Altar Activation Ceremonies

Customized altar activation ceremony includes

  • 1x Set of FU for activating the statue of one god (2 FUs)
  • 1x Cleansing FU
  • 1x Set of altar FU (3 FUs)
  • 1x customized package for worship
  • 1x Distance empowerment and consecration ceremony
  • FREE Shipping of FU
Please note that this package does not include materials for building the altar, such as a table, statue, incense pot, etc. Customers are responsible for preparing these materials themselves.

Our package allows you to consecrate any god statue, but we kindly request that you email us for verification before making a purchase. We offer two packages, and we highly recommend choosing the 2 decks package if you're starting a new altar.

In addition to activating our lineage Sun Paai altar, disciples have the option to have their altars personally activated by Jee Sifu for optimal power. For disciples interested in obtaining the other set of altar FU (of 7), please note that additional charges will apply.

To activate multiple statues, simply purchase the basic base package and add 2 customized FUs for each statue.

We also recommend periodically purchasing these FUs, particularly if your altar has been attacked. Empowering your altar through this process can help it regain its strength and stability.