Tin Yat Dragon

Cleansing for Home with Taoist Magic

  • Cleansing for Home with Taoist Magic

Tin Yat Dragon

Cleansing for Home with Taoist Magic


Remove negative energies and spirits from your home with this distanced ceremony, and we will also be mailing you some FU Talismans to be used on your end after the ceremony is completed on our end.  There will be some FU Talismans for bath cleansing, house protection, and for other purposed based on the situation and what is required.

How to Get Started

E-mail us and start to communicate with us! 

Send us the photo of your house, your address and maybe tell us a bit about who lives there and some information you would like us to pay more attention to.

After that, we will prepare for the ceremony and have it done for you as soon as possible. Upon the completion of the ceremony, you will get a notification and a brief report for your house’s energy status.

Learn it Yourself!

What is better than having the magical power yourself and be able to kick out negative energies every month with your own hands? Get ordained and learn Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist magic! 

Tin Yat Dragon thinks that everyone deserves the rights to get control over their life’s energy factors. We can get a broom and clean up our house, why shall we not be able to clean up the energy side of it too?  Claim your rights to give your house a real complete clean up, and not just a 50%!  There is a physical side of the house, and an energy side of the house too. 


Ensured hand-crafted and done professionally with love and care.


Safe and secured payments by credit card or paypal. Swift and smooth transactions.


Feel free to e-mail us within 24 hours of your order to get customization service.