Mini Portable Dragon Sword Token

Mini Dragon Sword Token is used by our disciples as a magical tool. This purchase will get you the token but it is not yet consecrated. However, you can request a Saam Law Jo Si All-Around Blessing FU and inject the FU into this item to consecrate it. By purchasing both this token and the FU together, you are also offered an exclusive free empowerment from Jee Sifu. Send him an email or contact him on LINE, send a picture of the 2 items, then you will get the empowerment done for you. 

With the empowerment, the FU and the token = this token is now connected to the HQ's altar and can be used as a statue/body for the god and also can remotely activate the Seven Star Sword for magic casting by using the token itself (instead of your sword finger) which cut back the time and effort to even dot the codes on your palm. Amazing stuff!