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How to Use FU Talismans Properly

FU Talismans

FU Talismans from Tin Yat Dragon are powerful, but they must be used properly to do the job right. Just like a knife or a stove is powerful too, but if you didn’t use them properly, then they cannot unleash their powers for you.

Most of the FU talismans are for carrying, taping, burning, or consuming. Let us dig into the basics!

For a detailed article on this subject of how to BURN a Fu properly, please read our other post!

Carrying a FU Talisman

Carrying of a FU Talisman like a protection FU requires you to wear it around your neck and adjust the string/cord /chain to the level of your “heart” which is right in the center between the two nipples. This is the right spot for the FU to stay and is how it can work with your energy heart to protect it and give off power properly.  

The FU for protections are usually folded into a triangle in a special method, and you should not unfold it unless you are burning the FU to dispose of it after use. The folded FU has magic done on it to secure its energy structure and it is folded that way to make it do work for you in a certain manner. Once unfolded, you will break up the energy body structure and undo the programming inside. If you are a disciple, you will learn how to fold it and activate the program again, then it’s fine to unfold and fold it back carefully.

Some people will want to choose to carry the FU talismans in their wallet, which is fine for some FU, such as the Fan Tai Sui FU or the luck boosting, money-luck helper, or business booster etc. These are fine to carry in the wallet or purse as a helper, but they work the best when they are closest to you or where you stay.

For sleeping, protection FU can be placed near the bed, under the pillow or just on your working desk to rest. If you have an altar built with us, then put it on the altar to get it recharged like how you would charge a cellphone at night.

Stuffing the FU talisman in your bra or underwear is not good, it’s not that you are not respecting the FU, it’s just that they are not placed in the right spot and cannot help your energy body to do the work you want.


Taping a FU Talisman

Taping of a FU talisman is best done with normal clear tape or double sided tape for the best result. Stick the double-sided tape on the back of the FU with one stripe on the top and one stripe on the bottom, that should do the job nicely.

Taping a FU for securing, empowering, helping and boosting should be taped high up on the wall. The house protection FU for the main door should be taped to the highest possible location on the wall beside your door. There are some FUs like the home empowering, luck boosting, or wealth-boosting FU that can be also taped high up.

Anything for helping your house to harmonize energy, anything about people in the house, love, and relationship, or helping you to work better, etc, should be taped a bit lower, about half way between the ceiling and the floor.

There are sometimes also FUs that are taped on the lower section of the wall for helping the house to process and digest energies. For example, it can help you to digest energies to change the Fung Shui of the house, or to remove obstacles, exorcism, and such. Usually, we will tell the client about where and how to tape the FU when they get it


Burning FU Talisman

FU Talismans are used for burning to immediately execute the power, but how to burn it properly for the right thing to be done?  First of all, you must fold it vertically in the center to get the FU to do work when burnt. Make sure the FU is folded with the text facing outward for executing magic.

After that, you have to choose which end to burn from.  Burn from the top to infuse, empower, or flow in energy as “resources”. Nothing will be executed and “done”, it is for empowering and adding in elements to things or to the house/person.

Burning from the bottom is for executing the work, make it work right away and how the FU execute its power. For example, if you want the FU to be burnt and immediately start kicking out spirits, you will burn the FU from the bottom.

For a house, we will usually burn the FU in the open area, or at the main entrance, or even the bedroom, depending on where you want the magic to activates and start doing work.

For a person, you might burn the FU over the head or in front of them.

Some FUs are burnt without folding the centerline too, and those are for direct transferring or ‘giving”, such as the “concluding magic” that we do for our house every month will be done this way. We burn some “Fu Heads” to the house and such to just directly give it the energy and not need it to do any work for us.


Consuming FU Talisman

We can also consume a FU by drinking it. First, you must burn the FU into a bowl, add water, and drink. For disciples, you will also learn a lot of other details about this and how to do it properly. When done nicely, there is no ashes or black stuff in your bowl, because the ashes will go to another place on your altar. However, drinking the ashes in the water isn’t a problem too, since we have been doing that for many years already just like all Taoist drink FU water like it’s tea for the Chinese. There is nothing toxic in the FU, it’s all paper made with edible ingredients.

If you fear the ashes and want to drink FU without ashes, you can either filter it out or ask us how to do it to avoid the ashes.

Drinking FU can be done for many purposes. You can be drinking FU for empowering and getting yourself more resources, like how our disciples will be drinking their “Fu Heads”. In that case, you will fold and burn the FU from the top.   For people who drink FU to have the FU work for them., like an exorcism, sickness curing, or things like that. Anything that you need the FU to do work, you will fold and burn from the bottom.


Infusing the FU to Objects

You can also choose to infuse a FU to an object for carrying or for “taping”/placing at home just to conceal the FU into another physical container/object. For example, you can infuse a protection FU to a stuffed animal and have your child be hugging it all night long to get him some protection power without having the FU all torn up or even eaten by accident. You can also infuse any FU into any objects to program it and make the object do magic work for you.

To infuse the FU into objects, you will fold the FU outward in the center line and burn from the top, while burning over the object, you circle 3x CW and dip into the center of the object, then keep burning until it is all done. Ashes can be collected and toss away later.

Consult us for more information and suggestion for this!


FU Bath

You can use the FU water to bath too. Burn the FU like you will be doing for the drinking method, and toss the water into a tub of water, then go in and soak yourself for 15mins. After that, drain the tub and go through a normal bath with soap and water. Change all your clothing to a set of clean clothing, toss all the previous clothing into the bin for laundry, DO NOT wear them again until you wash them.  You don’t want the old energy to be on you and pollute you back after you got cleaned up!


Empowering and Boosting

For disciples, you can fire your heart spells and such into the FU Talisman, or even do a Chick-FU ceremony on your end to have your power and your altar's power bond to the FU and get it a super-boost.

For client, or believers, you can put the FU on your altar that you have built with us, and let the FU absorb the energy of the altar for a night, then you can wear it again the next morning. Burn incense and do your daily stuff to your altar, so that it can have the power to charge your FU!  Please keep in mind that this only applies to altars opened with us and not others.

Taboos and Don'ts

There are no taboos for our FU Talismans, you can use them anytime and anywhere. There is nothing bad that will happen to you even you carry them during your period and such. However, never mix our magic work with other people's and never try to mix in other things to the FU Talismans unless you are doing the magic you have learned in Saam Law Sun Gung with us. Do not take it to anyone to help you tweak, empower, or do changes to our Talismans or they will all result in a total deactivation of the FU talismans itself. If you need work to be done for it, come back to us and we will handle it for you.


Disposal of FU Talismans

You can just trash the FU talismans and it is disposed of. For those who want to do it better, you can unfold the FU or rip it from the wall, and fold a centerline vertically with the test facing inward, then burn from the bottom and let the FU burn up, collect ashes in a bowl and you can dispose the ashes later with any other methods.


Thanks for choosing Tin Yat Dragon, the expert in Taoist magic and FU Talismans. If you are interested in making your own FU Talismans too, you can get ordained and start learning Saam Law Sun Gung today. It’s really happy to have the power to protect yourself and your loved oens!