Learn Taoist Magic of Saam Law Sun Gung

Learning the Taoist Magic of Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功 is to inherit the wisdom, skills and power in our lineage, and be able to apply them to everything in your life, making things better, or to deal with things that are jamming your way.

What is Saam Law Sun Gung and what is "Saam Law" specifically? Here you will see a short video on our YouTube channel that explains it to you.

Imagine spiritual problems, curses from jealous people, or even haunted house, and all sorts of evil black magic… none of these will be able to stop you from achieving your success anymore, because now you have the power and skills to fight back, and protect yourself and your loved one!

Maybe you will think that you don’t have all these witchy friends around, you won’t be cursed, you are a nice person and you treat people well, how can you be cursed or even be involved in these spiritual attacks?  It’s great that you are in this group, with less chances of picking up the serious bombs, but you might not realize that there are MANY energy-bombs going on that can be classified as “magic attacks” to you and can affect your life greatly even it is not “professionally done” on you?

Let me give you a few examples:

You lend someone a book and he give it back to you next day, who knows what he did to it at home, but somehow your mood just went downhill in the afternoon, and you started to get into some stupid arguments with your family… things snowball up, and you still don’t realize what caused all these to happen.

You went to work and one of the coworker just don’t seems to like you, while you avoid talking to him, but somehow you just cannot make the right decisions whenever he is around or whenever he left the office. What is going on?  You are lucky that you see the pattern already, some can’t even see it!

Watch this video to know more about how easy it is to “curse” people without those “professional” magic workings, and you will know more about why you should “gear up” yourself to get yourself shield!


Learning Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist Magic is very useful and practical. You can apply the skills and power to everything in your daily life, and not only use it when things happen.  Beside defending and fighting off things that jams your life up, you can also be doing daily magic to enhance, improve and boost things up.

For example, you are sending in a resume, a business proposal, or a plan for approval… you can apply magic to it to increase its potentials!   What about a test, exam, or even a job interview?  You can also use the magic to help you gain success!

Watch this video to know more about how you can use magic in your daily life!


Learning from our lineage is super fun and “real”. It is unlike some other things where you just “believe” and “hope” for things to “work”. In our lineage, we teach you the magic that you can use right away, and then fill you up with knowledge and wisdom to understand the mechanics of what you are doing, fine tune your skills, and get you a solid grip on what you are doing. 

Learning face-to-face might seems better for a lot of people, but in reality, how often do you get to ask questions and really get to talk to the master personally?

In our lineage, we welcome questions, and we encourage disciples to ask questions!  Only those who are fully loaded with knowledge will welcome and like questions. Now you know why you should choose this lineage to get the best Taoism learning experience online! Learn about how to get started now!

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