Be One, with the Tao

You have chosen to be a Taoist, and that is why you landed on this page. To become a Taoist, you will want to not only initiate, but also ordain into the Tao. It means that you are going real, and not just hanging around the lobby anymore.

After ordaining you can do a lot more and get a lot more help from the Tao, because you have finally decided to commit to the path. Just imagine how it is like being with a girlfriend/boyfriend, versus being with a husband/wife. Initiated ones are supposed to commit too, if they want the relationship to blossom and be fruitful. However, there is still an option of saying "bye" and choosing another one. Ordaining is like marriage, it doesn't have the option to "quit." Yes, you can divorce, but that's not something you should put in your head. You should treat it like there is no return.

1. Initiate

You are given a key and a basic locker, with some goodies in there, and you can have fun with your welcome pack! However, it's just like a starter kit!

2. Ordain

You enter a family, and there is endless love, support, and guidance given to you. You have the keys and  access to the family bank account!

Ordaining is for the serious ones, who are ready to say "I am a Taoist" and embrace the Tao's power for life. The Tao also do the same to you, and will hold onto you for life. Being a girlfriend or boyfriend, you are still "trying it out" with each other to see if this is right for you. There are many restrictions, because both are still not firm about their choice. What if this is not the right one? Ordaining, is like you are getting married, it's a big thing, and you should be super proud of it!



DECIDE on your decision and be sure about your decision. Be firm about your decision.

Step 2

DO the process needed, such as submitting the info, photo and payments etc.

Step 3

Wait for the reply and confirmation from us, then it is all done and you are ordained!

Start it Well, Disciples.

When you start your job, you want to dress up nicely, put on a good smile, and give people a great impression of you. A good impression is a good start, leading to a brighter and happier future. You want to start your Tao life this way too.

Before you submit your photo, please think about the respect to give for an official ordination request. 

When we deal with the ordination requests, sometimes people will submit a blurry photo, a low quality and fuzzy photo, or even a photo of some weird faces; you can tell that they are trolls already. I am sure you don't want to be seen as one too. Think about taking a photo for your passport or ID, people need to see you and know who you are, don't give a side-view or some weird shots.

Building Altar

The photo on the right is a "newbie altar" who has finished building the altar with the essential needs. It's neat, isn't it?

You will have to be prepared to build an altar sooner or later too. It can start small and grow big later, or you can go straight to this kind of size. However, make sure you know that your ordination offerings are NOT for buying any materials or supplies. That is just for your ordination only.

We have a lot of inquiries about "how much money do I need to spend later" or "does it include all the materials if I ordain." The short answer is, no, it doesn't include anything but the ordaining ceremony.

How much you want to spend on this path is up to you. However, the more you invest, the more you will get out of it. Just like learning computers, you can just start with a basic one that is good enough for checking emails, and later you upgrade and get a much better one that can do more things. The limit is the sky, there isn't really a limit for how much you can get out of this journey too.

Three Ordains

By ordaining, you are submitting yourself to the Tao. Which also means you are going to ordain to the three treasures of the Tao. 


The guidance and direction of what the Tao of Saam Law has for you. This way is the way for you.


The methods that you should learn and use daily to communicate with the Tao.


The teachers who can pass on the Tao to you and guide you on how to learn and live a life going forward.

I am Ready

You have read and agreed to be a good disciple. Now you can click this button and proceed onto the offering. After that, remember to fill out the form, submit a nice photo, and wait for us to get back to you!