White Crane (Baak Hork) FU 白鶴符

CONNECTIVITY power is the hardest thing to cultivate for newbies disciples. The initiated ones in Tin Yat Stage and the new ordained disciples in Saam Law Stage do not have the power to connect up to the celestial court.

This White Crane FU is the solution. You can use this FU to bundle up with your letter to the gods and it could be now sent to the celestial court reaching up the higher power to deliver your words to the gods above. It ensures your words and prayers are heard, and not just wasting your energy talking to the air.

When you want to do god invoking (Cheng Sun) at your altar, this FU also help you beam your connection up and ensure your ceremony is done effectively.

This FU is good for "sending letter to gods" and also boosting your altar's CONNECTIVITY to the celestial court for more power when you do god invoking and prayers etc.

The package we have offered is a super crazy deal, you can buy one FU and "split" the FU into as many FU as you want. There is an expiry date, so the FU will be deactivated and ineffective after that date. However, within the expiry date you can split the FU and use it on AS MANY THINGS AS YOU NEED.

You will need to write a small FU to do the FU-splitting/cloning. After that, you can burn this FU you got from us into the pile of FUs you made, then whenever you need the magic for something, just take one of the FU you made and use it. We do not mind you using the FU for 10000 things in the 3 months time period. The more, the better, because it shows you really love the magic and that's already a great way to show your heart to the gods!

*The red FU is what you have to make to make the "clones".