Altar Power FU

BURY this set of FU inside your incense pot to instantly upgrade your altar's power. After the first set is buried down, you can burn the later FUs into the altar to keep empowering it.

This set of FU is very essential for any altar built with our Saam Law Magic!

Burn the FU by folding outward vertically, burn the TOP and use the flame to circle 3x CW on top of the pot, then let the FU burn out a little bit more, then toss into a bowl to finish burning. Dispose the ash.

More info:

The incense pot that just got started by you after initiation process is called a BLANK POT 白爐. Once your pot has a full set of these FU buried, your pot will be turning into a Bagwa Dragon Pot 八卦神龍鼎, which will have its special god inside for you to do the more advanced magic.

It is suggested that you should be empowering it with the regular set of FUs every month on the lunar 1st or 15th. However, if you cannot do it, then at least go with the essential packs. We also offer an essential pack that last one year, so you can purchase once and use one FU / month and let it be empowered the whole year without interruption to the cycle.

Regular Pack: 9 different FU HEADs, specially empowered.

Essential Packs: 1 FU HEAD x 3, or x12, can burn 1 into the altar every month. Buy the x12 pack to save more $.