Five Virtues 五德

The 5 virtues are for Tin Yat Stage disciples who have initiated to have a basic guideline to improve their TE (virtue of giving back). It is easy to follow, and we welcome our disciples to pay attention to our OPEN TEMPLE sessions to learn more about these virtues. If you have ordained, you can ask questions directly on LINE too!

  1. Heart focused to the Tao
  2. Do not see bad things
  3. Do not listen to bad things
  4. Do not do bad things
  5. Believe, accept, and apply the Tao’s teachings
  1. 一心奉道
  2. 非禮勿視
  3. 非禮勿聽
  4. 諸惡莫作
  5. 信受奉行

Always focus your heart to the Tao is easy, make sure you LOVE it and always stick around things related to the Tao you belong too.Anything that is going to distract you or turn you away from your Tao, you will not watch it or listen to it.  You will also not DO anything that makes the Tao hates you or dislike you.  Just make sure you believe, and accept, the Tao's teachings.  Don't just believe it, accept it too, and apply it to your daily life!