As a Taoist within our lineage, there are 10 commandments that all disciples are expected to follow:

  1. Always be loyal to the Tao
  2. Always be honest and faithful in both words and deeds
  3. Always communicate proactively and accordingly in the lineage
  4. Always cultivate the Tao and Te
  5. Never offend the order
  6. Must focus on the Tao
  7. Must take responsibility for your actions
  8. Always care for the lowers
  9. Never disrespect your uppers
  10. Never quit the Tao
  1. 一心不二,對道忠誠
  2. 真誠堅信,表裡如一
  3. 主動溝通,法度嚴明
  4. 道業綿綿,明道立德
  5. 尊卑分明,永不叛逆
  6. 專心修道,目不邪視
  7. 勇敢面對,承擔責任
  8. 對下關懷,正己化人
  9. 尊師重道,永不欺師
  10. 絕不放棄,香火萬年