Saam Law Sun Gung powers

We have 5 stages, or to be exact, 4.5 stages in total. Keep in mind that this is not a ladder climbing system, and so you do not have to advance to the next stage to stay or keep learning. You can be a lifetime stage 1 disciple if you feel like doing so! Here are the stages and a brief outline:

Tin Yat Stage 天一教 (stage 0.5)

This is a hidden stage, which is offered to some people who are just relatives or friends of a disciple, and they want to also get ordained to be protected by our higher powers. This stage is then offered to them. It cost $168 to get ordained into this stage. Nothing fancy, but you get hooked up and can have some basic protection and powers.

Saam Law Stage 三羅教 (stage 1)

This is the official stage 1, and it connects you to the lineage, grants you the power to use the magic, and you will mostly be working on the basic cultivation, power building, and also applying magic on your daily life, working mostly on spells, symbols, and some basic FUs work. This stage is like a stage where people stay to get a taste of how it feels learning in the lineage. Once you made the decision to move on, you can approach the master and request for going to stage 2.

Sun Lung Stage 神龍教 (stage 2)

Advancing into this stage means you are fully into this path, detaching from all other paths and religions. With greater commitment, you deserve greater power. More power granted with more heart spells that summons them to you. You will learn more on FUs, altar work, theories and be able to execute ceremonies and rituals on your own. You will also start to use magic tools and things like that.  Most people will stay in this stage for a long time, or forever. The power and skills in this stage is sufficient enough for most things in life already.

Tin Ting Stage 天庭教 (stage 3)

These are the specially-picked disciples who we think have great potentials, and they also wished to advance and make the move. Being in this stage means you are our “closed door disciple” and learning the much more advanced things in the lineage. You will also get special privilege to use the power of the lineage’s special internal powers. You will also beef up your altar, with much more magical tools involved, and digging into the mechanics of the magic too.

Sun Ting Stage 神庭教 (stage 4)

This is the special-of-special, the master grade, and is only meant for those who are seriously trusted, to become a master in the lineage. This stage will allow the disciple to be able to accept their own disciple and also be able to know the secret knowledges in the system.

 magical power

Details on The Powers

Every stage will have their own heart spell(s) which unlocks the different powers for you, and every one of these spells is like a key to get access to these special powers.

Please note that going from stage 0.5 to stage 1 – you will have to do the ordination payment for stage 1. Going from stage 1 to stage 2, you will have to pay for like in stage 1 one more time.  Stage 3 and stage 4 is only offered to the disciple when they are chosen, and there will be a certain amount of fee to pay to accept the offer as well. The fee will vary for every individual according to many factors. 

Advancing to the next stage will open you up to many more potentials and possibilities, yet it does not mean an “instant” power will be there for you. You must learn and cultivate to achieve the powers. However, it opens you up to the different things, and allows you to start building up the higher powers. A lazy stage 3 will not do better than a very hard working stage 1. Keep this common sense in mind!

To get started, you can go to our ordination page!