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Learn Taoist Magic - Saam Law Sun Gung

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Learning Taoist Magic from Home

Anyone can start learning Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功 right away by getting ordained online! Send us your full name, photo and date of birth (best is with ‘time” too) to get started. Upon verification and acceptance, you will then be scheduled to have a ceremony done for you at our headquarter altar, by Gum and Jee Sifu, to pass on the magical power and seals to you by distance. You do not need to attend the ceremony, travel or do anything. It’s all done for you by distance, and all you need to do is wait for the confirmation of completion, then you will be guided by our sifu(s) to start learning and cultivating!

There 4 stages in our learning system, and you ordain to get into stage 1 first. Whenever you are ready, you can request to get attuned to stage 2. Stage 3 and 4 are open for you when the sifu(s) thinks you are ready, and you can then have the avenues opened for you.

Just by becoming a stage 1 Saam Law disciple, you can already start using the magic power on yourself, your home, family, and friends or even everything around you. Magic power can be applied to everything in your life to bring in more potentials such benefits you in many ways. What's even better, is that there are no requirements for ordaining into stage 1, and you can already start to witness the power of Saam Law Sun Gung yourself!

A Brief Look at the 4 Stages in the System:

Stage 1 Saam Law Disciples 三羅教弟子

  •  Can cultivate and use magic to apply in your daily life right away
  •  Empowers and give magic power to help things get better
  •  Ability to use magic power for protection, safeguarding, and cleansing
  • And more…

Stage 2 Sun Lung Disciples 神龍教弟子

  • Dig into the special field of FU writing and usages
  • Be able to do advanced magic work for healing, boosting, exorcism and such
  • Distance and advanced magic workings and doing ceremonies/rituals
  •  And more…

Stage 3 Tin Ting Disciples 天庭教弟子

  • Advance magic on magic tools and theories
  • Advance altar operation and magic cultivations
  •  Advance knowledge of magic and the internal workings
  • And more…

Stage 4 Sun Ting Disciples 神庭教弟子

  • Special power cultivation for the lineage network
  • Special magic for handling tough situations and spiritual cases
  • Special magic for encountering magic warfare and sorcery attacks
  • And more…


There are no requirements for stage 1. Anyone is welcome to join. You need to pay a fee of $368 (PayPal link given to you by e-mail) for the ordain ceremony and submit your full name, photo, and date of birth (best if you have the time too).  After the ceremony is done, you are then a Saam Law Disciple of our lineage.

To be attuned to stage 2, you will need to accept that this is your only religious path. There is another fee of $368 for the attunement ceremony. After the ceremony is done, you will need to burn a piece of paper with the ordain agreement, then you will become a Sun Lung Disciple of our lineage.

For stage 3 and 4, you will need to have the sifu(s) to asset you and see if you are ready. If you are, then you will be given the details and be able to decide when to take your step forward.


taoist magic altar

What is this Magic Power?

The magic power in Saam Law Sun Gung is a cultivated, condensed and powerful pre-heaven energy 三羅先天罡氣. It’s 100% natural and good for everyone, everything, in a positive way. You can say that in Fung Shui, we know that nature’s energy circulates from one dimension to the next, and it comes back after a full cycle.  Pre-heaven energy is the energy in the much earlier dimensions before ours, which has the ability and property of powering up all things in this dimension to life!  The magic power we use is beneficial to all things in this world, and it is compatible with everyone.

The magic power of Saam Law Sun Gung is super powerful, you can give help to anyone, anything, and even be strong enough to encounter any kinds of sorcery and curses in this world if you went through the cultivation accordingly. We are skilled at magic and also helping people to get rid of dangers and threats caused by magic-attacks. No matter what it is that they are using, we can handle it!  If your power is not strong enough yet, there is always your sifu(s) in the lineage, plus Jee Sifu, Gum Sifu and their grandmasters above who are all networked together to support you. All these support are there, because of your heart toward the path.

Here is a video showing you what you can do instantly after the ordain to get going on your magic-life!


Learning Methods

You will be learning from home, and so there is no need to travel or attend any courses or seminars. All your learning will be through e-mails, LINE (chat app), YouTube, video, blog, audio and all sorts of methods that lets us communicate. You will be handled by our sifu(s) and so everything will be passed on to you if you communicate accordingly. If you choose to learn faster, then communicate proactively and politely to get more teachings.

Learning pace is up to you, and we do not have a preset course or menu for our disciples. Therefore, we teach whatever you should learn according to personal condition and progress. IF you choose to learn slower or faster, just let your sifu(s) know and they will adjust for you. There is no cost for the teaching, and so we expect the disciples to be communicating with their heart, truthfulness, honesty and respect. Disciples can also choose to give back to the lineage by sending supportive contributions to help the lineage grow to thanks for the teachings, guidance and magic power that the lineage has given them.

You will need to know English or Chinese or both, in order to learn Saam Law Sun Gung, because these are the two main languages we use for communicating. You do not need to know Chinese to learn the magic, because we will teach you the Chinese that you need to know, and we have 100% non-Chinese sifu(s) to give you guidance.


No Holding Back!

We do not hold back on teachings, and there is only too much to learn in our lineage. We have posted a lot of our materials on our Google Drive and YouTube (private videos) for our disciples to enjoy as a reference pool. When you learn in our lineage, there is never too little to learn but too much!  Unlike many other places where you need to “beg” for teachings, here you will get to learn things as long as you show up and communicate with your sifu(s) with a smile!   

