How Taoists Faces the COVID-19 Situation

Taoists faces the situation very calmly, because we know that there are ways to handle the situation besides vaccines or other chemicals. People have been treating sickness with herbal medicine or even just using pins like acupuncture. Pills and chemical is not the only way out. Yes, you should put on a mask for others and for your own safety. Yet, that is not enough to prevent the COVID-19 from killing us.  We need to know more, do more, and utilize every possible way to ensure our safety.

Three Stages of Severity


Nothing is wrong with you yet. You are safe but still need to be aware. You mostly stay home all day.

We suggest: Initiate to become a Taoist and get protection from the gods. Do the chanting practice.


You are going to work or somewhere that might expose you to other people who "might" have the virus. 

We suggest: Get the FU for bathing, carrying, and one for taping in your house to maximize prevention power.


You already got infected or felt symptoms like cough, fever, and maybe even tested positive already.

We suggest: Contact us by email, ordain to become a Taoist, and learn the Chi Kung to detox.

For Those Who Have Initiated

For those of you who are doing the chanting, initiation is required. After that you can start doing the following: 

Connecting to the power

Facing the east, looking up the sky, palms together and stomp your heart spell to connect to the Tao.


Place a bowl of water in front of you (on a table). Stand in front of the bowl of water.

Say the prayer: “Now is March 18, 2020, at 3:05pm, I am at home located at 123 Sunny Street,….etc. Disciple (Dai Jee) Tin-X, is here to pray to the gods and deities of Saam Law Tao. There has been a lot of people being infected by the coronavirus lately. I beg for your help to empower me and my family to keep us safe and not be infected by this virus.”

After your own prayer is done, then it is time to bring out the scripture document and chant the scripture once.

Sending It off and deploying the powers and blessings you have received.

Take the bowl of water and raise It up to face the gods, and bow 3x while holding it.

Put the bowl down and do a 3 bow to the ground to conclude. (Kneel down, put palms down the ground on both sides, and bow your head down to the ground 3x, and get back up.

Drink the water / use it for bath (mix into a tub of water and then soak inside for 20mins) / sprinkle around the house.

Here is a video of the chanting which you can play it and channel the energy over too. If you cannot chant the scripture yet, play this video more often!

For Those Who HAVE NOT YET Initiated

Accept the fact that "we need help", which means we cannot just rely on "ourselves" to deal with problems.


Think about it, when you just use yourself, it is like trying to "cure" a flu by yourself and not taking in any medicine, it is definitely going to be harsh and many people died because of this stubborn mindset.


Initiating or ordaining, you are bonding yourself to a source of power which we call the Tao. This power is what we need, and is what we do not have.  


Doing the chanting is to channel the power from the source and down to you, like absorbing the electricity into yourself. You get stronger, you get more energy, and you get protection.


Chi Kung (those energy exercises) are just "exercise", it does work with your own system, YET you need some special power source to make it effective. Just like cleaning by scrubbing with a piece of fabric, versus spraying some detergent and special liquid over the mess first, it's two different result. Try cleaning your stovetop with water versus degreaser agent?


If you are already wearing a mask, we also suggest you empower the mask by infusing a FU over it. That way the mask has a greater power to even PREVENT you from being infected instead of just blocking things when it already got in contact with you.

People who wear masks or physical protection gears can still be infected. That's why you need MAGIC help.

by Jee Sifu