Learn Taoist magic online

To start learning, you should first get ordained into our lineage. After the payment, send in a photo of yourself by e-mail - learning@chiinnature.com, along with your full name, date of birth (and time if possible), and a brief introduction of why you want to learn (optional).

After that is done, we will review your information and schedule in your ordination ceremony. There is no need to attend or participate this ceremony physically, because it will be done on our end and all you need to do is to wait!

After your ceremony is completed, you are then officially a disciple of our lineage. We will send you our welcome e-mails with your TAOIST NAME, and get you started with further instructions.  You will also be invited to join our main learning platform on LINE (chat app), which is where we will communicate mostly, sharing photos, videos, and even audio recordings etc.


Tthere are no requirements to start learning, anyone can learn!

To proceed to stage 2 and beyond, one must decide to fully commit to this path only, and detach from all other religious paths. However, there is no time limit of how long one can stay in stage 1.


Fees and What to Expect

There is a one-time and non-refundable fee to be paid for the ordination ceremony, and after the ceremony is completed, then you are in the lineage. There are no other fees for whatever “program” or “courses”, because we are not a school. We do not teach by the western/modern style. You ordain to become a disciple, and so you learn as a disciple.

A disciple should learn by communicating with the master, showing and demonstrating themselves, then go back and forth with the masters to get their teachings. The more proactive you are in the lineage, the more you get to learn.

magic supplies

There are some money to spend as you go along, such as buying things that you need, or purchasing some FUs that you might need. However, you can decide on your own budget and pace of spending. There is not a schedule or “standard” of how one should spend in the lineage.

Yes, we teach for free, and there are no charges for all the teachings that we will be giving you. At the same time, you should learn and embrace the Taoist theory of cultivating the TAO and the TE together. Cultivating the Tao means to learn, absorb and take from the lineage.  Cultivating the TE is to give back to where you take from. You learned from the lineage, and so you give back to the lineage.  Disciples can have many ways of giving back, in form of monetary support, helping out the lineage, and so on.  A good practice with the Tao and Te cycle promote s a healthy growth!

All your magic supplies are to be purchased from your Dai Sifu in the lineage. Please do not go around and buy things from other places, because we pick the best materials that fits you, and also give you the support power at the back for your supplies.

Do not ask “how much do I have to spend in total”, because it is all up to you, and you can be spending only $50 or even up to $50k, it is all up to you! 

Once you are ready, you can read about the "stages" in the lineage or to go straiught to the ordination payment page to get going.