You Need a Tao

Why do you have to be ordained into a certain sect in Taoism? It is because every sect has its power source and wisdom, called “the Tao.” Without a Tao, you are just an ordinary person trying to do everything yourself. We all have limitations, but the Tao helps us break the limits and go beyond what we can achieve. When we are facing hurdles and hardship in life, or when we are sick and weak, we must rely on the Tao to give us help. A Taoist's way is to fully put our trust, faith and determination on our Tao so that the Tao can help us whenever we need it. Life is full of hurdles; you need a Tao to get you covered.

Stepping into the Dragon Gate

The dragon gate is the door into the Tao’s family, your first step to becoming a Taoist. Before becoming a Taoist, you will go through an initiation, which allows you to become a sect's disciple. Then, you will undergo an ordination ceremony which makes you a real Taoist. You will have a Taoist name, heart spell(s), and the power to connect and communicate with the Tao at will.

Initiation is free because our Tao has decided to open the door for everyone with any background and culture to at least have a chance to experience the power of Saam Law Taoist magic. You need to go through the process yourself on the initiation page. After that is done, you are officially a Tin Yat Stage disciple.

Ordination is not free but opens you up to more powers and exclusive direct teachings. This is the stage that gets you into the whole learning process. After this ceremony is done, you are officially a Taoist and not just a disciple anymore. You will receive the three treasures: the Tao that gives you guidance and a way to go by in life, the scriptures and methods that you can learn and use to deal with hurdles and problems, and the masters who are here to teach you and bring you on the right track. Ordained disciples are also called Saam Law Stage disciples.

Read our lineage structure eBook to understand more about the stages.

You Need a Master

I love teaching, but I also hate teaching because so many disciples love to break my heart, and it hurts me a lot whenever the same thing happens. Teaching Taoist magic is like teaching anything, be it art, music, martial art and whatnot. Many people want to learn, but also many want to give up after a while, and many cannot keep going forward because of the hurdles one must face to succeed.

Do not underestimate the importance of having a good teacher/master for learning Taoism and Taoist magic. It’s not only about giving you the teachings so you can learn the content but also about giving you guidance, help, and even coaching you through your hurdles in life. While you gain magical powers, there will also be challenges and exams from nature to qualify you for possessing such powers. It’s like going up another level in a game; you must fight to earn and learn it. It would help if you had someone experienced to help you and guide you the way so you can get through the hurdles and reach the goal in the end.

Whoever tells you that you can learn Taoism from the book sure they have no idea what learning Taoism is about. I have taught disciples who have learned for a year and can still bump into things that need my guidance to resolve their issues. You will be amazed at how much you can learn from a real master and how little people know from just reading books for their whole life. If you look at the books, I can tell you that it is not even 1% of what you get in the real learning experience. It is hilarious how many people in the west are so into “books” only and fear stepping forward to a master’s for real learning.

What is the thing that stops one from getting connected with a master? Ego? Not humble enough? Skeptic? Whatever it is, that’s your heart’s issue. If you have the heart for the Tao, you should learn to be humble and faithful first. Low down yourself and connect with the master; then, you will see the amazing experience begin. Ordain today and get started.

Becoming a Taoist

Once you have become a Saam Law Taoist, you will always be protected by Saam Law Jo Si. Even if you have not requested a FU, the protection will always be there for the faithful ones in the lineage.

There are different stages in the lineage. The higher you go, the more power you can withdraw and the more you can do with the powers, such as helping more people with bigger problems.

Different Stages

Tin Yat Stage

Becoming a family member of the lineage, and start by building up your faith and connection with the Tao. You can go through our free initiation process to become a TYS disciple. However, serious people would want to have a name picked and registered officially by the headquarter to get the best connection. Email us to inquire.

Saam Law Stage

Officially ordained as a Saam Law Taoist, you will have direct access to our LINE chatroom for learning and communicating. You can decide on the pace of learning. The goal of this stage is to cultivate the Tao’s power in yourself and your altar at home. You will learn about theories, and virtue, know more about the Tao, practice magic for cultivation purposes, and protect yourself from spiritual threats.

Sun Lung Stage

Starting here, you will be trained to become a Taoist priest who can help others in need with the magical powers of Saam Law. You will learn the more advanced magical methods and be granted more powers for handling tougher spiritual cases. Distance magic is one of the special powers of this stage, which means you can send magic to help people far away from you, such as your relatives who live in another country.

Other Stages

There are other stages in the lineage which you can read in our ebook that tell you about the whole lineage’s structure. The advanced stages are all only available for the handpicked disciples who qualify.