Saam Law Taoism


Saam Law Taoism is a religion. The Taoists of Saam Law believe in the ancient preheaven god of creation, which we call Saam Law Jo Si.  This power combines the three essential elements of creation, and it is what it takes to give birth to the word today. By learning under the lineage, one will inherit the wisdom, and the methods to apply the wisdom to their daily life, for a better tomorrow.

The three essentials of creation, is the preheaven element of light, energy and life-force which we call the heart. Yet, it is not the ordinary light you see in the sky, and not the energy like thunder and wind in the air.  To understand what these elements truly are, one must spend the time to learn under the lineage, to marinade themselves in the sauce of Saam Law, for them to truly absorb and transform, for one to deeply understand the true wisdom that lays behind the Tao’s teaching.

The way to apply the power of the Tao to our daily life, is called Taoist magic. Using we have inherited, what the Tao has given us, and applying it to benefit ourselves and others, is why we cultivate the Tao daily. 

No one can have success by just studying in school and pumping tons of knowledge into the head. You must apply these knowledge to things in reality, for them to be useful, and for fruits to come to your hand.  Taoist magic is just like the application side of Taoism learning. Without it, Taoism is not complete, just like a soldier who only knows the war on paper and not on the battlefield.

For a Saam Law Taoist to learn under the lineage, they must begin by building the foundation of communication, which requires them to download the apps LINE and Skype. With a smartphone/tablet/or PC, one will be able to communicate with the people in the lineage all the time, which opens up the limitless possibility for them to learn.

We teach in English and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese).  If you can read from this website, you should have no trouble learning in the lineage. There is no background required, and no background is even better, since you start like a piece of white paper – with space for us to write onto. Empty your cup to taste our tea, and purely our tea, without any impurities.