Anyone can learn Saam Law Sun Gung, as long as they have the heart for it. You do not need to be a Chinese or know Chinese.  Just step into the door and get started!

    Learning Saam Law Sun Gung

      Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功 is the Taoist Magic that can help you to make life better by using the power of the TAO.  To learn, you must become a disciple of the lineage, and a Taoist of Saam Law TAO, in order to accept the powers and start cultivating with your magical altar. To use the power, you apply the magic to everyday life, helping you to protect yourself and your success, boost the work you do, increase opportunities, and most importantly to defend against things that is ruining your success. 

      The Taoist magic altar that you will be using is like a computer that connects to the internet, while this connects you to the TAO, the source, and the powers of the lineage. The altar is where you cultivate and build up powers, as well as where you can withdraw the power and use it to do magic work for yourself or others that you cared for.

      We all know that we cannot cut our flesh for lunch, and that is why we have to grow crops and raise animals in a farm to have a supply of food.  Magic power is the same, we do not juice up our own life-force to do magic too!  Therefore, as a Taoist of Saam Law, we know that we must submit ourselves to a source that is greater than ourselves, and this source will then provide us with the powers that we can cultivate and use when we need.  The altar is like your farm, it is where you can grow the crops or pick your fruits when you need.

      To learn Saam Law Sun Gung, you must be prepared to build an altar at home and do your daily cultivation at the altar.  There will be expenses such as acquiring magic tools and things that you need to use for the magic work etc.  Just like learning anything, there is always the resources, time and energy involved.  Going cheap, you will have something cheap in return.  You don’t see a good chef got to their master level just by using a Walmart crappy pan all those years.  For those of you who are interested in learning from this path, make sure you know that we are not going to do magic with just by sitting there and admiring your belly button. Real magic involves real learning, some brain-frying experience like how you do in school, and actual practice like how a martial artist have to sweat for hours to achieve their skills and power.  Nothing comes free or easy, magic is no exception.


      Practical Usages of Saam Law Sun Gung

      There are many situations that you can apply Saam Law Sun Gung to, and you have no idea how many pollution we picked up during the day when we go out to school, to work or just to meet up with some friends in a coffee shop.  Energy pollution can affect your feeling, leading to distortion with thinking, and then every actions and decisions you made is going to be affected. Sometimes, people wake up with a mood-swing, or just somehow feel not good with their friend, or you can be waking up and feeling like crap, leading to a bad business talk.  All these problems are fixable, if you have the power to do so!

      Most people think that you need to be cursed and haunted by evil spirits in order to use magic and deal with “those” problems. However, the real world is not like that. Yes, magic can kick those evils ass, but there are just many more things that you encounter daily, which causes harm to you while you don’t realize. Here is a video lecture which shows you how simple “magic” can be done naturally, and your friends can be doing “magic” to you without even knowing what magic is.  It’s scary, and these things CAN cause harm to people by distance!

      Learning Saam Law Sun Gung can also help you protect and boost your success. For example, you are done with a project, and it is being presented. You will want to protect that project and give it a boost, so that no one can be screwing up your project with their “prayers” and crap. Two people made the same project and put it there, but how come the boss come over and look at project A and feel good, but project B he feels bad?  The physical project is the same, yet the energy on them and inside them is not. Therefore, the boss can FEEL differently, leading to a different decision.  If your work is being polluted or screwed by bad energies from your competitors, even you worked hard and produced some outstanding work, the result can be totally not what you expected, because people can FEEL not good and give you bad mark.

      Even if you are playing a ball game, both teams go into the field, do you think the other team won’t be wishing and praying for victory?  What does it mean when they want to “win”?  It means they want your team to LOSE. Therefore, if you didn’t do anything to encounter it, you are being raped by their energies already, leading to a decrease of performance. Skills is important, but even with skills, you can still just slip a move or somehow go crazy and did the wrong thing when the real game begins. Just like playing computer games, even you are good, you can slip and press the wrong button by accident.  All these energies that is screwing you up and decreasing your performance, destroying your potentials, and even to stop you from feeling what you should feel… is what you have to fight off with the magic power of Saam Law.

      There are so many things you can use our Saam Law magic on, and it is definitely beyond just dealing with “evil spirits” or “curses”.  We use our magic EVERY DAY, you can see how useful and practical it gets.