Tin Yat Dragon Taoism all started from Gum Sifu and Jee Sifu, who were previously named Lau and Mak Jo Si. They have both been soaked in other Taoist sects for many years in the past, in order to achieve what they are possessing today.  You might also find their old website at chiinnature.com, which is the name of their company for this Taoism's business. It's Chi in Nature Ltd to be exact, it was incorporated in Canada since 2006, a legitimate business.

Chi in Nature

They also have a storefront since 2006. The photo above shows Gum Sifu at the door of the local temple at 2600 John Street, Unit 107, Markham. It's a 1600sq/ft location, a warehouse that is divided into mainly the back and front. With the back that was rennovated for their martial art teachings, and the front for the Taoism related things.

Chi in Nature temple

During the year of 2006 to 2012, Chi in Nature also teaches Chinese Kung Fu at the back of the temple and it is also a personal training gym for Jee Sifu too. Here is a photo of his wooden dummy station.

kungfu for chi in nature

However, as their business evolved and changes, most of their clients and disciples are from other places outside of Toronto. Therefore, in the year of 2016, which is after exactly 10 years of possession of the storefront, they have decided to close it down and move the whole business online.

Many might have thought that it is a bad thing, the business is going down. However, it is actually the other way around in reality. Without the big burden on their shoulder, the business can finally move on to a much better path!

The Sifus

Jee Sifu

Jee Sifu is born to be a Taoist, because of his special feeling toward seeking for Taoist magic and knowledge since the age of four is incomparable to anyone of that age. Being raised in a Catholic family who have betrayed him later in his teens, he knows that going on the Taoist path is going to be rough, and tough. However, he never gave up, and he did got his hands dirty along the way by dipping himself into various sects of Taoism and Taoism’s offshoots. The story can go on and on with Jee Sifu, it's like something out of a novel!  To sum it up, he is a guy who went through all the shit time in life, and achieved his success today. He is still upgrading and improving himself daily, becaues Taoism is his life.

Gum SifuGum Sifu was a Christian, but after she got together with Jee Sifu at the age of 18, her life changed and she have found her fate. Do not get it wrong, Gum Sifu did not “follow” Jee Sifu to Taoism. Instead, she took Jee Sifu onto a new journey, leading Jee Sifu to break off from the offshoots and they both got onto a new journey in seeking for the truth under the leadership of Gum Sifu. She is also a superwoman, who have extraordinary mental strength that allows her to pull Chi in Nature out of its many years of difficult situations and hurdles. Without her power, there will not be the Tin Yat Dragon today.

Both of them did studied under the same sect of Mao Shan Sheung Ching sect in the past, and finished learning the system. However, they have both realized what’s beyond is waiting for them. With their master’s permission, they have detached from the sects and went off on their own and established Tin Yat Lineage.

After a long journey and hard work, with the non-stoppable dedication toward their destiny, Gum Sifu and Jee Sifu have got their connection with the higher powers of Saam Law. This higher power which is from the deepest side of nature have chosen them to inherit the wisdom and the power of 三羅神功 Saam Law Sun Gung, which is what you can learn from Tin Yat Dragon today.

Gum Si Gung is always cultivating to channel in the powers and Jee Sifu is responsible for cultivating and unpacking the knowledge from this higher power. Even up to this day, Jee Sifu is always learning and improving daily, with the teaching and guidance of Grandmaster Saam Ling 三靈老師公 from the pre-heaven world.  

Some might ask, did Jee Sifu an Gum Sifu "invented" this Saam Law Sun Gung?  The answer is, no.  Jee sifu also learn from "someone", just that this "someone" is in the pre-heaven side of the universe, and not in our side of the world.  Gum Sifu and Jee Sifu brings the knowledge from another world over to this world, and that's what happening today, it's not a "creation' or "invention" by the two.


The Lineage

You will not be able to find any history of our lineage online, because it is new, and it is not tied to any lineages or sects that Gum and Jee Sifu were once related to.  This might be the weak side for Tin Yat Dragon when promoting and spreading its name, because most people only care about what’s more “ancient” or what’s more “popular”. 

Jee Sifu smile

They could link our lineage up with some famous names, like how some sects “borrow” the name of famous people and claim their power is from this and that ancient hero.  Due to the fact that Gum and Jee Sifu is a super straight-forward person, they choose to stick to the plain boring truth.

