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I-Ching Divination that Works

  • I-Ching Divination that Works

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I-Ching Divination that Works


I-Ching divination is so famous for its accuracy in divination and foreseeing the future, but most people don’t know that divination requires more than just flipping through books and databases. If everyone can use flip through a book to get a forecast for the future, then there won’t be professionals in the past who dedicated their life in cultivating for this kind of skills!  We do i-ching divination the serious way, with real energy workings that can touch the Pre-Heaven energy and get you a good divination result, that answers your question and helps you make better decisions. If you have a plan, or idea, or maybe something you would like to check to see how it will turn out before you dip your foot into the water, this i-ching divination can help you out.

Common Mistakes with Mindset

A lot of people have mistaken divinations like i-ching to be a “proving of happenings” tool or something to test to see if it is “accurate” with what is going to happen, like a dice prediction game or any gambling prediction. If it does not turn out to be exactly the number, it is a bummer. That’s not what real divination is about and not what it’s for.

Divination is energy work, and it is to use energy to bang into energy, testing the energy with a sample, and see what comes out at that moment. With this sample, you get a taste of, or a forecast of, what is most likely to be coming up next. Just like weather forecast, looking at the sky and see if it will rain soon or not. You could be seeing a super gray sky with tons of cloud, but it is still not raining at the end of the day. At the end of the day, you should be happy that you have brought your umbrella with you even it didn’t rain, because if it did rain, then you are all wet like a dog, kicking yourself for not bringing the umbrella with you!

Being Prepared is Wisdom!

Divination gives you a forecast, and you can say that is what’s most likely to happen later, according to the energy flow now. But, there is a lot of variables and potential changes – which means, that you can also change the future if the divination shows you a bad happening ahead!  Just like if you are about to crash your car, but you are still not yet there, you can still save yourself from the accident, and that is exactly the point of doing a divination! 

Wisdom, allows us to know how energy flows and predict the future better, so we can be prepared.  Just like we have the wisdom to invent weather forecast and so we can be more prepared for the bad gloomy days. We can change the future if we can forecast and get to see the future ahead of time. Divination is for you if you are those who like to be prepared when you start planning or strategizing for things.

How to Get Started

Upon payment, send us an e-mail, along with your question or something you want to check up on. If you have more than one question, then it’s best to e-mail us to discuss before you do any payment. We will communicate and assist you to get you the best divination results.


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