What is Your Tao

You do not need to go back to China to find Taoism Behold, the secret of Taoism is revealing. First of all, you should know “What is the Tao” for you?

The Tao, means a leader that can lead a leader, because it can provide more. Just like the father of a family is the leader inside the family, but the father cannot feed himself. Therefore, he found a job, and the boss at work is now his leader, providing the salary which feeds him, and his family. 

There are many Tao in this world, just like there are many companies that can hire you. They are all the same category, but they don’t share the bank account or have anything to do with each other.  However, they might have similar structure, language, or even codes that are used within the system.

For example, you can see that Wu Dang has their own Tao, and they worship their own deity called 真武大帝 (Zhenwu Emperor). There is also the Tin Si Sect which worship their Celestial Masters and such. In Taiwan, there are many famous ones such as Mazu, Naza, and many different sects and lineages. The truth is, none of them is related, and that’s what confusing for most people. 

Taoism is only a category, like business is a category. Every sect or lineage has their own source, own way, and own teachings.  It is not about which one is better or worse, it’s about options and opening opportunities for different groups of people. Just look at the restaurants, not everyone want to eat pizza every day, some might want dumplings, some might want sandwiches, right?

Taoists strongly believes in “Yuen 緣” (fate). Whatever that attracts you to a certain path, there should be a zillion of reasons behind that attraction force. It could be something related to your past lives, or even just because that you need this kind of teachings, or it just clicks with you. Like love, you don’t have to think so much. It’s all about banging into the right one, fire sparks, and relationship then begins. You just have to let it spark and then enjoy what you have encountered and meant to be with.  Some people might have seen Taoism related things all their life and have no feeling to ordain. One day, they came by Tin Yat Dragon and BANG!  Magic happens, and they ordained. Who knows?  Just like you have been looking at Chinese ladies all your life, none made you consider making her your wife!  You might be just waiting for the right type for you.

Once you have connected to the right one, hold onto it and cherish it!  Learn from it and make the best out of your experience. Just like marriage, focus on being honest, truthful, and faithful. Never let go of your Tao.

What is Our Tao?

Now that you know what Taoism is about, our Tao is called Saam Law Tin Si Tao 三羅天師道. Our Tao, our god, is called Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師. You can also understand it as the “Trinity Forces of Creation Before Time”. 

Saam Law Jo Si teaches us a lot of things which totally opens our vision to a whole new world. Its wisdom is not stuck in the “Chinese culture and tradition” stage. In fact, it allows the true wisdom and power to be implemented in all ways, all languages, and all cultures.  To start learning, you will stick to the traditional, but as you advance, you will see how it can be merged and morphed into anything.

Saam Law, meaning the three systems that envelopes everything in this world; the sky, the ground, and the “big” space between the two.  Tin 天, Dei 地, Daai 大, is the 3 systems and also the 3 stages of anything.

Putting this Saam Law principle into an example – a seed goes into the ground, the ground processes the seed, and a plant is born out from the ground.  The way of Saam Law is everywhere, nothing in this world can be excluded from this principle.  People outside (tin) go into an office (dei), then work, then they produced something at the end of the day (yunn).

Our Tao teaches us Taoist magic, and it is all about getting the resources from the Tao (Tin), into an object (dei), and there goes the power and effect (Yunn).

It might sound confusing and abstract to you now, but once you have gone through the free initiation process and start to learn, you will know how easy it is to understand the process.  The key point is, to become a Taoist, you must first find your Tao, and become part of it.  Just like you have to find a company and be hired first, in order to get the salary.

Why Initiation into Saam Law Tao is FREE?

COVID-19 has gotten the whole world into a crisis. Our Tao has guided us to open up the door for everyone in need.  Anyone who have faith in Saam Law Jo Si can hold onto the line and bring light into their life. The initiation has gotten easier and easier, and opened up for people with any backgrounds without having to commit as much as a normal ordain disciple. This shows how generous our god is, because he just want to open up opportunity for people to at least TRY it out before you reject.

For those who are serious and want to learn more – ordain into Saam Law Tao, which makes you a “Saam Law Stage” Disciple, which opens you up to learning from us in real person ONLINE. We use the app LINE, ZOOM and such to communicate.

Feel it? Saam Law Jo Si is already waiting for you to begin transmitting the power to you. Initiate and get started today!