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Customized FU Talismans

FU Talismans Customized work

We offer Taoist magic service to handcraft customized FU Talismans for anyone upon requests. You can think of almost anything and see if we got a FU Talisman that can help you out. FU Talismans are for helping you to success and empowering you for things that you would need a boost with.

To get your FU Talisman made today, contact us and tell us what you need and we will give you some options.

Custom made Talismans are not always in yellow, it can be in other colors. Feel free to read up on the FU Talismans article on this.


Handcrafted By the Master!

All the custom-made FU Talismans are made by Jee Si Gung or Gum Si Gung only to give you the best of the best in our lineage.  All the work is done seriously and formally just for you because we want you to feel and witness the power of Saam Law Sun Gung! 


Pricing for FU Talismans

All the FU talismans that we make for you will come with a price for the work in exchange, but it won’t be much more expensive than the ones we are already offering for the general purposes. In short, you can also tell us your budget and we can offer you something within your range.

The cost of the FU talisman is for the work being done behind and not just for the material cost. Just like buying a piece of painting from a professional artist, you are buying all his wisdom and heart along with the artwork, not just paper and ink.

Our FU talismans are specially made just for you upon requests, and they all go through a 1-hour long ceremony to get programmed, activated and empowered, then they will be at the altar being charged up with our magic power for 2 days before sending it off. During the 2-3 days, we will be doing rituals daily to get the FU more power too, it’s really a lot of heart and energy behind a FU!


Wait-Time for FU Making


Wait time is 1-2 BUSINESS days for the FU-writing work to start.

We will not process your order prior to this 1-2 days waiting- period of your order, which is to give the client 1-2 days to ask for refund or cancellation if need.

Normal process time for FU is from 1-5 business days depending on the energy flow and such.

FU Talismans are all custom made and hand crafted for you, and they are taken very seriously. Therefore, we pick one of the best date in the week to do the FU work for our clients. There is no "rushing" for orders, but we will try our best to fullfill the order sooner for you.

Taoism FU Effective

FREE Super-Charge Me!

If you want your FU to get a free super-charge service, you can tell us and we will put your FU into your bi-weekly super-charge ceremony that we do every 1st and 15th of the lunar month. When we super-charge the altar, we will include your FU there and give you extra power.


Returns and Cancellation


You may request for a full refund after you have placed your order, but please let us know within 24-36 hours (1-2 business days) from your order.


After the FU Talisman is made and processed, we will ship the FU out the door ASAP.

To get a refund or cancel your order, you must mail the FU back to us in order to get a full refund. However, you can dispose the FU and not use it, if you like to do so.


Take photo of what you have got and we will send you a new package without any extra charges, since it is our fault.


If you got a noticed from us saying that the FU is shipped, and you did not get it within 2-3 weeks, please contact us ASAP. For international order, usually you should get it in 6-10 days after shipping. USA should get it in 4-6 days. Canada should get it within the same week or about. If you do not report to us about it in 1 month after shipping, there will be no refund or exchange. Please contact us ASAP and keep and eye out for your mailbox.


Give Back and Appreciation

As the practice of Tao and Te promotes, we provide you our FU talismans and power, if it benefits you and helped you with your problem or brings you some good luck, you can always give back and show your appreciation in our “support” us page to encourage a better future and more potential benefits to come to you. Some of our clients did get the FU talismans and received a great future such as a good change in career, a big change in salary and such. If that is a similar case with you, the “support us” page is also where you can give back to support Tin Yat Dragon too!