To encounter this problem, Tin Yat Dragon decided to show its wisdom and power by exposing them on YouTube and websites (blogs and such).  With the massive amount of theories, demonstrations, lectures, it should give our audience a good impression of the lineage. What we are showing is only a small portion of what’s there inside the lineage, but its already stunningly massive if compared to what you can find from other sources today.

Just like promoting good food, Tin Yat Dragon lay it all out on the table and let you see, feel, and try before you buy. Tin Yat Dragon as a whole, believes that the wisdom of the lineage will sell itself!  There is no need to gold powder and flashy effects for something that is really good.

Proudly to say, even with a strong background from other sects, Jee Sifu and Gum Sifu still thinks that what’s in the Saam Law Taoism today is much more massive, and much richer than what they have known in the past. 

Tin Yat Dragon will try its best to present its best to the public. While it might not fit everyone’s taste, but at least we are sure that whoever ordained will get the best teachings from the lineage.

I think that being able to be connected to Saam Law and inherit this powerful wisdom is one of the best thing in my life. It’s like you finally found your wife!” - Jee Sifu


The Ugly and Dirty Side

No one is perfect, and so is Jee Sifu and Gum Sifu. You can see that they are pretty well off now with Tin Yat Dragon being established and stabilized, their YouTube growing rapidly, and their lineage expanding quickly in just a short time, getting close to 100s of disciples. However, there is also a dirty side of the story. As we say, to get the shiny polish, you must go through the rough sanding.

In the past, Jee Sifu and Gum Sifu have been scammed, bullied, and even pinned down by various people, and groups, which includes those who physically harmed them, and put them into a very difficult situation.  They have tried to fight back, but it is hard to overcome the big powers with the limited energy of the two.

You might have seen some “Scams Debunking” videos by Jee Sifu on the internet, which was from his previous campaign. Yes, that was dirty, and it got messy. At first, he was trying to show everyone what’s not magic, just to wake people up from believing the fake-magic that flooded all over Asia today. However, the tactic wasn’t the best, and it was not the best way to bring out the message. Later on, he have attracted haters, enemies and even people who came to threaten him with all sorts of craziness, making up fake stories online, badmouthing, and even more that you can’t even imagine.

If you are not sure what this “debunking” is about, here is a bladeproof-scam debunking video Jee Sifu made to show the disciples in the lineage.  This trick was used in many famous sects who claim that people who ordain into their sect can possess the magical power which turns people into iron-man and you can be blade-proof.  This trick has scammed many people in Asia to believe it’s “magical power”, while its just another “trick” like palming the coin.

With the teachings and guidance from Saam Law, Jee Sifu have learned to tone down and change his method of spreading the words, conveying the message better, and hence the big change in 2016 with the promotional content.  He have wiped out his old blog, website, and some YouTube videos, for a fresh start with Tin Yat Dragon, and a completely new channel on YouTube.

With one year of hard work, the new Tin Yat Dragon YouTube channel blossomed, along with some other smaller side channels such as his Jee Sifu Taoism channel, and the personal channels of some Sifu(s) in the lineage. As you can see today, Tin Yat Dragon is back in a fully loaded and rock-solid form again.   

Instead of kicking people’s butts and smashing down the fake-magic, Jee Sifu decided to do things the other way around. By spreading more and more positive things, such as sharing and exposing the knowledge and wisdom of the lineage, demonstrating the magic, and feeding the audience with more and more brain food.  When people are smarter, they will eventually know what’s right, and what’s not.

So yes, Jee Sifu and Gum Sifu might not have the shiniest background, but they have learned from their past, and non-stop improving, striving for a better future, as well as bringing their disciples to success.


Now and On

Right now, the lineage have close to 100 disciples and is growing at a rapid pace. 2016-2017 was a dramatic leap year for the lineage, there were a lot of new disciples coming in since the new YouTube channel started.

At the year end of 2017, Gum Sifu and Jee Sifu are in their mid 30s, and cannot do everything by themselves. Therefore, there are senior disciples in the lineage who have been helping out to take care of the lineage. There a few Sifu(s) in the lineage helping out on the admin and teaching part of things, while Jee Sifu keep on spreading the words online and expanding the lineage as things keep blossoming.  

Jee Sifu Is pumping out videos on YouTube almost every day, check out the Tin Yat Dragon YouTube channel!  You will be amazed by the amount of knowledge and energy there!  If you are one of those who are seeking for knowledge and real learning, you will love to be in our lineage! Join the lineage and get ordained today, learn Saam Law Sun Gung!