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八大神咒  8 Major Incantations

As a Saam Law Taoist in the lineage, you will learn these spells or incantations as one of your basic essential magical tools. They will help to bring in the power of Saam Law pre-heaven energy and purify you from inside out, allowing you to be cleansed, purified, protected and empowered.

As the motto for you as a Taoist, you should already know about the TAO and TE. To get energy from the TAO everyday is the way to cultivate the TAO, and your detoxed energy going back to nature is the cultivation of your TE. As you can see how important and powerful these spells are. Here is a brief introduction of their purposes. You will recieve the spells and teachings from the sifu(s) in the lineage once you are ordained!

淨口神咒 JING HAU JAU – JING Mouth Spell

This spell is to take the Saam Law energy and cleanse your mouth inside out, including the mouth of your energy body which locates at the top of your head, and the post-heaven mouth which you eat and drink with. By doing this spell, you cleanse the 2 mouth(s) of yourself and allow your spells to be more effective and also allows you to connect and receive energy from Saam Law better.

淨心神咒 JING SUM JAU – JING Heart Spell

This spell is to take the Saam Law energy and let it cleanse your energy heart, which will purify your heart with this energy, removing unwanted and negative energies from your heart. This will straighten your mind, and keep you focused, or even flush out things that can distract you from cultivating and keep yourself on track. In some situations, it will also prevent spiritual possession and be taken over by some evil junkies who want to control over your mind!

淨身神咒 JING SUN JAU – JING Body Spell

This spell is to take the Saam Law energy and pack it onto your body, which purifies it and empowers it to make it shines. Bad energies on the body make a person clumsy and drag you down from doing work and physically putting things into action.  We want our body to be strong and radiating Saam Law energy to protect us and help us put what’s in our mind into physical action!

淨天地咒 JING TIN DEI JAU – JING Tin Dei Spell

This spell is to absorb the saam law power to space here or around you, meaning the TIN and the DEI of yourself or your living space. By doing so, the minimal effect is to have the energy around you be cleansed and purified, removing negative energy pollution from the surrounding and from a day of socializing with people and interacting with the external elements that might contain harmful energies.

淨三業咒 JING SAAM YEEP JAU  - JING 3 Yeep Spell

This spell is to help you remove the clogged energies in you that is created when you have things in your heart that you suppressed yourself from thinking about it or things you want to say but did not say it, or things that you want to do and suppressed yourself from doing it. No matter what the cause is, the energy inside you are clogged and will accumulate with time, leading to stress, or even an explosion of emotional outbreak and such. The 3 Yeep are the 3 types of clogged energies to be dissolved.

淨壇神咒 JING TAAN SUN JAU – JING Altar Spell

This spell will use the Saam Law energy to cleanse your altar space, and also to cleanse your body’s internal structure as the “altar” of yourself. At the same time, there can be many channeling energies between you and the altar that is not closed off or concluded properly, which this spell will clean them up and realign everything to make the future transaction smoother, increasing effectiveness and efficiency for your magic work.

淨神法咒 JING SUN FAAT JAU – JING Power Spell

This spell will use the Saam Law energy to purify your magic power inside your body and purify your magic power inside your system, making them more synchronized to the Tao and strengthening it so that you can connect to Saam Law’s power better, and improving your magic work’s effectiveness.

金光護身咒 GUM GWONG WOO SUN JAU – Golden Light Protection Spell

This spell will help you gather up and accumulate the power and light of Saam Law to shield and coat over yourself, which will gives you protection, and also enclose yourself inside a ball of energy that can help you boost your energy body, repel the evils and negative energies, and also to radiate the Saam Law energy from your body and expose the power outward.

We got a YouTube video demo on these spells, but there are more in the video. Enjoy and listen to it more to get empowered!

Keep in mind that these are exclusive spells in our lineage and they are not the normal "Taoist" spells you see on the other websites outside. Ordain to learn and know about the inner secrets of these magical spells.

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