin Law Yuen Chi Tin Juen 上清天羅元始天尊
  • Yolk Ching Dei Law Ling Bo Tin Juen 玉清地羅靈寶天尊
  • Taai Ching Daai Law Doe Duck Tin Juen 太清大羅道德天尊

Our lineage connects the powers from the 9 main deities below:

  • Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師
  • Tin Law Jo Si 天羅祖師
  • Dei Law Jo Si 地羅祖師
  • Daai Law Jo Si 大羅祖師
  • Sun Lung jo Si 神龍祖師
  • Gum Lung Sin Si 金龍仙師
  • Jee lung Sin Si 紫龍仙師
  • Ng Lui Sin Si 五雷仙師
  • Baak Hok Sin Si 白鶴仙師

These deities are exclusively deities of our lineage, and they only connect to us. All the wisdom, knowledge, magic, and everything in our lineage comes from these "gods".  If not because of them, we will not have Saam Law Sun Gung today.

Some might share similar names with other sects but is not the same, just like many John and Stephens in this world, but they are not the same person.

As you learn in the lineage, you will be taught more about these gods and deities, and you will be able to know what these powers are, what they can help you with and how you can utilize them. As a foundation, disciples will learn to draw the 9 basic FU HEADS, or they can be purchasing it from us, and consuming them in the form of FU water. This will allow them to consume the energy of these powers.

Every month, the disciple should consume at least one set of these FU HEADS. Even the disciples are on a budget and cannot afford to purchase a set from us, they should be doing it on their own and consuming their own FU HEADS. From time to time, our sifu(s) in the lineage will also give out FU HEADS as gift to encourage the new disciples or the ones who are learning with their heart. Therefore, be a good disciple and be proactive after you ordain, and you might be rewarded by the support of these senior ones in the lineage!


Connecting to the Gods

To connect to these powers, you will need our lineage altar frame piece, which is called the Sun Paai 神牌. Once ordained, you will be given instructions on how to set this altar up and connect it to the lineage powers.

By ordaining into the lineage, you are submitting yourself to the lineage, which makes you part of the family, and so you will also be assisted and protected by these higher powers. For some people, they will choose to get ordained, just to get themselves connected to these higher powers for protection and getting some extra help in life!