FU Talismans

Our FU Talismans are very easy to use!  As long as you are the one who purchased the FU, the FU will work for you.  If you intended to give it to someone as a gift, you can always send us an e-mail and provide us with the information of the person that will be getting the FU, and we can add that into your FU when it’s being produced. (send in the name, DOB or even photo, etc.)

Here is a video showing you how to use the FU!  It’s just that easy!



Four Basic Methods

FU is a physical object, it contains non-physical energy inside, just like how air is contained inside a balloon. When air is filled up inside, it will let the balloon gives off light. When air is released out of it, the air then get absorbed by the things around it.  Try to imagine the FU just like a balloon, and you will know how to make the best use of it.

Tape – Tape the FU at home, or near anywhere that needs the light to radiates and shine to influence the surrounding, or to protect the area.

Carry – Same effect as above, but this one is next to you, and it help you no matter where you go!

Burn – This will release the energy inside, and so if you burn it at the main entrance of your house, the house will absorb the power. Just like how you absorb medicine, then you get the effect kick in.

Drink – Energy is released into a bowl, and then contained into water, which then you can drink to let it go into your system and there goes the effect inside you.

Bonus – Bath!  - Just like drinking, but soaking yourself into a FU water bath instead. Watch video below to get an idea of how to do it.


Expired or Disposal of FUs

When you do not need the FU anymore, or when it is damaged or expired, simple burn the FU and let energy releases and go back to the pre-heaven.

If you cannot burn the FU, it is best to throw it too. Best to clamp the FU in your palms and tell the FU that you are done with it and sending it off, bow 3x to knock your forehead on the hand holding the FU, and then toss it into the trash.

No worry, there is no taboos, but just make sure you do respect the FU and its power, do not treat it like garbage, treat it with trust and faith, then you will be benefiting from its power.