customized fu

Customized FU Talismans

Price for FU Talismans can vary depending on your budget and what we can offer. Therefore, please follow the guideline below to proceed and get a quote for your personal order. All FUs are made upon request only, which ensures its power, quality and value!

How to Request for Customized FU Talismans

(send email to -

1.      Provide your full name, date of birth, and a photo of yourself if possible

2.      Describe in a short paragraph about how you want the FU to help you

3.      Wait for confirmation from Jee Sifu (email)

4.      Confirmation e-mail sent to you with FU suggestions, price quotes, etc.

5.      Reply e-mail to accept offer

6.      Invoice sent to you by e-mail (paypal)

7.      Make payments

8.      FU will be made for you ASAP (approximately 5-7 business days)

9.      After FU is made, it will go through the ceremony to “Chick FU” to activate it

10.    The FU then will go through empowerments (2-3 days) then off to shpping.

Once your FU Talismans is shipped out, you will get an e-mail confirmation with photos of the FUs and the envelop with your address.

For cancellation of your order, please e-mail as within 24 hours of your order. After 24 hours, your FUs could have been made already, which means work have been started and is not refundable.  

By chance, if you do not receive your FUs within the estimated delivery date range from our postal office standard, we are happy to redo the FU for you. However, there are sometimes hot seasons for the postal office to have delays too. Please be patience on special seasons!

If you do feel the FU have helped you, then you can always visit our “support us” page to give back and show your appreciations.