Word from Saam Law Deities about COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus is not anything different from any other viruses or plagues. In the perspective of how Saam Law Taoism, which is very similar to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), sees this differently from the westerner medicine’s perspective. Western medicine sees this like a “new problem” which means we need a new medicine or remedy for it, since it was never encountered before. To us, we focus on working on the human body and the energy of things, which means this is “just another virus”, and it is not a “new matter” to us.

Life and living being is just like a machine with electricity. Without power, the machine is dead no matter how powerful it was. Human, and even its organs, are living things; without the soul energy inside, it is just a piece of meat and mush. When you see people lost their soul, such as those in coma, they are “living” in the western’s perspective, yet it is just no different from a vegetable besides the shape and colors, it’s gone.

Virus, is also a living thing, and if the virus lost its energy inside, it won’t bother you anymore and won’t be as ‘active’ as it should be anymore.  When virus enters your body, the energy of the virus also blends with you, and your own energy will try to fight against it because it is an intruder to your system. However, as you might have heard, a lot of people who died from this virus are the older ones – who have less and weaker energy (soul) than the younger ones.  That also means there isn’t enough power to fight and override this virus.  Therefore, the elders won’t make it, due to the fact that they are already weak inside.

To deal with this virus situation, Saam Law Tao has a well-rounded solution for everyone in the lineage and also outside of our lineage.

For the people in the lineage:

  1. TIN
    1. Chanting and doing your daily prayers at the altar to minimize the chance of encountering and being infected by the virus.
  2. DEI
    1. Using the FUs and magic for cleansing and detoxing of the virus energy. Have FU on your body to protect yourself, and also FU taped up in the house for blocking off these virus energy from the house.
  3. YUNN
    1. Doing the Chi Kung as taught, including the internal balancing, golden bell chi kung, and the iron shirt chi kung etc.

For the NON-Disciples:

  1. TIN – Use this special heart-spell for connecting to our god, Saam Law Jo Si. “Saam Law Jo Si Joi Chee Daai Heen Wai Ling, Gup Gup Yue Lut Ling, Chik Chik Ling” 三羅祖師在此大顯威靈,急急如律令勅勅令. Follow video tutorial do your prayers daily at least 2x a day.
  2. DEI – Request the FUs from our website, or you can also extend the praying from #1 to having things blessed and you will be using those things for deploying the magic too.
  3. YUNN – Can do the 515 breathing as taught in video, and do so anytime to realign your energy and regroup your soul body.

COVID19 Prayer

Praying is not simply just “talking” to the air and hoping for god’s help. Praying is a form of magic, which connects, and communicates with the gods and deities to request them for help, while you have to give them a container to contain the “help” or “magical powers”, for you to later deploy them out to things you need. Here is a basic structure of a proper and professionally done prayer. Prayer all requires 3 major parts:

  1. Connecting to the power
    1. For disciples: Put palms together and stomp your heart spells, bow 3x.
    2. For disciples with altar: burn ching-incense at the altar and put incense into black turtle location.
    3. For believers outside of lineage: Put palms together, close your eyes and recite this in your heart (not mouth). “Saam Law Jo Si Joi Chee Daai Heen Wai Ling, Gup Gup Yue Lut Ling Chik Chik Ling. (三羅祖師在此大顯威靈急急如律令勅勅令)” then stomp your left foot 1x, and bow 3x.
  2. Prayer (the meat)
    1. Put something there for the power to go into. In this case we will put a bowl of water. Stand in front of the bowl of water and begin…
    2. First is a prayer by yourself, like an introduction to what you are coming for. In any language you speak, you can follow this structure to do your prayer: “Time, Location, What you are doing, What happen before, and what you want to happen after.” For example: “Now is March 18, 2020, at 3:05pm, I am at home located at 123 Sunny Street,….etc. I, believer John Smith, is here to pray to the gods and deities of Saam Law Tao. There has been a lot of people being infected by the coronavirus lately. I beg for your help to empower me and my family to keep us safe and not be infected by this virus.”
    3. After your own prayer is done, then it is time to bring out the scripture document and chant the scripture once.
  3. Sending It off and deploying the powers and blessings you have received.
    1. Take the bowl of water and raise It up to face the gods, and bow 3x while holding it. Put the bowl down and do a 3 bow to the ground to conclude. (Kneel down, put palms down the ground on both sides, and bow your head down to the ground 3x, and get back up.

Now you can take this bowl of water and use it in any way you like – such as mixing it into a tub of water to bath, drinking, mixing into your normal water tank for drinking water, or even sprinkling around the house and such.

If you are doing this prayer daily, you can make the bowl of water for drinking and some for sprinkling over yourself. That way you will get the power internally and externally too.

You may also do this for someone else, to send off your prayers to them. If you want to send the prayer to someone, simply take a piece of paper, write their name on it while thinking about them. Then, you will put the paper there when you start. When you are done, you will burn the paper away and the prayer’s power will be going to them.

You can also be doing this and putting some sort of charm or jewelry on the table. Then ask Saam Law Jo Si to empower that for you as a protection charm, then you can gift it to someone and let them carry it with them too. Accumulated prayers on these are often better – such as 49 days of chanting into a necklace for protection will be much better than 1 day of work.

Start doing this daily now, and at least get yourself some powerful magic water for drink, bath, sprinkle around yourself and your house etc!!!

If you want to use masks, disinfecting spray, or whatever things, you can also put it there for them to be blessed and empowered too, just include that in your own prayer’s portion and tell them what you want these tools to be blessed for. 

This method is good for anyone to do, including those who have faith in our gods and not yet ordained. Spread it out and let our TAO power shines…!


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