On our resource pool, we open up our FU-books, spells documents, and all other resources for our disciples to download at all time. When disciples are confused or need extra help, our lovely and friendly sifu(s) will also try their best to make some personal assisting videos for them to help them understand better. As long as you communicate and show us what you have learned and what you want to learn more or know more about, there will always be a positive respond from the sifu(s), giving you further help and guidance.

There is no rush in learning because there isn’t a grading system or exam/test of any kinds!  Magic is something fun and useful for your everyday life, and you should be enjoying it and not stressed about it. IF you are feeling that what you have learned is enough and you want to take a break from learning more, you can always tell your sifu(s) about it too.  Just keep in mind that we do not hold back, and so as long as you want to learn, there will be something to learn!


taoist magic tools

Supplies and Materials

All your magic supplies will be purchased and carefully selected, cleansed and empowered by your sifu(s) in the lineage. When you need something, they are there to help you out or even to restock some consumables such as the ink, incense, candles, FU paper and such.  All supplies are empowered to give you the support of the lineage network, and your sifu(s)’s altars so that your magic work is supported at the back whenever you use the tools!



What do you have to expect to do as a disciple and what you have to commit?  Basically, it’s as simple as just commit with your heart, learn and behave, communicate and enjoy! As a stage 2 disciple, you have to commit to being only in one path to show your heart and dedication to learn and be part of the lineage with your full heart. Just like with love, we only have one husband or wife with true love.  IF you want to “get serious” and possess greater power, then there is a greater responsibility and commitment. To be a true disciple of this lineage, from stage 2 and onward, you are fully into the lineage, and this is your only path for your religious belief.

If you are not yet ready or you choose to stay neutral/free from the full commitment, then you can stay as a stage1 disciple and learn to enjoy the power of stage 1. There is not a deadline of when you have to go to stage 2, and this is not a ladder climbing competition. You can also learn a lot in stage 1 and keep advancing for your whole life.

Be proud of yourself and the magic power you will soon possess, and share it with your friends and family, bring help to everything around you and make life better!


Withdraw After Ordain?

There is no refund after the ceremony is done, but you can choose to quit anytime by sending us a notice and we will do the withdrawal ceremony to withdraw you from our lineage network and you are then back to how you are before you ordained, with everything cut clean from the lineage. There is no hassle or troubles, it’s just as easy as clicking a button to withdraw at no cost or consequences.


Disciples and Not Student!

You ordain to become a disciple and not a student. We go by the old school method of teaching, which means, there is not a course or program that sets your relationship with a “teacher”. When the course is over or when you are out of school, your teacher is no longer your teacher anymore. Teachers not paid can also quit their job and is no longer your teacher. A master and disciple relationship is bonded by a lineage, as long as you are ordained and did not withdraw from the lineage, you are always a part of the big family. There is no program or courses, and you get to learn more when you communicate more and better. The amount of knowledge you can learn from the lineage can increase as the heart of you toward the lineage and your sifu(s) does the same!  Most importantly, even when you are going through your tough days, or even going through a crisis and have financial troubles, your sifu(s) will always treat you the same, because you are still part of the big family! Our heart bonds us together, not the money or salary like a teacher who works for a school. Once ordained, you are a disciple forever.


Why You Should Ordain and Learn

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You ordain to inherit the magic power that is cultivated by many before you in the lineage. When you use the “heart spells” that is granted to you upon ordination, you will be able to withdraw the magic essence from the lineage power network and use it on your magic work.  When you need help, you are always bonded with the network, and the lineage can send you support whenever there is a request. We go by a very strong teamwork mindset, and that is exactly why you have a lineage – to help each other in the lineage!

Having magic power is not just good for yourself, it can also be beneficial for others around you, such as your love ones, your children, your family, and friends. Who knows what can happen on a summer trip that might bring you some unpleasant experience!  IF you encounter anything, at least there is the power for you to fend off spiritual encounters or to empower things and cleanse the area you stay to reduce unhappy moments, arguments or conflicts. You don’t only use magic when you encounter spiritual issues, it can also be a kind of empowerments to make everything smoother, better and happier than it should be.

If you are going to a job interview, or trying to sell a product, or maybe to send a gift to someone for a dating opportunity, you can also use magic to give it a boost of success and bring out the potentials better!  Magic is awesome when you learn how to apply it to your everyday life.


How to Get Stronger?

To build up stronger magic power in the lineage, there are many different kinds of cultivations that you can learn to do. You may also choose to set up your altar and start building your ultimate device for magic cultivation. The altar allows you to accumulate and cultivate essences and build up a much bigger pool of reserved magic energies for your future advanced magic work. With the altar, you can do a lot more than what you can do with just yourself. Just like in life, having a house and a kitchen can help you cook much more delicious food than just having a table!

 learn taoist magic

Learning Magic is Awesome

There are just so many things in your life that can be better with extra potentials and energies topped up to it. Someone sick and needs a faster cure can also be helped by your magic power. Maybe you are trying to get a sale closed or maybe your homework needs some extra power to make the teacher like your work more and give you a better grade. Whatever it is that you encounter in your everyday life should be topped up with your magic power to make it better. If you have the fate with our lineage, to possess this magic power of Saam Law Sun Gung, then you deserve a better future with the extras!

What Happen After Ordain

Once ordained, you will inherit a two heart-spells, a few special hand signs, and a bunch of magic methods that you can use for your daily life right away. Nothing gets better than actually doing it, feeling it and witnessing it yourself!

Join the lineage today by sending us an e-mail, include your full name and date of birth (with time if possible) and a request for ordaining. Shall you have more questions, feel free to ask in the e-mail and we will get you going right away!

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