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Open The Sky Door FU (Close included)

Open The Sky Door FU (Close included)


This FU is for opening and closing the "sky door" of your magic altar, but also can be used for your home or office. By using this set of FU(s) you can do 2 things to the location/altar:

1) Open the sky door and start the energy flow

2) Close up the sky door and complete the process

What is the Sky Door?

The Sky Door 天門 Tin Moon is not a physical door but the gateway to open you up the pre-heaven dimension of the area. By OPENING the sky door, you allows the pre and post heaven dimension to flow through nicely and have the energy circulating, which allows the Fung Shui to flow better.

By closing the sky door, you conclude the process and stop it from leaking out the potentials too much.

How to Use?

Usually, for every month, our disciple will at least open and close the sky door of their altar once. Opening the altar, then using this FU to open the sky door to push in the resources you have accumulated through your daily uploads. This helps your altar to push in all the resources to the storage zone and allow the accumulated energies to be saved up in the pre-heaven dimension.

After the ceremony is done (in about 15-20mins of altar-opening time), then you will close the altar and burn the close sky door FU to conclude and put things back to normal state again.

You cannot just open and not close, or else your energy will be leaking out and you will be having too many premature energies coming in, which is not good for you.

Fold outward and burn the FU from the top, circle 3x CW in front of your altar and drop it into the incense pot. Do so for both FUs.

*The FU on the left is "open" and the right is "close".


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