Altar Activation Ceremonies

Customized altar activation ceremony includes

  • 1x Set of FU for activating the statue of one god (2 FUs)
  • 1x Cleansing FU
  • 1x Set of altar FU (3 FUs)
  • 1x customized package for worship
  • 1x Distance empowerment and consecration ceremony
  • FREE Shipping of FU

All materials for building the altar are to be prepared by yourself. For example, a table, statue, incense pot, etc. This package does not include these materials.

Any god statue can be consecrated with this package, however you would need to e-mail us to verify everything before purchasing the package. There are 2 packages here, and we strongly recommend you pick the 2 decks package if you are starting a new altar.

This same package can be used to activate our lineage Sun Paai altar as well. Disciples can activate their own, but having it done by Jee Sifu personally will ensure your altar getting the best power. For disciples who want the other set of altar FU (of 7), please note that extra charges will apply. You will need to buy 4 customized FUs on top of this package.

For activation of multiple statues, buy the basic base package here and add 2 customized FUs for each statue.

It is also a good idea to purchase these FUs once awhile, especially if your altar has been attacked, it would be a good idea to do this to empower the altar to get back on track.