Tin Nam from Canada- There's Nothing Like Saam Law!

Testimonial of Saam Law Disciple


I was born and raised in Canada with a family that immigrated from Hong Kong. During my youth, I was raised with a Christian background from school, while my grandmother worshiped Chinese eastern gods. I still remember going to the temple every 1st and 15th of the Lunar calendar and sacrificing a chicken at home. I had always been curious to understand more about Taoism, Feng Shui, and the inner workings of these esoteric practices. My family would often seek fortune tellers and such to predict the future and improve luck. Some predictions were really accurate and I definitely believed in Feng Shui. Before joining the lineage, I did explore some non-religious energy practices, but none of them have been comparable to what Saam Law has to offer.


Throughout my life, I was always searching for something to allow me to take control of my life and improve my situation. Although everyone around me worshiped different religions, no one could really explain why they did things the way they did. Simple things like why burn candles or incense, what is the meaning behind these rituals? This bothered me greatly, especially where some religions say as long as you believe, then you’ll be ok, regardless of how you act or your ethics I could never vibe with anything that wanted me to follow blindly.


I found Jee Si Gung on You Tube, of all places, and felt a real connection to his teachings, as I believe once you hear something that makes sense, it just clicks.  This religion is not like others; it is NOT a school or some paper certificate you earn after you can do a few rituals. Instead, it is a family here that supports each other. The lessons I have learned are practical for everyday life. 


Many of us join a religion for support or if we are lost- I was no exception. I personally had a bad situation doing business where I lost a large amount of money, and I had been battling an autoimmune skin disease for the longest time (30+ years). Things were looking hopeless and I didn’t see much of a future for myself. When I joined, I was only hoping to change my luck for doing business, but after joining I was pleasantly surprised!


Soon after I joined and started cultivating, I saw changes in my life. My emotions were more stable, I was more calm, and I finally understood why and how things worked. I even learned how to apply the cultivation to real world situations to create the changes that I wanted. I remember one of the first lessons was, “if it doesn’t help you, why dedicate your time to it?!” 


After I learned some teachings, I was able to see how many of my problems were my own mistakes, and how to prepare for the ones that weren’t. I was able to find a real world path that led me to understand the cause of my autoimmune sickness, and after several ceremonies that I requested help from the lineage, my skin problem has almost disappeared. Now I feel I can function much more productively and focus on the next challenges. The teachings are never boring and there is so much knowledge available anywhere else. I feel like a kid in a candy store! The lineage teaches new things every day and it is always exciting.  

During my time as a disciple, I also met someone that ordained as well. We are now married, and my life is improving all the time. Learning the patterns of nature and the teachings of Saam Law include Feng Shui, Chi Gung /Qigong, and learning magic to protect our home and family.  If you want to take control of your life and create a brighter future for yourself, I definitely recommend ordaining and experiencing the difference for yourself.