Tin Yat Dragon

Ordain as Taoist

  • Ordain as Taoist

Tin Yat Dragon

Ordain as Taoist


You want to learn?  Then you must enter the door!

Begging for the TAO means to submit yourself to the TAO, and so you can become a disciple of the lineage, and a Taoist of Saam Law.  However being in this stage, you are still free to choose what you want to do or believe - yet, the one who can prove their heart to the TAO will achieve a lot more.

This amount you are paying, is not for the ceremony. It is an offering for the lineage to accept you. It is done from the heart, to show your desire to be accepted as a disciple in the lineage.

After the payment is done, send in your info to our email - learning@chiinnature.com

Information required - full name, sex, date of birth, photo of yourself (NEW, and taken FOR this matter, phone selfie is fine as long as visible and reasonable), full shipping address.  DO NOT send in excessive information, keep it simple and short.


There are no requirements for this stage. Anyone can join regardless of backgrounds and age. You are also free to quit at any time, upon a simple email of withdrawal request. (*No refund)

Here is Jick Sifu and Wah Sifu from Alaska talking about what is ordain about and how to learn in the lineage after you have ordained.


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